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Chances are you've stumbled upon our website because one of your friends has recommended us, or you've heard someone in the gym talking about us, insisting how great we are...

The good news is you're in safe hands, and as the UK's fastest growing sports nutrition brand, we're proud to have you on board!.

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4 Reasons Our Customers Love Us

Better Value for Money

We offer incredible value for money across our entire range of Sports Nutrition and Active Foods™. So whether you're looking for a great tasting quality whey protein, a leading pre-workout supplement, or amazing artisan nut butters, you'll find our prices extremely hard to beat!

Trusted By The People

Our Trustpilot score speaks volumes. As of 25/05/17 our rating of 9.1 gazumps that of MyProtein! What does this mean? It means we value our customers above all else. If you have a problem, we're here to help, and our Trustpilot score proves we're doing a great job - far better than others!

More Selection

Quite simply, we offer a wider selection of Sports Nutrition products vs. MyProtein and other competitors (excl. Clothing & accessories). This means if you're trying to lose weight, build muscle or even improve performance, we have the right products at the best price, to deliver exactly what you need.

Distinct Product Ranges

We don't bamboozle you. We keep things very simple. We have 4 clear product ranges: Pure Series™, Complete Series™, Pro Series™ and Active Foods™; each designed with you in mind. Whatever your goal, we have the perfect sports supplement to cater for your needs. You won't find this sort of clarity anywhere else.

Popular Products From Our Sports Nutrition Range

  • Pure Whey Protein™

    Europe's Best Value Whey

    If you are looking for an alternative to Impact Whey Protein, Pure Whey Protein makes the ideal replacement.

    Pure Whey Protein - BULK POWDERS

    Premium Pre Workout

    Contains a staggering 13 active ingredients, far more potently dosed than MYPRE* - and that's a fact.

  • Complete Greens™

    Nutrient Dense Greens Powder

    A massive 24 nutrient dense, super green foods. Equivalent to over 5 of your 5-a-day.

    Complete Multivitamin Complex - BULK POWDERS

* on comparable ingredients, based on 1 serving.

Get 25% off your first order with code: MYBP


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