Awkward Gym Moments

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What’s the most awkward thing you’ve ever encountered in the gym?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that on the odd occasion you find yourself in a particularly toe curling situation. From newbies to old-hands, whether it’s a first hand mistake or just witnessing the shame of someone, the gym is full of those awkward moments.

Earlier this year we asked our social media followers ‘what’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen in the gym?’ and we received so many weird and wonderful responses that we’ve decided to question our social fans again. This time we posed the question ‘what’s the most awkward moment you’ve ever encountered in the gym?’ and it didn’t come as a surprise to find that most of you have found yourself in a bit of an embarrassing situation at some point during your fitness regime.

Awkward changing room moments

Unsurprisingly, the changing rooms featured highly on your ‘most awkward places in the gym’. While we’re sure you’re laughing about it now, we can appreciate the floundering that takes places after an ungraceful encounter with the nether regions of a fellow gym attendee.

It seems the showers are a dangerous place to hang out – Ant Donovan was having a shower when someone threw back the curtain not realising the stall was occupied. In the surprise of finding Ant in the shower cubicle the guy slipped, and proceeded to grab Ant in order to stay on his feet. Such was John James Parsons shame, he actually canceled his eight year long gym membership. He bent over to pick up a towel in the shower, not realising there was someone only an inch behind him….

“Naked old guys in the locker room” was another popular (or unpopular!) suggestion…

Would you do that at home?

It doesn’t take much to surprise you when at the gym – it appears there’s always someone exhibiting some less than normal behaviour, but most awkward gym moments have stemmed from seeing a lot more than you wanted to see.

For Kris Hunter, it was two men in the changing room – one injecting the other in the bum. Twitter follower Jacqueline Reilly got an eyeful when she spotted a man training in thermal underwear… not quite leaving enough to the imagination!

Training mistakes & poor form

Whether it’s a training mistake you’ve made (and only realised after the awkward moment you’ve created for the rest of the gym to watch), or cringing as you watch someone else in mid-flow of doing something ill-advised, comments on form and other training errors were another popular choice. It seems that when it comes to people blindly doing what they think is right (when it clearly isn’t) there’s nothing you can do except watch and wish the ground would swallow you up…

Sebastian Green made the classic rookie error when first training of thinking he could do more than he actually could. This became his most awkward moment when benching and stuck with no spotter. He had to shout for help, which we can imagine was a pretty embarrassing moment for him, and no doubt a story that the person who saved him loves to tell!

Tom from Twitter suffered an awkward mishap when he dropped a dumbbell onto his 2 litre water bottle and turned the gym into a small river… We’ve got no sympathy for you Tom, you should have been using a PRO SERIES™ water bottle…

If you’ve experienced anything either as equally or even more awkward (pictorial evidence is always welcome!), let us know via our Facebook, give us a tweet on @BulkPowders or comment below.

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