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BULK POWDERS™ are delighted to announce that two products in our new, premium, Pro Series™ range have been tested under the Informed Sport programme. Both INFORMED WHEY™ and ELEVATE™ have been banned substance tested for athlete’s reassurance.

Every batch of INFORMED WHEY™ and ELEVATE™ is tested for banned substances under the Informed Sport programme. Products undergo rigorous testing at an ISO17025 accredited lab to provide the highest level of assurance that they are safe for athletes to use. For further information about the testing process, please visit the Informed Sport website.

We believe that both products offer exceptional value for money; products that are tested for banned substances tend to be prohibitively expensive as the testing itself is a costly process. Both INFORMED WHEY™ and ELEVATE™ provide the reassurance of the Informed Sport programme with the value for money that you’d expect from BULK POWDERS™.


Why did BULK POWDERS™ decide to use the Informed Sport programme?

The Informed Sport programme is established as a world leading supplement testing programme. Several of our suppliers work with Informed Sport to ensure their ingredients are of the highest quality, so it’s not something new to BULK POWDERS™.

In recent months, supplements have received some bad press. Pre-workouts, in particular, have been linked with drug test failures across several sports. While it would be naive to believe that supplements have been the cause of all these drug test failures, there has undoubtedly been a problem. Several products have contained banned substances that were listed on the label or, in some instances, it seems as though products contained banned substances without detailing them.

Whilst there has been no such controversy with protein products, a whey protein is one of the most frequently used supplements by athletes. We felt it was imperative to reinforce a product that may be used 3-5 times daily is tested for banned substances.

ELEVATE™ is now one of the only pre-workouts across the world to be tested for banned substances. This isn’t just random testing, every batch of ELEVATE™ is tested alongside additional random testing.

INFORMED WHEY™ goes through the same rigorous testing procedure. We firmly believe that INFORMED WHEY™ not only has an excellent formula, but it represents the best value for money of any banned substance screened protein powder.

Whether you’re an athlete that competes in a sport that is subject to drug testing, or you’re simply after reassurance that your products have been tested to the highest levels, then INFORMED WHEY™ and ELEVATE™ offer the reassurance of the Informed Sport programme alongside fantastic formulas and incredible value for money.

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