BULK POWDERS™ and James DeGale Formalise Partnership

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BULK POWDERS™ and James DeGale Formalise Partnership

BULK POWDERS™ is delighted to announce the formalisation of its partnership with James DeGale MBE. We have a lot in common.  We both like taking on “big talking” opposition.  And we both like winning by trying to do all the basics extremely well, through discipline and hard work.  And whilst we don’t have an Olympic Gold Medal or any European belts, we do have the know-how and the products that might just help someone who does.

“We’re ecstatic to formalise a deal with an athlete of James’ calibre.” Says Elliot Dawes, BULK POWDERS™’ Managing Director.  “James’ achievements speak for themselves – he is in an elite club of boxers that have managed to win Olympic Gold away from home and he’s quickly proven himself in the professional ranks with British, European and now the WBC Silver Title. For us, a fundamental aspect of this partnership was the fact that James actually uses our products. We’re looking forward to playing a small part in helping James achieve continued success at world level.”

This is no Rory McIlroy Nike deal.  We have not persuaded him to switch from his normal brand, enticed by our offer.  And to be honest, we’re not convinced we could have made him, in any case.  He’s simply not that kind of man. He is a brutally straight-forward, no-nonsense kind of guy.  And we’re not that kind of company.  If anything, we are famous for not doing sponsorship.

So what happened?

The fact is James has been using our product for the last 18 months. Our protein shakes, our vitamins and our rehydration drinks.   And he will continue to do so, under the careful supervision of our Product Director, Simon Jurkiw.  The aim is to complement James’ nutrition plan, enabling him to perform at his best in the ring. So the sponsorship is part of an on-going relationship.

James’ training is incredibly intense, particularly in the lead up to a fight. Appropriate nutrition is required to help James’ body recover from these gruelling sessions – the BULK POWDERS™ range of products are an important piece of the nutritional jigsaw that keeps James performing at his best. James said: “I train hard year round, but in the lead up to a fight I’m constantly pushing my body with track sessions, strength sessions and intense sparring. I’ve found the BULK POWDERS™ products have helped me recover from these sessions, so I can push myself even harder and be at my absolute best come fight night.”

Boxing Clever

BULK POWDERS™ has long been a well-kept secret amongst elite sportsmen.   It is the only company that has no proprietary formulations.  Every product comes with completely transparent ingredients, allowing informed users to feel comfortable they are not taking unnecessary risks.

“BULK POWDERS has always been popular in the gyms.  The guys know you can trust the product – there’s no bullshit.  And it’s half the price of high street brands,” says James.  “If you’re trying to make the grade on the kind of budget most of the kids are on, it’s a no brainer.  And I feel a lot more comfortable with that.  I don’t think it would have felt right promoting some of the stuff that’s out there.”

BULK POWDERS™ has recently launched 2 boxing stacks, one bundle for boxing weight maintenance and another for pre-fight training for  to help fighters quickly and easily find the products best for them.

And we wish James the best success in the coming year.

And Rory can get his protein from LA Muscle.

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  1. Guys this is great news!!I am a huge fan of Bulkpowders and the quality of the products. I hope to be able to formalise something with you when I open my training facility and am working with elite athletes.

    Bulkpowders or nothing!!!!

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