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2087575429 // Chia Seeds

Special Offer
  • High Protein - 20g per 100g
  • Excellent Source of Dietary Fibre - 38g per 100g
  • Gluten Free, Wholegrain Food Source
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Chia Seeds popularity has grown rapidly over the last few years and for good reason. These tiny black and white seed pack a huge punch in relation to their size. Chia Seeds make an ideal snack for between meals, or can be added to meals and shakes to boost nutritional content.

    Chia seeds come from the plant Salvia Hispanica, native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Both the Mayans and Aztecs used Chia Seeds as a staple food source. Indeed, the Aztecs considered iChia Seeds more valuable than gold. In Mayan cultures, Chia actually means 'strength'.

    BULK POWDERS™ Chia Seeds are sourced from South America and have a mild, yet slightly nutty taste. They are of the highest quality guaranteed, with an outstanding nutritional profile. They contain high levels of protein (20g per 100g), are an excellent source of fibre (38g per 100g) as well as omega fatty acids, fibre and minerals.


    • 20g protein per 100g – contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • 60% Omega-3
    • Richest plant source of Omega 3
    • Also contains Omega 6 and 9
    • 10g fibre per 25g serving
    • Double the fibre content of oats
    • 25g serving contains twice the amount of iron and magnesium as spinach
    • Also a great source of calcium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus
    • All 8 essential amino acids
    • Contains naturally occuring tryptophan


    BULK POWDERS™ Chia Seeds offers unbeatable value for money compared to other Chia Seed products. If you’re looking to boost the nutritional content of other meals such as porridge or even shakes, Chia Seeds make an excellent choice.


    There is a popular book called "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall, which promotes the use of Chia. McDougall would mix a serving of Chia Seeds with water and lime to make a gooey concoction. Although it did not look or taste particularly great, McDougall stated that "In terms of nutritional content, a tablespoon of Chia is like a smoothie made from salmon and spinach."

    When Chia Seeds are mixed with water, the liquid takes on a gooey appearance. This is due to Chia's ability to draw in water, making it a perfect addition to an intra-workout drink – keeping you fully hydrated throughout your workout.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Chia Seeds Ingredients

    100% Chia Seeds.

    Chia Seeds Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 25g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 456/109 1825/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 9.48g 37.9g
    Protein 5g 20g
    Salt 0g 0g

    Suitable For

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soya Free.




    Consumption of Chia Seeds is self-limiting, so we advise using them in accordance with your dietary requirements.

    Related Products

    We suggest adding Chia Seeds to your favourite Protein Powder to improve nutritional content, or adding them to your intra-workout drink to improve hydration. 

    Other options include sprinkling them on foods and salads to add taste and texture, or using them as a healthy addition to cakes and muffins.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Yay seeds Review by [email protected]
    These chia seeds are flavoursome and lovely to eat especially adding them to muffins or cakes. 20/20 (Posted on 31/12/2017)
    Great value Review by Adam P
    Great value for money, 1kg will last a long time (Posted on 21/12/2017)
    Omegas Review by Shirl
    Good source of omegas (Posted on 15/12/2017)
    Very good Review by Nina
    I've made so many healthy recipes with these. I love them! (Posted on 13/12/2017)
    Super healthy protein & omegas source Review by Lee
    Price is much cheaper than any supermarket. Great way to add omegas, protein and variety to porridge or in puddings and smoothies! (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    These are Awesome Review by Bluefool
    Fantastic seeds always get them from BulkP also Love the packaging! (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Great addition to a meal Review by Rhiannon
    Really pleased with these, they add nutrition and texture to porridge and salads, would recommend (Posted on 11/12/2017)
    Great value & quality Review by MR
    The chia seeds are great value - much cheaper than in the supermarket. I use them to mix into porridge, have with yogurt & fruit and include them in my homemade granola. I will buy this again...even though it might be a while - 500g of Chia seed is A LOT! (Posted on 07/12/2017)
    Chia Seeds Review by Sandeep
    These chia seeds are of exceptional quality. I p[articularly buy them because they are are a great way to provide some nutritional enhancement to foods such as porridge, salads, drinks, and pretty much any meal/dish you can think of.

    They don't have a taste (based on my experience in sprinkling them onto other foods). I usually put approximately a teaspoon's worth of chia seeds into my porridge. Definitely a product I'd continue to buy and they are priced competitively. (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Great for adding to your oats! Review by KC
    Great for adding to oats, smoothies, shakes for some extra protein and other nutrients. Can also be used in baking recipes as an egg substitute! (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    A good breakfast alternative Review by kareno
    I usually make chia seed pud with these. Soak them overnight and they're tasty. The consistency is a little unusual, but get past that and these are low carb, filling and easy to use.

    I also use them as an egg replacement when baking. Healthy than eggs and makes gorgeous cakes. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Excellent Review by u
    Cheap and versatile, I use a tablespoon in my smoothie to add some fibre (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Essential product Review by lur
    I would highly recommend for anyone who's seeking to add some fat and protein to their diet. Tastes heavenly if mixed with milk and left overnight in fridge. Great quality and price. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Power seeds Review by Faye
    I love these. I add them to my overnight oats, salad, chicken, just about anything. Just sprinkle them on top for some extra power (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    recommend Review by ray
    I mix them with my oats in morning good for starting a day. (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    The cheapest Review by Kinga
    The cheapest chia seeds I could find. The quality is the same as the other chia seeds.
    You can use it for sooo many dishes, you should definitely keep it always in the kitchen.
    I usually make protein puddings and bake them in cakes (instead of eggs). Full of fiber and protein! (Posted on 02/12/2017)
    LOVE Review by Jo
    I just love chia seed, so many wonderful recipes. Great for healthy jam (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Top quality and best value for money Review by Roman
    The quality of this product is great, Chia seeds make a great addition to shakes and recipes. Gotta hand it to BP, I don't think I've seen Chia seeds cheaper anywhere, yes, even online, especially when you are buying it with a discount code. BP delivers on quality and value yet again. (Posted on 07/09/2017)
    Nice product Review by Alex
    Very nice quality, well packaged, massive bag, and you can you then in most meals has a nice subtle taste that is mildly nutty.

    Would I recommend these to others
    Yes and I have already done so. (Posted on 25/09/2016)
    Great Seeds And Very Healthy Also Review by SW
    These seeds are great. They are full of nutrition and are very healthy. I mainly mix them with natural yoghurt and this makes a healthy and filling snack. Very good product. (Posted on 29/06/2016)
    Great value Review by Jane
    Brilliant little nutrition bombs at a fantastic price! I mix 2 tablespoons of these into yogurt with tablespoon of almond butter and it keeps me going til lunch. (Posted on 15/04/2016)
    Excellent Review by Joninetee
    I've been using chia seeds in my diet for a while and these are the best value for money and are great quality. Will only get them from BP from now on. (Posted on 18/02/2016)
    Now this is some good s**t Review by Miki
    Love the price to quality, taste, packaging, everything (Posted on 13/12/2015)
    Worth it Review by Sarah
    I'm sure everybody can google the benefits of chia seeds, but I find the most benefit from the fibre and the fullness factor that comes with these clever little seeds.

    The price is excellent and quality is the usual BP standard which is excellent! (Posted on 27/03/2015)
    Worth it Review by MY
    First time including chia seeds in diet. Extremely versatile and can't even taste. Fibre content is ridiculous. Thanks BP for great prices and promotions! (Posted on 24/11/2014)
    Cheapest price by far and of course BP quality Review by Carly
    Can't find these cheaper anywhere else. Quality not compromised as you expect such superb quality from BP. The health benefits of chia seeds is endless. They are tasteless and used as gel in baking, which cuts out fat content or eggs. Can be added to absolutely anything: Cereal, porridge, bread, cakes, casseroles, salads, stir fry........ (Posted on 14/11/2014)

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