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How to do air squats, press ups and sit ups with BULK POWDERS™ and Crossfit Colchester


It can be all too easy to get carried away with complicated workouts. The basics of fitness workouts may seem exactly that – basic – but they’re also vital foundations that should be mastered before moving onto more complicated workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’re never too good to build your core strength, speed and agility. The following exercises are a great way to do that.


How To Do Air Squats

First up is the air squat, or the body squat. As well as being a great bodybuilding workout when used with weights, such as the dumbbell squat or barbell squat, the movement is also ideal for building core strength when unsupported. Using just your own bodyweight, the squat trains the thighs, hips, buttocks, quads and hamstrings, and is great way to burn calories. As well as building core strength it also strengthens the back and shoulders whilst arms are a vital part of the exercise as well.

When performing the air squat, there are a number of factors to consider when achieving the correct form:

– Keep the weight in your heels
– When sitting down, lead with your buttocks until the knees are bent fully
– Bring your hands into the air
– Break parallel with your hips
– When coming back up, fully extend and open up the hip

Air squats can be a powerful part of your fitness training and perfecting them will really help towards vital core strength.

Watch how to do the perfect air squat in the video below;


How To Do Press Ups

The reliable press up is one of the more widely known and used exercises. A staple of many workouts, the strength exercise is as famous in civilian workouts as in military routines. Used to strengthen the chest, triceps and shoulders, press ups also benefit the abdominals.

To master the proper press up form, there are a number of factors to consider:

– Lock your arms as you come up
– Touch your chest to the ground when coming down
– Squeeze your abs as you do it

There are two ways of doing the press-up.

1. With toes on the ground, legs straight and locked.

2. Begin with your knees on the ground and your ankles crossed. Push your hips to the floor and keep your body flat and solid.

Watch how to do the perfect press up in the video below;


How To Do Sit Ups

Finally, the sit up. Ab workouts don’t come better than the good old sit up. Critics say doing sit ups is only worthwhile when your body fat is very low and may cause spinal problems. However sit ups help strengthen the hips as well as the abdominals and variations ensure you can avoid discomfort.

Like many exercises, there are a number of variants available. Bending the knees and keeping the arms crossed or behind the head is vital to reduce stress to the back muscles and the spine. Placing the soles of the feet together and bending the knees outwards makes it harder for the core to lift the body, making for a more intense workout.

When learning the correct sit up form, there are a number of factors to consider:

– When going back, touch the floor with your hands. Touch your toes when coming up – this makes a rep
– Alternatively, touch your heels rather than your toes, making the distance shorter
– You must touch the floor, and you must touch your feet

To learn how to do sit ups, watch the video below;


You now know how to do the perfect air squat, press up and sit up.

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