Breakfast – Is It The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Breakfast - Is it the most important meal of the day?
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Breakfast is the first meal of the day that provides both our body and brain with energy and nutrients. However, how important is it for building muscle and for fat loss?

When looking to build muscle mass, your primary objective is to eat enough calories and consume the correct amount of protein in your daily diet, which breakfast can contribute to. Not only will a nutritious breakfast provide you with both of these factors, but it can give you the energy needed for a big weight-training session in the gym. To increase muscle mass, breakfast is not only important but crucial. Both your nutritional needs, and gym performance, can be negatively impacted by skipping breakfast. Having a breakfast rich in protein is also linked to increases in growth hormone which is an essential part of building muscle. Try Liquid Egg Whites, Complete High Protein Pancakes™ and Complete High Protein Porridge™.

For those looking to lean up and shred fat, breakfast is also important but timing is important here too. It’s well known that exercising fasted can lead to great fat loss results. This is due to your body not having its primary source of fuel for energy (carbohydrates) so instead burns the next source which is fat. If you have exercised upon waking it is advised to have your breakfast afterwards. However eating a protein rich breakfast, such as Liquid Egg Whites, before exercising is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s healthy for the body’s metabolism, which in turn will help your body burn fat more efficiently and can lower your cortisol levels – which is also great for losing fat. When you choose to eat breakfast is entirely up to you. Consider Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ or try Ultra Fine Scottish Oats, a scoop of Pure Whey Protein™ and one banana – a great smoothie!

I’ve encountered many people who choose not to eat breakfast in order to reduce their daily calorie intake when looking to shift the pounds. However, this isn’t something I would advise. Skipping breakfast can and often does lead to over eating at lunch. Because of the increased hunger around midday you’re also more likely to eat something high in sugar and bad for you, as a quick fix to deal with your hunger. So skipping breakfast can set you up for failure when trying to lose weight.

I would advise, as I do with all my clients to adopt a healthy, balanced approach to food and breakfast. Having a healthy diet will not only help you reach your desired body goals, but improve your energy levels, sleep, confidence, improve moods and even help with stress. So never miss breakfast, and you’re more likely to be more successful and sustain your body goals!

About the Author:

Sasha Green is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. He practices what he preaches, training and living a healthy lifestyle, which he advocates to all his clients. His Personal Training company ‘Fit By Green’ is based in London.

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