5 Ways to Kickstart Your Metabolism

5 ways to kickstart your metabolism
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Metabolism is a term banded around without too much regard. Eat little and often, experiment with intermittant fasting, avoid this and that, train like a crazy person…

The fitness industry is full of opinion, but we needn’t overcomplicate things. There are a few simple things you can do to give your metabolism a bit of a turbo charge.

Here are just 5 ways to give your metabolism the kickstart it needs.

The Food.

If you’ve already got your basic nutrition nailed, try adding some powerful extras to take your metabolism from good to great. Matcha Green Tea Powder is next-gen green tea with powerful antioxidant properties. It’s been linked to an increase in thermogenesis (the rate at which we burn calories). We like to use it pre-workout, so all those mega antioxidants can increase fat metabolism before the body starts to move. And how about adding tasty, all-natural Maca Powder to your smoothies, shakes, oats or dairy? The maca root has been used for centuries by indigenous people for health, wellbeing, sexual vitality, good sleep and all-round energy. Our powdered version is clean, potent and delicious (some people think it tastes like an earthy caramel flavour). It’s low-GI, packed with nutrients, and could ramp up metabolism. It certainly gives a gentle energy boost. Try it!

The Water

If your healthy H20 intentions have fallen by the wayside, start refocusing. Drinking more water is an easy, free way to give your body a boost. And, yes, drinking more water does help your metabolism function. The simple act of upping your water intake helps your digestion run more smoothly, encourages your body to get rid of waste products, and can even help you get better quality sleep. The result? Better digestion, brighter skin, a flatter stomach, and a metabolism that’s running more efficiently.

The Workouts.

HIIT vs LISS. Add some HIIT (high intensity interval training) into your weekly training schedule, ideally in place of existing “long slow” cardio. HIIT can be any form of intense intervals: hill sprints, sprints on the flat, sprints and recoveries on a stationary bike, body weight circuits, martial arts style training, or intervals with kettlebells. HIIT increases the heart rate and calorie burn, and raises your metabolic rate for longer after training than regular cardio.

Pick up the bar. You probably don’t need any encouragement to do this one, but if you don’t already strength train, get on it! Resistance training – with a barbell, dumbbells, strongman equipment or any decent load – helps build muscle tissue and maintain the muscle you’ve got. Both of which are key for a revved-up metabolism.

The Supplements.

Of course, you can always give your metabolism a helping hand. Our CUTTING EDGE™ is still our most popular and trusted go-to weight loss product and yet to be beaten! It’s more than just a “fat-burner” (although people use it as that). It’s really an all-in-one weight loss support that gives noticeable results with a clever combination of actions, including helping you feel fuller, optimising your digestion, and helping your body metabolise lipids. It’s smart stuff.

The Lifestyle.

Be a morning person. Train in the morning and get your metabolic processes fired up early in the day. You’ll feel more energised, plus you’re likely to make better food choices, drink more water, and move more for the rest of the day. Plus it makes you feel ever-so-slightly smug and accomplished!

There you go: the food, water, workouts and supplement strategies you can start using today to kickstart your metabolism.

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