Banana Choc Chip Cakes

Banana Choc Chip Cakes
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This Banana Choc Chip Cakes recipe packs a mean punch. It weighs in with 12.8g of carbs and a healthy 8.6g of protein to boot! Treat your sweet tooth with these little banana cakes.


1.) Preheat he oven to 165C

2.) In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients, except the chocolate. Add in the wet ingredients and mix well until smooth, or blend together.

3.) Divide the batter between 6 silicone cake cases, top with the chopped chocolate, if using, and pop in the oven to bake for 50-60 minutes or until done.

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MACROS (1 of 6 without Chocolate)

99 Kcals

8.6g Protein

12.8g Carbs (6.3g Sugar)

1.7g Fat

3.5g Fibre


Author: Hebe Burton


150g Ripe Banana, Mashed

120ml (1/2C) Egg White

30g (1/4C) Coconut Flour

30g (1/4C) Oat Flour

30g (1 scoop) PURE WHEY PROTEIN™ (Banana Fudge)

50g (3tbsp) Greek Yoghurt

1/2tsp Psyllium Husk (opt)

1tsp Baking Powder

3tbsp Truvia

3 Squares (Free’ist) Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (opt)