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  1. Dextrose


    • Fast digesting carbohydrate fuel source
    • Promotes rapid glycogen replenishment
    • High Glycemic Index (GI)

      Based on 19 reviews

      From £3.99
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    • Waxy Maize Starch

      Waxy Maize Starch

      • Rapid glycogen replenishment
      • 100% Pure Waxy Maize Starch
      • Combines well with whey protein and amino acids

        Based on 27 reviews

        From £4.49
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      • Vitargo®


        • Patented sports performance carbohydrate
        • Super soluble (Vitargo S2) version
        • Clinically proven

          Based on 14 reviews

          From £9.99
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        • Maltodextrin


          • A high GI complex carbohydrate
          • Combine with protein for a DIY weight gainer
          • Ultra low pricing

            Based on 21 reviews

            From £2.75
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          • D Ribose

            D Ribose

            • 100% pure D Ribose powder
            • Building block of ATP
            • Known as the body’s ‘energy currency’

              Based on 3 reviews

              From £7.49
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            • Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

              Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

              • Premium quality ground Scottish Oats
              • 100% natural – no added ingredients
              • Low GI & high in fibre for sustained release

                Based on 94 reviews

                From £1.49
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              • Complete Mass™

                Complete Mass™

                • 538kcal + 40g protein to promote muscle growth
                • 66g low GI carbohydrate per serving
                • 5g of Leucine per serving

                  Based on 67 reviews

                  From £11.99
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                • Maca Powder

                  Maca Powder

                  • Gluten free, low GI carbohydrate
                  • 12g protein per 100g
                  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids

                    Based on 7 reviews

                    From £3.99
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                  • Fructose


                    • Low Glycemic Index carbohydrate source
                    • Combines effectively with other carbohydrates
                    • 100% Pure Fructose
                      From £3.99
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                    • Coconut Water Powder

                      Coconut Water Powder

                      • 100% natural
                      • Delicious & refreshing taste
                      • Rich in electrolytes, vitamins & minerals
                        From £9.99
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                      Items 1-10 of 22


                      Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy and are stored in the body as glycogen – both in the liver and more importantly, in the muscles. Whether you need a slow digesting carbohydrate such as ultra fine Scottish oats, or a fast absorbing carbohydrate such as dextrose for post-workout recovery, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to perform to your optimum, day in, day out. Check out our huge range of carbohydrate supplements - all at Europe’s lowest prices!

                      Think of muscle like a fuel tank in your car – no fuel, no performance. While the body can get energy from other sources, carbohydrates are the preferred source. Low carbohydrate levels (and low glycogen) have been continually shown in research to lead to poor performance in weightlifting, football, running and pretty much every sport!

                      There are different types of carbohydrate. Simply, there are complex carbohydrates which release energy in a slow, steady fashion. Alternatively, simple sugars are broken down rapidly and provide a spike of energy.

                      Typically complex carbohydrates, such as Scottish oats, are advised throughout the day to give a steady supply of energy without dramatically raising blood sugar levels. Simple sugars, such as dextrose, are primarily used around training to give a quick supply of energy and to refuel muscles after training.

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