Choconana Smoothie

Choconana Smoothie
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Check out this cheeky little post-workout Choconana smoothie recipe. It’s packed full of carbs to help replenish your energy levels after a hard session, with a good amount of protein and fats too. There’s even some creatine in there as well. Finish strong!


1.) Mix all the above in a blender

2.) Pour into your BULK POWDERS™ shaker and enjoy this chocolatey delight post-workout, perfect re-fuelling after a heavy sesh!

Get Blending!

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Try it yourself

MACROS (per serving)

223 Kcals

9.3g Protein

28.6g Carbs

9g Fats


Author: Muscle Bakery


1 Banana

2 Cups Choc Almond Milk (or normal if you do not have)

25g Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

3 Tsp Creatine

1/2 Scoop Pure Whey Protein (Chocolate Cookies)