Aminograms – A Closer Look at Amino Acid Profiles

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BULK POWDERS™ have recently displayed all the steps we take to demonstrate transparency and quality throughout our blog series. Another area that has come to our attention is that of amino acid profiles. It seems there are discrepancies in the way different supplement companies are presenting amino acid data. Below is an outline of why the information is different and what to look out for.

One key variable is that amino acid composition is often displayed as a figure based on 100% protein content. Whilst this may display great results for the amino acid content of a product, a closer look will reveal an accurate reflection of the amino acids within the product you are consuming. The amino acid composition of 100% protein would suggest that a product is 100% protein, which in reality is never the case. For example, 100% whey protein will contain 30-80% actual protein content, depending on the quality of the protein. This means that the amino acid composition of 100% protein becomes redundant, as there are no protein products that contain 100% protein (the closest is our Pure Whey Isolate™ 97). In order for the amino acid quantities to be reflective of the product, the actual percentage of protein needs to be taken into account.

Alternatively you may be displayed the amino acid composition of the product, but displayed the amino acid content in relation to a dry matter protein figure. This is not reflective of the product that you receive and provides amino acid figures that exceed what you’re actually consuming.

Things to look out for when reviewing amino acid profiles

Things to look out for on amino acid profiles is that the amino acids are reflective of the “as is” protein content of a product, that way you are getting a true amino acid figure compared to the finished product you will receive, not a manipulated figure to make the product seem better than reality.

We’ve given examples below of the varying presentation of amino acid data.

Amino Acid Profile (% of total amino acid)
Alanine 5.00
Arginine 2.10
Aspartic Acid 11.0
Cystine 2.20
Glutamic Acid 18.1
Glycine 1.40
Histidine 1.70
Isoleucine 6.40
Leucine 10.6
Lysine 9.60
Methionine 2.20
Phenylalanine 3.00
Proline 5.50
Serine 4.60
Threonine 6.70
Tryptophan 1.40
Tyrosine 2.60
Valine 5.90


Amino Acid Profile (Per 100g of Pure Whey Protein (dry matter))
Alanine 4.1
Arginine 1.72
Aspartic Acid 9.02
Cystine 1.8
Glutamic Acid 14.8
Glycine 1.15
Histidine 1.39
Isoleucine 5.25
Leucine 8.69
Lysine 7.87
Methionine 1.8
Phenylalanine 2.46
Proline 4.51
Serine 3.77
Threonine 5.49
Tryptophan 1.15
Tyrosine 2.13
Valine 4.84


Amino Acid Profile (Per 100g of Pure Whey Protein (as is))
Alanine 4.00
Arginine 1.67
Aspartic Acid 8.67
Cystine 1.67
Glutamic Acid 14
Glycine 1
Histidine 1.33
Isoleucine 5
Leucine 8
Lysine 7.33
Methionine 1.67
Phenylalanine 2.33
Proline 4.33
Serine 3.67
Threonine 5.33
Tryptophan 1.00
Tyrosine 2.00
Valine 4.67


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