BULK POWDERS™ Q&A Episode #3

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In this episode of BULK POWDERS™ Q&A, our weekly training series, sponsored athlete Luke Sumner-Wilson answers questions about increasing leg thickness and eating for muscle gain and fat loss. If you any questions for Luke please ask us via social #ASKBULK or comments below and Luke will answer 3 new questions every week.

What’s covered in episode #3 of BULK POWDERS™ Q&A?

  1. — Q&A#1 clarification
  2. — What can I do to get a thicker look to my legs?
  3. — What’s the best food to include in a diet plan? (for muscle gain/fat loss) *

* For Q3, Luke doesn’t directly answer this question. Instead he outlines the importance of creating a calorie surplus in order to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. Here are some foods Luke would typically consume to ensure he is eating good quality carbohydrates and lean sources of protein.

Lean protein sources: Chicken, Turkey, Mince and Venison

Fat sources: Nutt butters (like peanut butter), Steak, Lamb and Avocado

Carbohydrate sources: Sweet Potato, Basmati Rice, Oats

Tip #1: Take the time to cook your own food and more importantly, to better understand what is in it. A calorie is not a calorie. Poor food choices, regardless of their calorific value, are still poor food choices.

Tip #2: Start planning out your meals. This can help reduce your urges to snack on junk food as you can better manage the time you eat, and more significantly, what you are eating.

Due to the broad nature of some of the questions, Luke may expand on some of his answers in future Q&A videos when the context of discussion is better understood. Try to be as specific as you can when posting questions to avoid generic answers.

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