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Have you ever had a gym session so immense that upon returning home, you’ve curled up into the fetal position, feeling ever so slightly broken? Or perhaps you’ve played in a ferocious rugby game against your closest league rivals – and it wasn’t pretty. Hard hitting tackles flying all over the place – your hammies and quads screaming as the match comes to a close…

This is the time you need a product like AFTERMATH™, our premium all in one protein supplement. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect product to support your recovery post-workout, when your body and muscles are crying out for the vital nutrients they need to kick start the rebuilding process.

Containing market leading ingredients including Vitargo®, Creapure® and Glutamine Peptides, AFTERMATH™ combines these with premium Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate, in addition to added Leucine and HMB, to deliver a game-changing all in one!

The unrivalled formulation is completely transparent, with all of the ingredients and dosages fully disclosed. With its INFORMED SPORT accreditation, you can be 100% sure the product is safe, giving you piece of mind to focus on your training.

AFTERMATH™ ingredients (per 70g serving) – Buy AFTERMATH

Ingredients Helps With Quantity
Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 & Pure Whey Protein™ Stimulating protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth 40g
Vitargo® Rapid glycogen replenishment 19.6g
Creapure® Increasing performance output 5g
Glutamine Peptides Replenishing glutamine levels in the muscle 5g
Leucine Stimulating protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth 3g
HMB Preservation of existing muscle 1.5g

When Should You Take It?

After a tough workout, reward yourself with AFTERMATH™ – a premium all in one supplement best taken post workout. For improved nutrient uptake, it is often recommended to consume within 30 minutes of exercise, at the time your body is most receptive to fuel. The combination of protein, aminos and fast carbs is just what you need inbetween sessions to bounce back quickly.

What next?

For further information about AFTERMATH™, visit the product page. Better still, watch the video again and let the inspiration guide you…

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