Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Protein Eggs Recipe

Chocolate Protein Eggs
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Hebe, the people’s baker, has been eggtremely busy these past few days, working on some festive Easter recipes. We’re not eggxaggerating when we say she’s done a cracking job…try this Chocolate Protein Eggs with Banana Almond Butter recipe yourself, for a dairy, grain and gluten free treat!


1.) Melt the Coconut Oil in a small non-stick saucepan. Stir in the cacao/cocoa powder. Stir in the Chocolate HydroBEEF™. Keep mixing until combined. Sprinkle over the Stevia and mix in.

2.) Grab your silicone egg mould. Put about a tsp of the chocolate mix in the bottom and spread it up the sides. Repeat to make to make about 4 eggs. Pop in the freezer until firm.

3.) Meanwhile, mix together the almond butter and Banana Fudge HydroBEEF™. Keep mixing and it will eventually come together into a ball. Divide this into 4 small log shapes.

4.) Remove the egg shells from the freezer. Put a log of the banana almond mixture in the shell and press down. Cover with a generous half tsp of the remaining chocolate mixture. Note: If your chocolate mix has firmed up a bit too much at this point, gently re-melt it over a very low heat.

5.) Use the remaining mix to make your solid eggs. Pop the chocolate filled mould into the freezer until you get an egg craving.

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MACROS (one filled egg)

80 Kcals

6g Protein

1g Carbs

6g Fats


Author: Hebe Burton


20g Coconut Oil

24g HydroBEEF™ (Chocolate)

12g Cacao/Cocoa Powder

1 scoop Stevia


15g Almond Butter

5g HydroBEEF™ (Banana Fudge)