Best Value Whey Protein in Europe

Best Value Whey Protein in Europe
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It’s quite easy, in a sea of marketing and sales noise, to lose sight of the brands that deliver the highest quality products, at the best possible prices. And we’d be the first to admit that we aren’t always the best at banging our own drum and shouting about how good we really are.

10 Years in the Making.

We have spent the past 10+ years building our business, establishing key supply chains, sourcing the best quality materials and investing in our warehouse and production facilities, in order to scale our operations and sell Pure Whey Protein™, in addition to over 1,000 sports supplements, at the most competitive prices in Europe.

Trusted, Transparent, Tested.

We aren’t a fly-by-night brand with short term goals. We are built to last, with ambitious growth targets and a clear vision of how we’d like to improve the sports nutrition industry for the better – by being completely transparent and honest in what we do. And we’ll achieve this through continuing to build upon our core foundations such as quality raw materials, infrastructure, customer service, staff recruitment, and research and development into new supplements and formulations.

Europe’s fastest growing brand.

We have a burning desire to exceed all expectations, yours and ours, and to further establish our reputation as Europe’s fastest growing sports nutrition brand, with fantastic products and even greater customers!

Quite simply the best value Whey Protein in Europe.

Our Pure Whey Protein™ is quite simply the best value Pure Whey Concentrate in Europe! It is a premium quality whey protein powder, purchased directly from Europe’s most reputable dairy, using grass-fed cow’s milk (not a lot of people know this!), and contains a massive 82% Whey Protein. Our Pure Whey Protein™ powder has been instantised for easy mixing and is available in 17 delicious flavours, ranging from Chocolate Cookies to Rhubarb & Custard (which is our newest mouth-watering flavour!)

Whey Protein

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