BULK POWDERS™ Q&A Episode #4

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In this episode of BULK POWDERS™ Q&A, our weekly training series, sponsored athlete Luke Sumner-Wilson answers questions about cardio, tips for teenagers and training frequency. If you any questions for Luke please ask us via social #ASKBULK or comments below and Luke will answer 3 new questions every week.

What’s covered in episode #4 of BULK POWDERS™ Q&A?

  1. — How important is cardio?
  2. — What are your top tips for teens?
  3. — How many times a week should I train?

Due to the broad nature of some of the questions, Luke may expand on some of his answers in future Q&A videos when the context of discussion is better understood. Try to be as specific as you can when posting questions to avoid generic answers.

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