Eating Plan: Alex Brechtl

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan
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Eating Plans.

We all aspire to improve ourselves and a great way to do this is to learn from others, and people around us. Use this series to learn about the diet of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits could help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Introducing Alex Brechtl.

Alex is one of our sponsored athletes and as an ex national swimmer and ex national bodybuilding champion, he now strikes a balance between a CrossFit and Bodybuilding lifestyle. His sole focus is to inspire and motivate and to have a lot of fun along the way.

Daily Macros: 45% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates, 15% Fats.

Here is a breakdown of what Alex eats on a typical day – fitting in around his work and training.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • 1-2 scoops Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 (Chocolate) and 100g Ultra Fine Scottish Oats. I’ll normally top this with blueberries or raisins, or perhaps a spoonful of flaxseeds. I train early so breakfast is effectively my post-workout meal and sets me up nicely for the day.
  • 5 Liquid Egg Whites and 100g dry weight white rice. I’ll normally have this with some tomato ketchup and a pinch of sea salt.
  • 1 x Complete Multivitamin tablet.
  • 1 x Complete Greens™ shake. I either have this as it is, or mixed with apple juice.
  • 2 x Super Strength Omega 3 softgels.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • 200g chicken breast and 250g broccoli or green beans cooked in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. To add a bit of flavour, I’ll have a side amount of ketchup or salsa.
  • If I’m hungry I’ll grab a handful of Whole Almonds.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • Lunch and dinner aren’t too dissimilar.
  • I might switch up the main protein source and have something like 6 eggs or 250g minced beef, and 500g vegetables.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • 200g cottage cheese and 1 scoop of Pure Whey Protein™. As a topping I’ll add cinnamon and slices of apple.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan

Pre Workout.

  • 30 minutes prior to training I’ll have a scoop of ELEVATE™. This gets me in the right mindset.
  • 5 minutes prior to training I’ll have a Pure Whey Isolate™ shake with 2 teaspoons of Peanut Butter. This is my protein hit and a slow release of energy for the workout.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan

Intra Workout.

  • For intra workout fuel I’ll have INFORMED BCAA™ or Instant BCAA.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan

Post Workout.

  • Immediately after my training has finished I’ll have 1 or 2 scoops of Pure Whey Isolate™ (probably Chocolate) and 50-70g of Dextrose to ensure my glycogen stores are replenished quickly and my muscles are well fed. If I need an extra boost, I’ll have some AFTERMATH™ instead as I find this really aids my recovery when I’ve had a big workout.


As you can see from Alex’s eating plan, breakfast is an important meal time where he consumes a lot of his daily calorie allowance – normally after an early training session. Alex likes to start the day strong. He tries to take advantage of insulin’s muscle-building effects post-workout, and minimise its fat-storing effects, by limiting carb intake for the remainder of the day.

His diet is high in protein and carbohydrates, which he finds allows him to train energised, and also recover quickly afterwards. His fat intake is relatively low but is sourced from good quality foods and supplements including nuts, flaxseeds and fish oils.

Alex lifts heavy but he also trains high volume too, so it’s important his nutrition and calorie intake supports this. He isn’t adverse to treats now and again either, but he works hard to justify the reward. Alex is a big believer in the power of BCAA. If you are going to add one supplement to your diet, give BCAA a go. View Alex’s athlete profile here.

For more athlete eating plans and nutritional ideas and inspiration, look no further than The Core™. Learn about the diets of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits can help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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