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For the widest range of Lactose Free Protein powders, shakes, foods and supplements – look no further than BULK POWDERS®!

The majority of Lactose Free Protein products are sourced from non milk-based ingredients, with Brown Rice Protein and Beef Protein being two popular examples. This is because milk-based products are naturally high in lactose, which thereby excludes Whey Protein from most lactose-free diets. In an exception to this rule, BULK POWDERS® offers Pure Whey Isolate™ 97 – one of only a few guaranteed Lactose Free Protein shakes in the UK.

So, for the biggest and best selection of Lactose Free Protein – whether it's powders, shakes, supplements or foods – don't go anywhere else.

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  1. Fish Jerky

    Fish Jerky

    Each 50g bag is equivalent to 250g cod High protein - 40g protein per 50g bag High in Omega-3 fatty acids

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    • GM
      gm free
    • G
      gluten free
    • D
      dairy free
    • L
      lactose free
    • S
      soya free
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