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BULK POWDERS® supplies a range of Flavourings & Sweeteners. This range was primarily designed to complement the fact that we sell a huge range of unflavoured and unsweetened products, enabling users to flavour and sweeten to their own taste. From powerful sweeteners such as Stevia and Sucralose, to our unique, zero-calorie flavouring system LiquiFlav™ – this range of Flavourings & Sweeteners can be used to enhance anything from Protein Shakes to Porridge.

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  1. Zero Calorie Syrup™

    Zero Calorie Syrup™

    Incredible zero calories per serving A range of mouth-watering flavours Perfect for adding to porridge and pancakes

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    • V
    • VG
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      gm free
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      gluten free
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      dairy free
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      lactose free
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      soya free
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