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654514471 // Peanut Butter 1kg

  • High in protein (29g per 100g) and monounsaturated fats
  • No salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives
  • 100% natural with no additives
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is exclusively available from BULK POWDERS™. Quite simply, you won't find great-tasting, 100% natural peanut butter at this price, anywhere else!

    Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is a calorie dense source of protein and monounsaturated fats. Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is high in protein, which contributes to both the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

    Available in both Crunchy and Smooth varieties, Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is entirely natural, containing nothing but great-tasting, whole roasted peanuts! It provides an excellent source of high quality protein and healthy fats, whilst avoiding added salt, sugar, palm oil and preservatives.

    All of the above not only makes Active Foods™ Peanut Butter a healthy choice, but it’s a sensible one too — just compare our unbeatable price to that of supermarket brands that also contain numerous additives!


    • 100% roasted whole peanuts
    • Calorie dense food source
    • 564 kcal per 100g
    • High protein source (29g per 100g)
    • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • Packed with monounsaturated fats
    • High in fibre
    • No added salt, sugar or palm oil
    • Delicious natural taste
    • Smooth buttery texture
    • No added preservatives
    • Available in crunchy or smooth


    Containing a massive 564kcal per 100g, Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is extremely calorie dense, making it an ideal addition to any mass gain programme. With 29g protein per 100g, this also makes Peanut Butter a great choice for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to supplement their daily protein intake via healthy food sources.

    The fats found in Active Foods™ Peanut Butter comprise mainly of monounsaturates and polyunsaturates. These fats, when replacing saturated fats, contribute to the maintenance of blood cholesterol levels.


    Peanut Butter is perfect for anyone trying to gain weight the healthy way or those on a lower carb diet. Peanut Butter is generally a great choice for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to increase monounsaturated fat content in their diet as well as supplement their daily protein intake via healthy food sources.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Peanut Butter Ingredients

    100% Roasted Whole Peanuts

    Peanut Butter Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 2341/564
    of which saturates
    of which polyunsaturates
    of which monounsaturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 7.9
    Protein 29.1g
    Salt 0g

    Suitable For

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.

    Allergen Information

    Please see ingredients in bold. Traces of other Nuts may also be present.


    Consumption of Active Foods™ Peanut Butter is self-limiting, so we advise using this product in accordance with your dietary requirements.

    Note: Some separation of this product may occur, leaving a layer of oil on the surface. This is entirely natural and simply stir to remedy.

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    Peanut Butter is a tasty way to add calories to your daily Protein Shake. Try a spoonful in our delicious Protein Porridge or Informed Mass.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great taste at a great price Review by Lee
    Price is much more competitive than any supermarkets. Tastes great and easy to stir - super convenient and tasty way to add protein and good fats to my daily breakfast porridge :D Or as a quick snack on toast, or even in curries! (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Tasty, value, no additives! Review by Skinny Seaghan
    All other peanut butters tend to have palm oil and salt, bad for the environment and taste. I use this in my porridge and find it to be the best. The tub is also handy as you can get all the peanut butter out with have to spend ages digging with the spoon (Posted on 11/12/2017)
    Tasty! Review by ELA
    This peanut butter is completely different to any I tried before. The consistency is much nicer, you can easily spread it or just add it to your recipes. It also worked very well in protein snickers cake recipe I tried. Absolutely yummy. Price is also great for what you get. (Posted on 10/12/2017)
    Pure ingredients! Review by Joe
    This is not SunPat rubbish, this is the real deal! (Posted on 10/12/2017)
    Delicious Review by Adi
    This butter is delicious, very nice consistency, great taste. It's the best peanut butter I've ever eaten. (Posted on 09/12/2017)
    Best peanut butter Review by Lou
    The texture and taste are just amazing no peanut butter can beat this one. I hightly recommend it. (Posted on 08/12/2017)
    Amazing value and top quality Review by TypeOneFitness
    Honestly, nothing beats the value of this product. Clean, simple, no palm oil or added anything just damn good peanut butter. Everything you need. My serving suggestion is to grab a big spoon and log into Netflix! (Posted on 08/12/2017)
    Best around.... FOR SURE! Review by Mu5c13
    You cannot buy a better peanut butter, no filler or junk straight peanuts!
    Better value then anywhere! (Posted on 08/12/2017)
    The tastiest whole peanut butter Review by Negreanu Geo
    One of the best butters i have ever tasted! (Posted on 07/12/2017)
    Great Taste Review by mic
    This peanut butter is among the best ones I have tried. Very smooth with rich and natural taste, without any added ingredients except from peanuts! Amazing (Posted on 07/12/2017)
    Great buy Review by Sandeep
    High quality product and literally 100% roasted peanuts without any other unnecessary ingredients such as palm oil, salt, sugar, peanut oil.

    CRUNCHY for me. I've used to spread this on toast but I got bored of it, so decided to bake lots of different things such as cakes, cookies and now granola bars.

    Everyone that's tried this product has loved it and said it's the best peanut butter they've ever had. (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Tastes better than Meridian PB Review by Dan Howard
    First off...crunchy or you're wrong.

    Both are okay, but the crunchy wipes the floor with every other PB on the market - whole earth, meridian, and supermarket brands. Not too sweet, doesn't dry out after a week or two, and doesn't separate too badly (especially compared to other brands!)

    Always have a tub of this to hand (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Perfect Review by Zoltan
    No added palm oil is a big bonus compared what you can get in the supermarkets.High in protein.It helps a lot to put some weight. (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Exactly what it says Review by Roswell
    Great value smooth peanut butter with no added "extras". Perfect! (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Tasty! Review by Roswell
    Simple, no added anything, just whole peanuts at a great price. I prefer my peanut butter slightly crunchier as this is a little bit on the smooth side but it won't stop me buying it again though. (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Great taste Review by Daz
    Best tasting on the market. (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Delicious, toasted flavour! Review by Andre
    I like how they use toasted peanuts for this butter, it is absolutely delicious! I ordered 1kg quite recently and barely have any left. I find myself spooning it straight out from the jar! No salt added, which is always a plus, and it is flavourful. (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Absolutely yummy Review by Pups
    Great taste and can’t bring myself to eating other brands of peanut butter (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    So good! Review by Evan
    I love my peanut butter and this one is easily the best I've ever had.
    Comes in a nice sized tub and tastes great! (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    You cannot go wrong with PB Review by RS
    Peanut Butter is the best nut butter for me, because it is cheap and it is good source of protein and healthy fat. I have ordered more than 30 tubs since the beginning of the year. (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    Snack or cheat ? Anyway tastes great Review by maximei
    I'm not a great fan of the crunchy version (little peanuts get stuck in my teeth) but I guess it's just a matter of taste. The smooth one is just brilliant. Just a quick advice: don't bother taking some bread just use a spoon that's how it tastes best (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    Love Review by Jade
    Ifs peanut butter.. whats not to like!
    Any chance i get its great on pancakes ( BP pancake mix) or with rice cake and banana. Currently have 2kg in my cupboard. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Yummy stuff Review by kareno
    This is amazing! Just peanuts, nothing fancy. Tastes great and hard not to eat straight from the pot with a spoon.

    It's good value and not salty like some nut butters.

    More, please! (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    I can't get enough of this! Review by JLJ
    This stuff is delicious!
    I have it as a snack throughout the day, and add it to my morning chocolate shake. And as always, incredible value for money. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    No hidden stuff, what you see is what you get Review by paulojr
    As everyone else said, this is a great product. No extra stuff, just peanuts, for a lovely price. Something as pure as this would cost a lot in whole foods stores. OTOH something similarly priced in a regular supermarket would bring in loads of other stuff that you'd rather not have (looking at you hydrogenated veg. oils!). I eat this everyday. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Great taste and texture Review by lur
    Amazing product. As a peanut butter lover, I do recommend this one. The texture and taste are just as they should be. Not bitter, just peanuty. Definitely ordering again. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Excellent Review by Nur
    Excellent peanut butter at a very good price and there is not palm oil on it. One of the nest peanut butter you can find on the market. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Quality product and quality price Review by Ash
    A brilliant source of fats and protein and unbelievably tasty as well, you wont go back to the different brand peanut butter's after you have tried this. (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Great product Review by Rach
    I really enjoy the taste of this peanut butter. It's great quality with a nice texture and just enough crunch. It blends well in shakes and mixed with chocolate protein tastes just like a snickers, great post workout! (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    my favorite Review by ray
    best price for the top quality peanut butter! also best way have to gain some weight the healthy way (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Great value Review by Nesmo
    I am halfway through my second tub of this. The taste is good and the value is great. (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Don't you dare change this - BP! Review by Rom
    This is simple, pure and unrivalled. I've shopped at Holland and Barretts, Organic food stores, high street supermarkets and nothing comes close. BP - warning don't change what isn't broken......seriously...this is great value for money. (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    You can never have enough peanut butter Review by Kinga
    If you are a PB fan like me, you knw that you can never have enough PB at home. So this 1kg is enough for a while and I do not need to buy a small jar every cup of days :D :D
    And probably it is the cheapest online.
    I prefer the smooth one and thats perfect! (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Top Class Review by Kerrylal
    I’ve been buying this mths now and it is best in class! Truly compliments my diet and have even used in making my slow cooker protein peanut curry chicken!! #addict (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Lush! Review by TraceyE
    So good, I eat it every my protein shakes, on toast, from a spoon...! Tastes much better than supermarket varieties, no nasty additives and great value for money. (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Brilliant! Review by Alex
    A great tasting peanut butter - I love it! Bulk Powders even sent me an extra tub for free when once arrived broken. Great value for money! (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    Worth a Buy Review by Adrian
    It is as it says on the tub, 100% natural peanut butter.

    It tastes good as I know it is not full of extra additives, which you might find in peanut butter from other companies, especially the mainstream brands.

    Just a word of advice, when you eventually get to the bottom of the tub, you might find some of the peanut butter has gone hard (not unusual). The best way to avoid this is to stir the peanut butter every time you open it and this should keep it nice and spreadable. Or, you could just use the hard bits for shakes! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    A bit too sweet for me. Review by Paul
    Pricewise it's fine and good for mixing into other things but in a sandwich or similar it's a little too sweet for me. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Taste is amazing Review by john
    When i recieved my nut butter i was proper delighted because i am a peanut butter freak.The taste was on point and crunchy.Highly recommend it! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Great Review by Christopher
    Really nice peanut butter, absolutely amazing that it has no additives and love the outrageous sized tub it comes in.. Brilliant. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Simply the best Review by Clarky
    I can't speak highly enough about this peanut butter. In my opinion it is the best on the market in texture and taste. The price is pretty standard now across competitors but I'd still opt for this one. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    PEANUTS FOR PEANUTS Review by Mike
    Amazing peanut butter, both crunchy and smooth are brilliant, and it's so cheap.
    The 1kg tub works well as a bucket once it's empty. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Turned out to be a great buy! Review by Nad
    Bought this on a whim (to fill out my basket) but actually it's really good stuff! The texture is how I think peanut butter should be, and it tastes great.. I love it for breakfast, with toast and banana and keeps me filled up for a long time. Depending on how often you have peanut butter, this should last a while (though I am hooked atm!) Will definately be purchasig more :) (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Delicious Review by Nuts for peanuts
    Insanely good, taste like peanuts with no sugar, salt or added oil. Very different from shop bought stuff, much tastier than other natural peanut butters and much cheaper too. I am going to stock up as I never want to run out! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Nuts for the peanut Review by TC
    I use the almond butter , but recently I was sent this by mistake instead of the almond. They dealt with the problem superbly and I offered to send the peanut back which they refused and kindly told me to have it.,
    Oh dear, I wish they hadn't. I thought I may as well try it. Result is I'm now hooked on the almond and the peanut.
    A spoonful in a bowl of porridge is as good as it gets. Addictive is the word your looking for. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Excellent taste & Texture Review by Arvi
    I Purchase this Peanut butter regularly, I mix it with my protein for breakfast and it tastes amazing.
    mixes really well and the price is fantastic.

    Also try this as a great snack, Toast a bagel, spread on the peanut butter, add sliced bananas on top. Thank me later! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    I'm Converted to a Peanut Butter LOVER Review by Sarah
    I used to really dislike the smell, taste and texture of peanut butter but was recommended peanut butter by BULKPOWDERS and since then I've fallen in love with Peanut butter!! Don't be like me and realise it later - realise it now! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    BEST!! Review by Mintdot
    Best peanut butter ever! And the great price is a plus :) (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Bulk buy Review by Jo
    Literally the best value for money, I probably buy more than 10 tubs a year. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Great, clean product Review by Dan
    This is my go-to peanut butter -- never buy it at the story anymore. Good for so much. I use it in oatmeal, baking, and PBJ. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Tastes as good as it looks Review by Cristina
    This peanut butter is very good. 100% roasted peanuts. The taste is amazing. I eat it on top of rice cakes or in my protein shakes. The package is great as well. Easy to seal back, so that the product remains fresh and tasteful. The price is just right. Absolutely value for money. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Best on the Market Review by PB King
    Quite simply the best Peanut Butter on the market bar none! I have it on toast, yoghurt, Shaker, and on the end of my spoon! 4.99 for 1KG of Peanut Butter, you'd be mad not too! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Purity Review by penname
    The purity of this peanut butter is what sets it apart. This is what the supermarkets should sell if they actually cared about people's health and providing the best quality foods. And it's delicious. Opening the container for the first time can be a hassle (BP, maybe you can seal the lid in different way?) but once you're inside it's peanut butter paradise. Actually, I can feel it calling to me from the kitchen right now... (End of review, gone to eat BP Peanut Butter.) (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Price cannot be beaten Review by Jonathon
    Tastes amazing & goes with practically everything. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Excellent product Review by Harry
    I'm a bit sceptical buying peanut butter in bulk from websites like these, because i'm concerned about the taste.

    This is probably the nicest peanut butter I've ever had and for the amount you get for the price is unbelievable. Highly recommend (Posted on 27/11/2017)
    ***Correction about the lid of the conteiner!! Review by Stefanos Inf
    Aside from the peanut butter itself which is absolutely amazing, i must correct my previous review about the container!
    When you brake the seal of the lid, you must tear the plastic all the way in the circumference of it. THEN it opens and closes AND seals like a charm and all the problems go away!
    It took me a second order of to find this out by accident! (Posted on 16/11/2017)
    Gorgeous Review by Declan
    Best Pb you can buy in my opinion, only downside is it isn't actually as crunchy as i would like but the taste makes up for it. (Posted on 31/10/2017)
    Atleast try once! Review by Qoomar
    There isn't any other brand that can match BP's own peanut butter.

    -Thick but easily spreadable on almost anything.
    -Made from nothing but just plain roasted peanut.
    -Great packaging.
    -Cheap and even cheaper whilst buying on discount. (Posted on 26/10/2017)
    Buy this! Review by Lynsey PT
    As a HUGE peanut butter addict I was dubious about buying one that's 100% natural after spending a lot of money in Whole Foods buying natural one's that quite frankly tasted awful but this is a game changer!

    As a PT I count on nut butters for a protein and sugar pick me up in between teaching and this is the bee's knee's. It tastes really, really good, I genuinely can't believe this has no added nasties (salts or sugars)

    If you like peanut butter and want to grab a bargain, buy this! (Posted on 29/09/2017)
    Best Peanut Butter ever Review by Jo1978
    And I thought Meridian's PB flavor was unbeatable...naive me! not going back to any other brand (Posted on 28/09/2017)
    Great value and taste Review by fatguitarist
    I've tried a fair few 100% peanut butters but this one is by far my favourite.

    Great taste at a great price. (Posted on 20/09/2017)
    Best thing ever! Review by BiscuitsDen
    I honestly cannot believe that there are reviewers that gave this product anything less than 5 stars! It is, hands down, THE best peanut butter ever (both smooth and crunchy)! I have tried every single brand under the sun (well, probably the American and UK varieties only, to be fair, but even so it counts for A LOT of peanut butter, trust me) and nothing can compete in the slightest.
    For the reviewers that mentioned grainy (?) consistency, they are probably comparing it with the 'plastic' varieties (see Skippy, SunPat, etc), as the all natural ones are not (and cannot be) silky smooth (see Meridien, Whole Earth, Funky Nut Co, etc).
    As for the reviewers complaining about the container.. well.. get a life! (Posted on 10/08/2017)
    Mum's making me buy another tub. Review by Dec
    The best peanut butter I've had. Infinitely better than anything you can buy in the supermarket/health food shops where even a lot of the high end, overpriced, small glass jars still contain salt and "sustainable palm oil". The texture is perfect with small chunks and the taste is moreish. I'm halfway through the first tub and my mum is asking me to order another and telling her colleagues at work all about Bulk Powder's peanut butter... (Posted on 25/07/2017)
    Smooth like butter Review by Ana
    Cannot recommend it enough. (Posted on 21/07/2017)
    Tastes great, no additives, cost effective. Perfect. Review by JC
    Bulk Powders Peanut Butter has now become a stable part of my daily diet, with a generous table spoon (approx 40g) being added to porridge each morning, helping increase protein content first thing. Also a great post-workout snack on wholemeal toast or in a sandwich.

    My 2 year old also loves it, regularly asking for "more peanut butter Daddy!" - Can't get a better endorsement than that. (Posted on 03/07/2017)
    Easily one of the best Review by Mike
    Cheap, delicious, 100% natural, high protein and overall great macronutrient profile. Couldn't ask for more, for such a big 1kg package. (Posted on 28/06/2017)
    Best Peanut Butter I Have Ever Had Review by DS
    This is the best tasting peanut butter I have ever had, along with the perfect texture. I genuinely cannot get enough of this stuff. (Posted on 06/06/2017)
    Tastiest peanut butter!! Review by Blerta
    After trying this peanut butter I felt like I must write a review about the product. The taste is simply unbeatable (careful it does get addictive). I must say that I was quite hesitant to try it out as I have very bad experience with peanut butters that have no other additives, in terms of taste. But this one from BULKPOWDERS does taste absolutely yummy and for the quality the price is OK! Thumb up! (Posted on 02/06/2017)
    Amazing Review by Kris
    Amazing taste,just like the unhealthy version but its totally pure without any addatives and cheap as fck.Worth it every penny (Posted on 26/05/2017)
    Best PB I've Ever Tried! Review by Carolina
    This is so raved about in the reviews but I was still unsure whether I'd use up a 1kg tube quick enough as I usually never really obsessed over PB.
    This has been my best purchase on bulkpowders so far!! All of a sudden I'm a peanut butter addict.
    Another plus is that it's completely 100% pure; no sugar, salt, palm oils.
    "100% pure" butters bought at the store always tasted horrible but this genuinely tastes better than any peanut butters with additives for a better taste.
    Just a little disclaimer for those buying the smooth one: it's not bang on smooth like some found at the store, you can still taste a little bit of grit-like size of peanuts that haven't been blended fully (which I totally don't mind) but other than that cannot recommend this enough. (Posted on 11/05/2017)
    Fantastic product & Service Review by shakey91
    Product tastes fantastic and service was brilliant paid for standard delivery (2-3 days) on Thursday morning and parcel arrived Friday afternoon! (Posted on 05/05/2017)
    Best for what you pay Review by RantiNasha
    I read the reviews before I purchased and was a little skeptical about the peanut butter quality. I have made peanut butter myself at home with a little added oil and was nearly as good as what you get here. Honestly, 100% peanut and for such an amazing price? The best you will find till date. 10/10 peanut butter. Top notch quality. Amazing price. Hats off to Bulk Powders! (Posted on 19/04/2017)
    Great Review by We ko w
    Wasn't sure about 100% peanuts at first, but it tastes really good. Great price, great quality peanut butter, don't think I'd go back to stuff I've had before now, and in my shop 300g of organic stuff is £2.79 so yeah... Get a discount code and free shipping and stock up (Posted on 02/04/2017)
    excellent! Review by cristina
    I read the comments and everyone was saying that this PB is delicious. It made me curious so I bought it. It really does taste amazing.. (help, I can't stop eating it). Delivery was amazing, Ordered on the 20th late at night, got here on the 22nd early in the morning. The package is tracked and everything is awesome. And for these prices, you couldn't ask for anything more. Lovely job, guys. (Posted on 22/03/2017)
    The perfect spread! Review by Becca
    Hands down, my favourite texture crunchy peanut butter I've tried so far, with perfect spread consistency and works exceptionally well in pb brownies.

    Although, once you've wrestled off the lid (great anti-spill mechanism) it's hard not to just devour with a spoon :) (Posted on 15/03/2017)
    Perfect peanut butter Review by Lisa
    I love this stuff. Shop bought stuff now tastes disgusting. I prefer the crunchy but it's really not that lumpy. Just perfect. I've bought nearly a dozen so far!!!
    Highly recommended. (Posted on 21/02/2017)
    Fantastic Product - Great Value Review by Monkey
    This is far better than any off the shelf brand.

    Fantastic taste. Great crunchy texture. Awesome on a toasted bagel after a workout.

    Couldn't believe how big the tub was.

    Definitely a cupboard essential. (Posted on 19/02/2017)
    Very good! Review by smithma01
    Ordered both the smooth and crunchy versions of this - very pleased. (Posted on 17/02/2017)
    Not as good as Meridian, but nice. Review by Stefianna
    I thought i would give this a try since i always buy Meridian Peanut Butter. On first opening, it had the oils floating on top as expected and mixed nicely back in when stirring.

    The taste was a little more bitter but still a nice peanut butter, but definitely good value for money. (Posted on 13/02/2017)
    Perfect Review by Alex
    The peanuttiest peanut butter there is.

    Delicious flavour, decent texture and great value for money.

    It's great on toast, in smoothies, added to cooking and, fairly frequently, by the spoonful! (Posted on 09/02/2017)
    Butter is as great as the customer service. Review by Ben Dover
    This is by far the nicest peanut butter I've ever had. I can't stand the Meriden brand now.

    I emailed customer service and they were very helpful in answering my questions.

    The nuts are sourced from different countries including the states and China.

    The nuts are non-GMO

    The nuts are roasted at 120 degrees for a minimum of 6 minutes (which reduces the carcinogenic aflatoxin).

    :) (Posted on 07/02/2017)
    Good stuff, but packaging issue Review by Tim
    The smooth butter's nice, tasty (though a bit grainy) There is a problem with the tub, its lip cracks when you take the lid off, and plastic flakes can fall into the butter. It might be worth transferring the contents to better tupperware when you buy this (Posted on 05/02/2017)
    Best PB on the market! Review by Kieran
    Not sure how but the bulk powders guys have produced the best peanut butter available, it's similar but nicer than the other similar brands, there is something about it which makes it taste that little bit better, they seem to have made the crunch variety more crunchy too which is good (Posted on 02/02/2017)
    by far the best on the market Review by utterly butterly
    Tried literally every other protein peanut butter on the market and Bulk Powders is by farrrrrrrrrr the best. Not dry, perfect consistency and taste, and no dodgy fillers. To top that, the cheapest on the market too. 1kg = £4.99 CRAZY GOOD!!!!!! (Posted on 20/01/2017)
    Best on the market :) Review by Mlpalm
    Recently purchased a kilo of Crunchy Peanut Butter. Simply Awesome. Having tried several different brands this is by far the best, in both flavour and texture. Also the price is market leading. The only thing letting it down is the tub, it feels a bit cheap and the lid does fit particularly well. The new bulk powders branding is brilliant though! Would be 5 star..... (Posted on 19/01/2017)
    Crunchy - Affordable and Delicious Review by vsww1996
    Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic!
    So affordable and so so worth it! (Posted on 20/11/2016)
    very good and cheap Review by iza
    great organic peanut butter, good value (Posted on 14/11/2016)
    the only plain nut butter I'll eat! Review by becky
    I've tried the big kilo tubs from myprotein/meridian/bodybuilding warehouse before but this is SO different! Super creamy and more like your American style nut butter, I'd definitely recommend it and I know a lot of others who would too. (Posted on 08/11/2016)
    Perfect Review by HAZ
    Both the smooth and crunchy peanut butters taste delicious.
    There is not too much oil separation unlike other well known brands...
    I will buy again and again!! (Posted on 05/11/2016)
    Very delicious Review by Romaszka
    Great product with great taste. Packed very well. Recommend to everybody! (Posted on 26/10/2016)
    Tastes great, good value, not crunchy enough Review by Robert
    The only reason this hasn't got 5 stars is because it is not crunchy enough. It is more gritty than crunchy. I guess this is more conducive to a smoother shake but I like mine crunchy. Other than that, this is great value compared to other 100% peanut butters and it really tastes great (and the dog loves it too since there is nothing added!). Will be ordering this from now on. (Posted on 14/10/2016)
    I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER Review by Damo
    What's to discuss, it's 100% crunchy peanut butter and I love peanut butter. Packaged well, tastes great and getting a good dose of good fats and protein. (Posted on 25/08/2016)
    Love it Review by Drock
    Personally I find this more tasty than Meridian Peanut butter that you get in shops, and the price is cheaper on BP than in the shops, defo on my reorder list. (Posted on 17/07/2016)
    Additional Protein Review by Zabot
    I use a smootie maker to blend a generous spoon of this Peanut Butter with four servings of Bulk Powders Beef Protein Isolate 97 Unflavored for a hell of protein shake. I'm happy with it! (Posted on 12/07/2016)
    Taste perfect. Review by Declan
    Nice texture, taste great, no salty taste because there is no salt.

    Highly recommend. (Posted on 04/07/2016)
    Delishous Review by arlene
    Very good value and delicious! (Posted on 13/06/2016)
    The best peanut butter Review by H
    Ever since I've started consuming this product it have been great protein source for me. The only part I get afriad of oil, it seem there is too much oil over the top when I open the pack. However it was just ecess amount of liquid that stay behind if the product is stayed upright position for longer period of time. Therefore I just want to say that I really enjoy and love consuming this product. Definitely recommended to anyone, everyone! (Posted on 24/05/2016)
    Love it but... Review by Looby
    I tried this peanut butter after a friend recommended it. I have always used a very reputable brand ,that doesn't contain palm oil or sugar, but I thought I would give this a try and I wasn't tastes AMAZING!!! The only downside is the skins have been removed and that is the only reason I've given 4 stars not 5. SKINS ON PLEASE. (Posted on 25/04/2016)
    Unbelievable PB Review by Matt
    Absolutely over the moon with this !!! Excellent value and tastes great. I put it in my shake after training and it tastes unbelievable.... Ice, water, peanut butter, 2 scoops banana protein, 1/2 scoop of dextrose ;-) (Posted on 16/04/2016)
    Good but not crunchy enough Review by Maria
    I love the taste of the peanut butter. I got the crunchy peanut butter, but for me its not crunchy enough. I like it really crunchy. The price is good so I might order again. (Posted on 12/02/2016)
    The best Review by Papa50
    Was never a great fan of peanut butter, but my kids and my wife loved it. Now I have bought this and tried it , I may have to hide it!. Joking aside, I will need to buy more. My wife said it is wonderful, and the kids, well enough said. (Posted on 01/02/2016)
    Good but must like unsweetend PB Review by Mat
    This PB is great value for money. The crunchy is not the crunchiest in the world but it nice.

    I would however say that this is completely unsweetened and has no oil so its quite dry and obviously not sweet. If your not sure i would get a small pot from a super market and build up to this as it will be a bit of a shock and not to everyoneS taste. (Posted on 27/01/2016)
    It's good Peanut butter, nuff said Review by ROMAN
    Not much to say here, Pure 100% peanut butter, good clean stuff, great value too, also props to BP for having really nice leak-proof packaging for it as well (Posted on 31/12/2015)
    Nuts about peanuts! Review by Kevin
    1 kilo of smooth peanut butter for less than a fiver, where have you been all my life. Great tasting product that seems never ending. Well worth adding to your basket. (Posted on 20/12/2015)
    Exactly what one could expect Review by Miki
    This is at the same time the first peanut butter that i have ever bought, never found it too alluring. Tastes as good a s i could expect it too, i guess. Got the sooth version, butter is good, packaging could be of a bit thicker plastic. (Posted on 13/12/2015)
    Crunch Peanut Butter Review by Bondypops
    Was looking forward to trying this and loved it, but could do with being more crunchy, not crunchy enough for me. But would still buy again as the taste is great, can't get enough of it. (Posted on 09/12/2015)
    Crunchy goodness. Review by Ev
    Figured I'd give this a try for a change and I'm glad I did. For the price the tub is much larger than I had expected! It tastes great but can be a little hard to swallow, but that's pretty much the norm when it comes to peanut butters.
    I'll be adding this to my future orders! (Posted on 04/12/2015)
    Brilliant !! Review by Ibi
    I just love it, it tastes really good ..worth every penny! Would buy it again for sure! (Posted on 03/12/2015)
    Loved it! Review by sapree
    I tried the smooth peanut butter, and the taste was different to what I was used to, and I loved it! It has a beautiful smooth consistency and made the protein shake that slight bit creamier. Would certainly buy it again. I have bought the crunchy peanut butter this time around, shall write the review for that once I try it. (Posted on 11/08/2015)
    Great product Review by Nick3sp
    This is a great product great taste, the only one thing I would say is the crunchy needs more crunch! More peanuts please! (Posted on 21/07/2015)
    Brilliant product, tastes nicer than other 100% peanut butters I have tried too! Review by Will
    I have tried a few nut butters now and this is probably the best peanut butter I have tasted, very good price too. (Posted on 27/06/2015)
    Great taste (smooth) Review by OJ
    I bought the Smooth 1kg of peanut butter. It is absolutely great, and very good value. I found the packaging a little big for the actual amount in there (about 3/4 full, but it's still a kg, just the tub is too big). That could probably be rectified. I'm going to buy the crunchy next. Highly recommended if you enjoy peanut butter (Posted on 25/06/2015)
    Massive tub and tastes great Review by Scott
    I was surprised how big the tub was and great that nothing nasty added in the ingredients, a little oil at the top which mixed in easily. Tastes brilliant, just have to be careful as very calorie dense but much nicer than shop purchased stuff. (Posted on 03/06/2015)
    Very nice Review by Hoptoit555
    I just love this stuff (Posted on 03/06/2015)
    Great product Review by Gus
    I always buy my 1kg tubs of peanut butter from a well know health store for £1 more. Had planned on buying this on my next order and glad I did. Tastes great, natural with nothing added. worth the money (Posted on 01/06/2015)
    Ok, but I prefer the others Review by DominicJ
    Given the cost of this, its hard to grumble and give it less than 5 stars, but its really really dry.

    I much prefer the Almond and Cashew Butters, even with their significant price premiums.

    "Its not as good as butters that cost twice as much" is hardly damning.

    Good for cooking with though (Posted on 20/05/2015)
    Great product Review by Daz
    Great value. I have a bid dessert spoon straight out the tube each night at 9pm. (Posted on 10/05/2015)
    Good value for sure Review by sbrowne911
    Good value at 4.99 although the butter is rather dry its nice, it could def be improved upon with regards to the dry taste on it. I would rather pay the extra £2 and get the Meridian stuff from H&B, its texture is unrivaled compared to this. (Posted on 06/05/2015)
    The best Review by David
    just the best peanut butter that you could buy in the market. (Posted on 16/01/2015)
    Simply Amazing Review by Patryk
    Best peanut butter ever tried. (Posted on 13/01/2015)
    Un-put-downable! Review by Nikita
    Best quality peanut butter that I've ever bought. Absolutely delicious. Even my hubby - who detests unsweetened peanut butter - loves this stuff! Highly recommended.
    (Posted on 28/12/2014)
    HEAVENLY Review by ROSS
    Brilliant product, quite happily eat straight from the tub. Thanks Bulk Powders 5 stars (Posted on 11/12/2014)
    GREAT PRODUCT! Review by Robert
    Nothing more to say other than excellent product, great value for money, really good texture and taste. I love it! Gone are the days of supermarket peanut butter. I have no idea how they are going to stay in business as products like this are coming out. Giving the customer exactly what they want! Well done Bulk Powders! (Posted on 01/12/2014)
    Amazing! Review by Dean
    Easy to spread, tastes great and is great value a must buy for any peanut butter lover :) (Posted on 25/11/2014)
    Best peanut butter EVER Review by MY
    Tried them all and this is by far my fav! (Posted on 24/11/2014)
    Better than competitors Review by Will
    I was pleasantly surprised when I opened Bulk powders tub of Peanut butter. Unlike competitors (my protein), the nuts are not roasted in their skins, meaning the butter is a much smoother consistency, and the taste is so much nicer. There was very little oil separation in the tub to, meaning the consistency is the same all the way through, where competitors butter gets thicker the more you get to the bottom of the tub. The taste is in my opinion is unchallenged, and I will be purchasing this again for sure. (Posted on 05/11/2014)
    Great value, good quality product Review by Ventzi
    This is great value. It tastes good, and is a good healthy addition to my kitchen cupboards.

    The product does seperate as it doesn't have stabilisers, but it just takes a quick stir to thicken again. (Posted on 03/11/2014)
    Super value for money Review by john
    I used to just buy peanut butter from anywhere. It makes 0 sense buying it from tesco and such places. It's usually packed with palm oil. The bulkpowders nut butter however tastes pure, it's brilliant for baking and the tub makes it easy to stir (because it seperates because it doesn't have rubbish in it). Excellent, do yourself a favour and just buy it here. At £4.99 it's a bargain. (Posted on 02/11/2014)
    Very good Review by Dan
    I use this on toasted granary, slices of apple, in shakes, it is very easy to reach your calorie goals with this.

    Put it in the fridge as soon as you get it. (Posted on 29/10/2014)
    Tasty butter Review by Søren
    This peanut butter (smooth) is both healthy and tasty. I don't know what else to say - what more would you look for in a peanut butter. Will definitely buy this cheap and almost perfect source of healthy fat again. :) (Posted on 26/09/2014)
    Love it Review by Giuseppe
    ok, the taste takes a few spoons to get you to it, as its not as sweet as other peanut butters, but that makes sense as its pure peanuts and no added oils or salt etc this is already the second tub im buying, love it and value for money...who can really doubt or question it?! (Posted on 21/09/2014)
    Excellent Review by S
    WOW!! This is the best tasting peanut butter I've ever tasted :) It doesn't taste fatty like other brands. It is very rich & you don't need to use a lot, it's extremely filling. Don't be put off by previous reviews regarding taste, once you've tasted this you'll never buy other brands. Even my 7yr old son loves this! (Posted on 16/09/2014)
    Very nice Peanut butter and what a bargain...... Great service and fast delivery thank you Bulk P. (Posted on 09/09/2014)
    Yummy and affordable Review by Kiana
    It's value for money and also taste great! (Posted on 16/08/2014)
    Delicious Review by Maryliftsam
    Top quality, great price and 100% peanut! No added palm oil rubbish. I've tried smooth (which went down suprisingly quick) and recently bought crunchy which is unreal! 5/5 (Posted on 25/07/2014)
    Tastes great! Review by Brendan
    Got the crunchy tub and it's so good will buy again! (Posted on 17/07/2014)
    Dat dere bulk! Review by Mayron Gaiens
    It's a little chalky & powdery at first, but you quickly get used to the tase, low carbs aswell. Plus it's £4.99 a kilo, bro do you even math!? (Posted on 13/07/2014)
    Great stuff Review by Jamie
    I have had both crunchy and smooth, I would highly recommend either. Both taste great and they are value for money, when you think the natural peanut butter is nearly £5 for about 300g, this is £4.99 for a KILO!

    Must buy! (Posted on 09/07/2014)
    Can't go back to anything else Review by Sean
    I ran out of this peanut butter today. I can't go on with my keto diet without my 11zy peanut butter snack.

    So ran down to the store for a super market brand. It tastes horrible to me now! Salty and a nasty texture. Begs the question why do you need any additives to your food!

    Love BP PB!

    (Posted on 26/06/2014)
    This product is great...i really like it. The packaging is a bit is a lot bigger and only half of the container is filled with peanut butter...I just wish there was more inside or the packaging was more suitable.

    Comment from BULK POWDERS: Hi Aisha and thanks for your feedback. Although the tub is not completely full, you still get exactly 1kg of pure Peanut Butter! (Posted on 23/06/2014)
    Great tasting & great value Review by Lee
    Exactly what it says on the tub, 100% peanut butter, no added rubbish. If you're used to the supermarket stuff which has palm oil and a little sweetener, you will notice a slight taste difference with this, although you soon get used to that.

    Give it a good stir each time you use it as it can settle and be quite runny on the top before it's mixed.

    Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/05/2014)
    Tasty Review by Tony
    I use the crunchy version. Tastes perfectly fine. Not as sweet as supermarket versions, which is good. My advice is to dig the knife nice and deep when getting a portion out. If not you end up with peanut fudge when you get to the bottom of the carton. (Posted on 07/04/2014)
    Great taste Review by Brynjar
    It tastes good, great for cooking or sandwiches. The smooth one is a little chunky but overall worth every penny. (Posted on 17/03/2014)
    Good Value Review by Sebastian
    Was very satisfied with the smooth PB. I use it for shakes and it is great value for the price. (Posted on 06/02/2014)
    Fantastic Review by Ian
    This peanut butter is one of the best I have tasted.

    No added sugar no added salt and best of all no palm oil.

    Will be ordering the next one very soon.
    (Posted on 13/01/2014)
    Excellent quality. Review by Harry
    The delivery was very prompt, as I ordered it on an evening only to receive it the following morning. It was delivered in under 24 hours, and I was astonished at the speed.

    The peanut butter itself is divine in terms of texture, taste and smell. It is very spreadable and is a nice addition to toast. I also personally enjoy adding it to yoghurt. The texture and taste are incredible, and it has a nice after taste. (Posted on 20/12/2013)
    Good Review by Michael
    The taste is OK but remember it has no salt and sugar... so... it's a pretty good product with very reasonable price. (Posted on 21/11/2013)
    Best tasting natty peanut butter out Review by Jordan
    Unlike most P.B's it isn't a really dark colour. Its a nice creamy brown colour. Also isn't chewy and sticky like most. Tastes great!! (Posted on 13/11/2013)
    Best tasting natty peanut butter out Review by Jordan
    Unlike most P.B's it isn't a really dark colour. Its a nice creamy brown colour. Also isn't chewy and sticky like most. Tastes great!! (Posted on 13/11/2013)
    Taste ok but lacks crunchiness Review by Malik
    The taste is good but unfortunately and that is a major letdown, it's simply not crunchy. Not even enough, just not crunchy compared to what you get from that other company. Too bad... (Posted on 01/11/2013)
    BEST BUTTER EVER Review by Nicolai
    The price is right and far cheaper then anywhere else.

    And the taste is spot on!! (Posted on 31/10/2013)
    Awesome !! Review by chris
    Best peanut butter I have had! And it is no sugar or added oil! (Posted on 23/10/2013)
    Delicious! Review by Sean
    Was sceptical of this as I'm used to eating the salt and sugar packed store-bought peanut butter, but this is absolutely delicious! Use it with everything - shakes, sauces, breakfast. Good stuff. Will be buying again! (Posted on 10/09/2013)
    Best peanut butter ever.. Review by Jack
    I used to buy my peanut butter from another popular UK site and I must say Bulk Powders beats it in every way . (Posted on 06/09/2013)
    Best taste!!!! Review by Maisi
    The taste be so very good. Consistency and colour - very tasty! Crunchy or smooth - take both! (Posted on 03/09/2013)
    Very good - Ottimo Review by Matteo
    Crunchy tastes really REALLY good! I like the natural taste.

    Sorry to read it is out of stock now, I wanted to buy it as a stack for my fat loss supplements, when it will be in stock again?

    anyway, bravi :) (Posted on 28/08/2013)
    Peanut Butter Review by Spencer
    Truly the best Peanut Butter I have bought. Taste and texture spot on 10/10! (Posted on 14/08/2013)
    Perfect ! Review by Jordan
    As the title Intends its Perfect, great to snack on goes with everything use it in shakes on toast whatever it works. Brilliant Nutritional values and getting such a great product for such a cheap price. A must have for anyone looking to put on muscle or just get calories in. (Posted on 25/07/2013)
    Peanut Butter Review by Paul
    A great size and tasty all natural Peanut Butter for a great price. Five stars! (Posted on 17/07/2013)
    Great but not very crunchy Review by Laurie Constantin
    This is a proper natural product. You can't get this easily anywhere else for this price. Not the full 5 stars though as the crunchy version is simply not crunchy enough. Seems like smooth with a handfull of nuts thrown in. (Posted on 14/07/2013)
    Good Review by Giannis
    Delicious Peanut Butter! (Posted on 22/05/2013)
    Gooood. Review by Martin
    Decided to order this as it was an almost identical price to just under 1kg tub of Skippy PB from Costco, with the added benefit of it not containing palm oil.

    I ordered crunchy and I'm happy I did as it was runnier than I expected, while it did thicken up after a shake it wasn't as thick as 'normal' peanut butter. Quite honestly that's just an observation as it tasted great and the kids liked it too.

    Will be ordering again in my next order (which is going to be placed today) and one day when I'm I'm feeling flush I'll try the cashew butter!! (Posted on 21/05/2013)
    Perfect Review by Daniel
    Ordered 1kg for me, and this is amazing. Tastes really good and have a excellent price. Arrived in Portugal in 3 days. (Posted on 08/05/2013)
    So so Review by SimSim
    I wanted the crunchy, but only the smooth was in stock. I was a little disappointed, as it's really runny. I've stirred it, put it in the fridge, but no joy. If I do reorder, it'll be the crunchy, or non at all. Still, it tastes good. (Posted on 06/05/2013)
    Incredible Review by Pan Doxopoulos
    I was expecting this to be too 'real' compared to the processed stuff I'm used to, but it tastes brilliant. Pure and natural at an incredible price. Nothing else comes close! (Posted on 08/03/2013)
    Great peanut butter Review by steve
    Delighted to be able to buy this from Bulk Powders.

    Fantastic taste without any chemicals, fat or preservatives.

    Can't praise this stuff enough and its on my regular purchases. However at a big 1kg jar it takes a bit of time to get through! (Posted on 07/03/2013)
    Great Stuff Review by Purple Aki
    This stuff is great. It tastes just as good as the stuff you buy in the supermarket, but without all the nasty preservatives and non healthy fats. I add a spoon or 2 to my protein shakes and it tastes fab. (Posted on 27/02/2013)
    The purest Review by Tasos
    My first order here. The purest peanut butter that I have ever tried. Nothing artificial as with all the products here. The roasted peanut butter at supermarket is full of preservatives and if you taste it with closed eyes you won't guess what you eat. Fast delivery to Greece. All my questions were answered within minutes. These guys are professionals. British precision. My personal bodybuilding supplement store from now on. (Posted on 22/02/2013)
    how much Review by brad
    silly question but how much to take a day? eg spoons?

    Note from BulkPowders: Hi Brad - it's a food, so as much more as little as you want. Most people would maybe consume around 10-20g at a time (approx. a couple of dessert spoons) perhaps combined with a protein shake to add some good fats and bump protein levels even more!
    (Posted on 30/01/2013)
    Great source of protein, great taste and price Review by bahmen
    Best ever peanut butter I ever tasted. I ordered 2 last week with other products, today I ordered 8 more.

    I tried Lidl, Aldi, Tesco and other companies, but nothing will come close to this product, you buy from a company that sell you pure product not mixed with oil or other bad ingredients.

    Taste 10/10
    Quality 10/10

    A tip for you guys:

    If you are in hurry or if you want to take a snack between meals, just grab 1 piece of your best bread. Toast it, spread peanut butter on it, if you have cheese try some on top, that is it, a full meal tasty and full of protein. (Posted on 13/01/2013)
    Great Taste - Highly Nutritious Value! Review by Alexandru Vlad
    I really love this product! High protein content, important fats and so much energy from it - from only 1 spoon. Those trying to cut fat - beware, don't overuse this :D

    Thanks BP for this great product! (Posted on 11/01/2013)
    Nice Nuts Review by Methodman78
    I'm more than happy with the peanut butter, it does get runny but as they say a good stir sorts that out, if you don't stir it you'll end up with just a load of crunchy bits and really thick butter at the bottom, I found this out recently, still I ate that too on hot toast, which made it easier to spread.

    The taste takes a little getting used to but this is like when I switched to Diet Coke, it tastes better and I cant drink normal coke now, shop bought peanut butter is just so sweet.

    This peanut butter is also great for making protein bars and the viscosity is an advantage as it helps bind the ingredients together, then it sets perfectly in the fridge.

    BP peanut butter is also less fat, carbs and calories than the Tesco value one, with more protein, so can't find many faults on this.
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)
    Best Price, fast delivery Review by Christian Ka
    5* ! Perfect !! Fast delivery to Germany and best price.

    (Posted on 04/01/2013)
    Tastes very good Review by Mike
    Tastes very good, is exactly what it says it is. When it arrived though it looked very strange, almost like (I kid you not) someone just ate peanuts and threw it up into the tub. - maybe it was caused by the components of the peanut butter seperating.

    But if you stir it a bit you should find it starts too look like normal peanut butter again.

    Fantastic product.

    Note from BulkPowders: Thanks for your great review, Mike! Due to this product being pure 100% peanut butter from peanuts only, with nothing else added whatsoever (including things like emulsifiers and binding agents, which most 'supermarket' brands use) there can be some form of separation upon delivery. Like you say though; a good stir and this is more than remedied! (Posted on 02/12/2012)
    Shelf life? Review by HF
    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long this will keep in the cupboard for? Either opened or unopened? I'm considering buying a big batch to save some money but it might take me a while to get through 8kg of peanut butter so any insight would be appreciated!

    Note from BulkPowders: This product generally has around 6+ months when it reaches the customer; on some occasions it could have slightly less, but generally it will have at least this amount of time! When opened it should last just as long provided that you keep the lid tightly closed to ensure that it is 100% airtight and also ensure that it is stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. (Posted on 08/10/2012)
    Yum! Review by Vanessa
    I love this peanut butter! It's by far my favourite, I used to like Skippy, but now that tastes like mashed crayons compared to this. (over-processed junk with peanut flavouring)

    Mix a teaspoon with your morning porridge and you'll be full till lunch time. (Posted on 05/10/2012)
    Smooth Review by Dracs
    My bad, missed the drop down box! (Posted on 02/10/2012)
    Smooth, not crunchy Review by Dracs
    Aaron, how do you mean it's smooth, it's only in crunchy.? Or did you mean Almond? (Posted on 02/10/2012)
    Fantastic! Review by Arron
    I have used various smooth natural peanut butters from local health stores and other competitors this smooth peanut butter from bulk powders is the best one i have ever purchased it is completely smooth and has a perfect consistency, i hope bulk powders continue to produce this excellent product! (Posted on 26/09/2012)
    mmm peanut butter Review by gazzab007
    This HUGE tub of JUST peanuts is AWESOME, you guys should hit the super markets with this one. With having nothing else in this product like BUTTER and other additives I thought it was going to be horrible, however what an awesome surpise. ITS WELL LUSH and very well priced. (Posted on 19/09/2012)
    Super Duper Review by Big Stu
    I've been eating peanut butter from a spoon since I was a wee laddie (much to my mother's annoyance), and now that I'm a big laddie, this 1kg tub is just what I need.

    It tastes great (yes, it needs a bit of mixing), and I prefer it to most of the other stuff out there. Tesco's crunchy comes close, but its full of palm oil, and Sun Pat's Wholenut is also a contender but this is way cheaper so is way better instantly.

    I have only two qualms:

    1. Its a bit thick.. when you start eating it in copious quantities (as I do), I find myself choking a bit. I think this is perhaps less of a criticism of BP though and more of a comment on me being a greedy big fat fatty.

    2. The tub is massive. Again perhaps a silly criticism, but the tubs are such that they are only literally half filled with the kilo of PB. The psychological effect this had on me the first time was slightly damaging but I got over it. Then nearly choked as I stuffed PB into my face at breakneck speed.

    Happy eating :D (Posted on 29/08/2012)
    Top Notch Review by Shane
    Great Stuff, tastes so good I find it hard to put it down once I start eating it. (Posted on 15/08/2012)
    Excellent product, Really! Review by Faris
    This costs £1.50 more than I would spend on a jar in Tesco but is about 3 times bigger.

    First open it it looks wierd but stir it up & its fine.

    100% peanuts only, No other S*** mixed in.

    The taste is fine because it tastes of peanuts!!! Exactly how peanut butter should taste FFS!

    Mostly I ate it straight from tub with a spoon, haha! (Posted on 14/08/2012)
    Great Review by Andrew
    Mix it up. Actually I find this tastes better than even Skippys peanut butter that I used to buy. Mixes great for cooking as well so can be used to make high protein cakes and snacks. (Posted on 11/08/2012)
    Too bad the peanuts are roasted Review by Highstandards
    I wan't careful enough when ordering and didn't see the peanuts were roasted. It is a bad idea to use processed peanuts to make peanut butter as it changes its nutritional makeup.

    So, it may not be the healthiest product, but it does taste great. (Posted on 05/08/2012)
    Not Too good Review by steve
    Don't think the taste is too good, compared to other peanut butters i buy. The product is reallly runny which is strange... and when you put it in your mouth it feels so Gluey..

    I can't bare to consume anymore, so i went and bought some from the supermarket.

    Note from BulkPowders: Hi Steve - Sorry you were not entirely happy with this product. As stated in the product description, there is a layer of oil that can form on top and cause a runny/gluey texture. This is enirely natural, due to the product being, well, entirely natural! If you stir the butter and/or put in the fridge this will be remedied. In terms of taste, the feedback this product gets is amazing, but compared to supermarket peanut butters that contain salt and addiitves, then yes, it probably won't taste as good to some people due to the subjective nature of taste!

    (Posted on 01/08/2012)
    Amazing Taste and Price Review by Frank Damgaard
    Yeah as my title says nothing else than full stars to this product. I dont know what i can write about it except that everything is just as it should b.! 5 stars without a doubt! (Posted on 28/06/2012)
    Runny when opened? Review by Sam Meade
    Runny when you first open it, stick it in the fridge right away. Amazing taste and value (Posted on 27/06/2012)
    A bit (read: lot) runny?.. Review by Liam
    Tastes good (I ate several spoons as soon as I opened it!) but the consistency is way off. It's like it has been watered down, you can literally pour the stuff if you want to.

    I use it to make protien shake/allbran bars and I am not sure it will set properly using this product.

    If you only eat it off the spoon though I am sure it is adequate. (Posted on 15/06/2012)
    MMmmmm Review by Craigy Newall
    Amazing taaste and value for money...!! A+++ (Posted on 01/06/2012)
    Peanut butter Review by Kristian kerr
    Great product at at great price. Taste and nutritionally can't be beaten! (Posted on 23/05/2012)
    Good Stuff Review by Matthew
    This peanut butter is value for money, not only that it also taste nice compare to other all natural peanut butter you can find in stores. (Posted on 09/05/2012)
    The Best About! Review by Mr G
    Great price and way better than the average supermarket peanut butter, when it arrived I got excited and tried to eat a whole spoon full of the stuff, It's very sticky hence nearly choking haha, great taste and good value for money! (Posted on 22/04/2012)
    BEST PEANUT BUTTER AROUND! Review by Christian Heindl
    This is hands down best peanut butter I ever tried! So smooth and creamy!

    I use it in protein shakes as a meal replacement in diet!

    Highly recommended for all nut heads :-) (Posted on 20/04/2012)
    Quality Stuff Review by Sean
    Best peanut butter, I've tried, used it whilst training towards the Brighton Marathon and i'll be using it now as a daily snack with cracker bread/rivita etc as I'm back on the weights. you've gotta try it and its SO cheap! (Posted on 17/04/2012)
    Great taste and value! Review by Alvaro Carvalho
    Great taste, smooth. I'll be buying this again! (Posted on 11/04/2012)
    peanut butter review Review by Franco Ruggieri
    Excellent product with out any crap like rape seed oil etc, tastes great with a bit of jam. The label says \this product definitley contains nuts\" and thats what you get :)""" (Posted on 11/04/2012)
    Great taste and value! Review by Alvaro Carvalho
    Great taste, smooth. I'll be buying this again! (Posted on 11/04/2012)
    peanut butter review Review by Franco Ruggieri
    Excellent product with out any crap like rape seed oil etc, tastes great with a bit of jam. The label says \this product definitley contains nuts\" and thats what you get :)""" (Posted on 11/04/2012)

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