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Super Strength Green Tea Capsules 450mg

  • Award winning supplement
  • Potent 95% Polyphenols & 45% EGCG content
  • 70% Catechins 7% Caffeine
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    BULK POWDERS™ Super Strength Green Tea Capsules are an award-winning, ultra-potent form of Green Tea Extract, containing 95% Polyphenols, 70% Catechins, 45% EGCG and 7% Caffeine. In comparison, most Green Tea supplements contain around half these amounts, at best.

    If you are looking for the highest strength Green Tea supplement available, at an extremely low price, look no further. Don't just take our word for it either... Men's Health voted this product the winner in the fat loss category of its recent supplement awards – stating:

    BULK POWDERS™ caspules win due to the incredible potency of their Green Tea Extract, dwarfing your regular cup and other competing pills: it contains 95% pure Polyphenols, 70% Catechins (antioxidants), 45% EGCG (a beneficial type of Catechin) and 7% Caffeine. Translated, you will receive industrial burning power...

    Green Tea itself comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is non-fermented. The absence of fermentation ensures a higher polyphenol and EGCG content.


    • Award winning supplement
    • Unrivalled purity
    • Potent 95% Polyphenols
    • 45% EGCG content
    • 70% Catechins
    • 7% Caffeine
    • Typically used pre-workout
    • Incredible value for money 


    Super Strength Green Tea Capsules 405mg are suitable for those looking for an award winning supplement with unrivalled purity. Super Strength Green Tea is also suitable for pre-workout. 

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Super Strength Green Tea Capsules 450mg Ingredients

    Per Capsule:

    Green Tea Extract 450mg containing 95% Polyphenols, 70% Catechins, 45% EGCG, 7% Caffeine (31.5mg per Capsule).

    Other ingredients:

    Gelatin (capsule)




    Take 1-2 BULK POWDERS™ Super Strength Green Tea Capsules per day, preferably on an empty stomach.

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    Super Strength Green Tea Capsules combine well with other products, in particular Complete Thermogenic™ and Complete Thermogenic™ Stimulant Free.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Excellent!!! Review by Miniblob
    Tried these as my parents bang on about green tea being good for diet, etc.
    Take a couple in the morning when I get up and I do feel a bit more alert, but mainly, I feel like these up my metabolism a fair bit!!! Not sure if it's just in my head, but I do feel like my body is working a bit faster. No side effects, so I will buy/use these again, on & off!!! (Posted on 02/07/2016)
    Amazing! Review by Georgia
    I was hesitant being the first pre workout I've tried but after my first experience I must say I am impressed. Within 10/15 mins of taking two before my workout my head was buzzing and I had a noticeable increase in energy and motivation. I ended up doing doubling my hour workout and everything else! Running distance, kg lifted and reps etc! Would deffo recommend these plus there was no come down either and sleep was completely in interrupted as commented a few times in the reviews. (Posted on 14/12/2015)
    Good pills Review by Sarah
    I take two of these before my evening workout and I don't get any interruption in sleep by the time I go to bed. I have plenty of energy during training, even enough for a bit of cardio at the end!

    They have helped me drop my body fat which I have been trying to do without success for at least two years.

    I drink a lot of green tea during the day, so I can't say for sure if the antioxidants in them has had any effect but it might be helpful for other people. (Posted on 07/05/2015)
    Caffeine makes you Pee Review by Richard
    Nothing wrong with the supplement I think it works okay I've lost a lot of weight but I've been using these with other supplements too.

    However I noticed that I was peeing loads when taking these and others that contain caffeine doctor asked me if there was any significant change to my diet and I couldn't figure out what it was, I don't drink coffee or tea at all. The caffeine in all of these is the culprit.

    Not a major issue but I thought there might be something wrong with me. (Posted on 28/01/2015)
    Brilliant Review by Tim
    I bought the green tea powder originally (tasted horrible in my protein shakes and smelled awful). I still wanted to take green tea as a supplement, so I bought these. They're perfect. They come is clear capsules and are easy to swallow. I take them in the morning and find that I sleep BETTER than before (I don't take them any later than 10am). Really picks me up for a morning run on a cold, freezing day! (Posted on 03/01/2015)
    Great to blast past plateaus!!! Review by Shawnz
    Only take these every other day and already noticed a huge difference! With proper exercise and diets ive managed to lose 4 pounds in just over a week! increases metabolism, curbs cravings and gives me a definite energy boost. I take in the morning on an empty stomach and eat breakfast soon after. Great product and not too concentrated like many other products out there. Will definitely be re-ordering!! (Posted on 10/12/2014)
    Not noticed much of a difference yet Review by Ventzi
    I bought these following the review from Mens Health, however I haven't noticed much of a difference from them yet.

    I don't think that this is necessarily due to the product - but that I already drink quite a lot of coffee during the day, and have found that caffeine generally doesn't seem to affect me much (doesn't keep me awake at all).

    I will say however that I've noticed that my heart rate does jump up slightly after taking the tablets, so they do work, they just don't work for me. As such I've given a 4 star review rather than a 5. (Posted on 03/11/2014)
    excellent Review by Jack
    Decided to give these a go after reading the review from Men's Health. I have been taking one in the morning and one before my workout for the past week and i have noticed a considerable increase in energy. There also seems to be a lot more definition in my lower abs which is what i was hoping for! (Posted on 11/08/2014)
    Great Value Review by krsdav
    This was one of my first orders with Bulk Powders having used another supplier for quite a while. One thing I have to say is that their products are as good if not more innovative than others in the market and the value is great! This product is a great buy. (Posted on 01/08/2014)
    Excellent Review by Chris
    Excellent product. Follow the instructions and take them as soon as you get up in the morning and you'll be fine. My sleep hasn't been affected in the slightest.. Genuine results sizzling my stomach fat away and keeping it away (Posted on 16/05/2014)
    Seriously Strong Review by Jamie
    These are brilliant as a pre workout, made my workouts very intense, was super focused.

    However should come with a sleep warning, I took 2 at 2pm and my head was still buzzing at 2am. (Posted on 14/11/2013)

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