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437367374 // Radiance Capsules™

  • Healthy hair**, skin*, and nails*
  • One capsule per day
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    For radiantly healthy skin, hair, and nails, you need the best ingredients nature has to offer. RADIANCE CAPSULES™ from WMN™ contain a synergistic formula of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to support healthy cell regeneration for great skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

    Our WMN™ formula experts have taken the finest ingredients and combined them in this simple one-a-day product. It’s never been easier to support the health of your skin, and the strength of your hair and nails. Just one capsule a day, and you have total peace of mind that you’re looking after your body - from head to toe.

    *Contains Selenium which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails

    **Contains Biotin which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin


    Health - Strength - Regeneration

    • All-natural skin, hair, and nails support
    • Contributes to healthy hair
    • Supports cell regeneration
    • Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
    • One-a-day capsule


    Sometimes our skin and hair needs a bit of extra support. True health and vitality starts from the inside, so ensure that your daily diet contains all the nutrients your skin and hair needs.  Here at WMN™, we’ve chosen the best ingredients to support healthy hair, normal skin, and strong nails so you can cover all your bases with just one daily capsule.


    Hyaluronic Acid

    This glyosaminoglycan is present in the body’s skin, where it helps to retain moisture. As a supplement, hyaluronic acid is taking the skincare industry by storm.

    Vitamin C

    Each daily dose of RADIANCE CAPSULES™ gives you 125% RI of the antioxidant Vitamin C. Vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen formation.


    Biotin (vitamin B7) plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair and skin. It helps metabolise fatty acids, amino acids and glucose from food. Biotin is most effective when taken orally, like in RADIANCE CAPSULES™.

    Royal Jelly Extract 3:1

    Royal Jelly is secreted by honeybees to feed their queen bees. This rich natural substance is high in key nutrients including B-vitamins and zinc.


    This carotenoid antioxidant plays a role in maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails.


    Selenium is an important mineral that contributes to the maintenance of normal nails, normal hair and helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Each daily dose of RADIANCE CAPSULES™ has 100% RI selenium.


    Manganese contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue.


    Zinc contributes to the health of nails, skin and cell division.


    The mineral copper contributes to the pigmentation of skin and hair as well as aiding immune function and helping to form collagen.

    Beta Carotene

    The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is important for healthy skin, eye health, and a strong immune system.

    * % RI - % reference intake of an average adult (8400kj/2000kcal).

    Who Are RADIANCE CAPSULES™ Suitable For?

    We created RADIANCE CAPSULES™ for any woman who wants a little extra support for her skin, hair, and nails. You’re already working hard on your body through exercise and a good diet. Give your skin and hair the nutrients they need by taking a simple daily capsule that contains the best nature has to offer.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Radiance Capsules™ Ingredients

    Hyaluronic Acid Sodium, Capsule Shell (Hypromellose, E171, E129), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid, Hypromellose), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Lutein 20% (Corn Starch, Tagetes erecta L. Extract), Royal Jelly Extract 3:1, Manganese Sulphate, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, D-Biotin, Copper Sulphate, Silicon Dioxide, Beta Carotene Beadlets 20% (Modified Starch, Corn Starch, Beta Carotene, DL-Alpha Tocopherol), Sodium Selenite.

    Radiance Capsules™ Nutrition Information

    Ingredient per Daily Serving
    Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
    Vitamin C 100mg (*125% RI)
    Royal Jelly Extract 3:1 50mg
    Lutein 15mg
    Manganese 5mg (*250% RI)
    Zinc 5mg (*50% RI)
    D-Biotin 5000mcg (*10000% RI)
    Copper 2mg (*200% RI)
    Beta Carotene 600mcg
    Selenium 55mcg (*100% RI)

    *Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)



    Take one capsule per day, preferably with food.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    What I've been looking for Review by Gemma
    Finally! This is the product I've been looking for. There are other beauty style products out there, but this one has it all. It has everything I've been looking for and it contain the right amounts. I can't wait to see the benefits to my hair, skin and nails :-) (Posted on 29/12/2017)
    Yes! Review by Emma
    This is the type of product I've been looking for. Been taking Biotin previously and have heard a lot of good things about Hyaluronic Acid, so can't wait to try this product. I'm giving it five stars already because I like the combination of ingredients, but I know it normally takes a while before you see the effect, I will have to leave another review in a month or two:) (Posted on 29/12/2017)
    Love this! Review by Rachel O
    Wow, wow, wow, I just love this! I normally use products from the other ranges, but I just had to give these a try. I keep it with some of my make up and it fits in perfectly. (Posted on 29/12/2017)
    Glowing Review by Gym Princess
    I bought these the first day they came out - packaging was almost cosmetic.

    I've been using them a week and definitely notice a difference. One a day makes it simple - I just have it with my smoothie for breakfast. (Posted on 29/12/2017)

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    4 Reviews

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