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Convenient source of Vitamin B8
Promotes fat redistribution for improved physique
Enhances mood and cognition
  • VVegetarian
  • VGVegan
  • GMGM Free
  • GGluten Free
  • DDairy Free
  • LLactose Free
  • SSoya Free
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Customer Reviews | 9/10 Excellent

6081 reviews of BULK POWDERS™


What is Inositol?

Inositol, otherwise known as Vitamin B8, plays a key role in cell membranes – particularly in the brain. This explains why Inositol is such a popular supplement for mood enhancement and cognition. From a physique perspective, Inositol is also a popular fat loss ingredient, as it aids the body in redistribution of fat. Inositol also has other health benefits, including promoting liver health and immune system function.

Inositol is classified as a B-Vitamin, and is closely linked with  choline. It plays a number of important roles within the human body, including; the redistribution of fat for use as energy, detoxification of the liver, maintenance of cell structure and functioning of the brain, nervous and muscular systems.

Where to find Inositol:

Despite its positive benefits, inositol is produced within the human body from sugar. It can also be found naturally in citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and lecithin.

Insitol can also be referred to as:

Phosphatidylinositol, Myo-Inositol, Phytate, Phytic Acid.

What are the health benefits of using Inositol?

There are abundant studies and trials showing inositol powder to be a highly effective health-enhancing supplement. In particular inositol is beneficial for:

Mood enhancement

There are neurotransmitters in our brains, responsible for feelings of well-being and adequacy, which require inositol to function properly. Furthermore, low levels of inositol have been linked to depression and anxiety sufferers. On this basis, inositol is often recommended by practitioners for treating mood related illnesses such as intense stress, depression and mild-anxiety.

Liver support

Whilst removing fat from the liver, inositol is also acting as a liver detoxifier.

Cell support

Perhaps the most important function of inositol is its ability to help form and retain the integrity of cell membranes. This plays a vital role in the health and condition of skin and hair.

Fat distribution

As previously mentioned, inositol removes fat from the liver and subsequently redistributes it to be used as an energy source for the body. This not only benefits the liver, but promotes fat burning and storage of excess fat. With obesity and high body fat levels placing great stress on the body, this is a clear benefit using an inositol supplement.

Immune support

Inositol is integral to building a nutrient called lecithin. Lecithin supports the thymus gland and thus increases the body’s ability to both fight and prevent disease. Some research advocates that it may even be useful for the prevention of diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

What are the performance benefits of using Inositol?

Inositol is primarily a health-promoting nutrient. Despite this, there are a couple of its benefits that also warrant it being classified as a performance enhancing supplement:

Fat loss

Inositol removes and redistributes fat from the liver, which is then used by the body as an energy source. Although not an out and out fat loss supplement, inositol clearly helps to support fat loss and as such is ideal for use by athletes and bodybuilders as a general health supplement, with the added benefit of mild fat loss promotion.

Mood and stress management

Inositol has been shown to promote well-being and to reduce anxiety and stress. This is highly beneficial for anyone who exercises or trains on a regular basis; enabling them to recover faster, both physically and mentally, by improving general calmness and quality of sleep.

Inositol Ingredients

100% Inositol.

Nutrition per 500mg Serving per 100g
Inositol 500mg 100g

Suitable For

Vegetarians & Vegans.




Mix 1 scoop (approximately 500mg) with 50ml water, ideally with food. Use 1-3 servings daily, spaced evenly.

Note: Caffeine has been shown to somewhat neutralise the effects of inositol. If you have a high caffeine diet, it is therefore advisable to reduce your caffeine intake in order to get the most from this product.


Inositol is a B Vitamin and, as such, works well with other B Vitamins such as Choline Bitartrate. It is also often found in a high quality multivitamin supplements. An example is Complete Multivitamin Complex™, which it can be taken alongside to further raise Inositol levels.

Customer Reviews

Awesome product
I am using Inositol for 4 weeks now. This product really helps with my mood, I feel like I have more energy.

And the most impressive thing - my vision gets better for about an hour after drinking it. (My vision is very bad and I wear strong glasses)

Also I eat less because my mood is better and I have more energy I don't want that much sweets! So it helps to keep healthy diet.
On 25/01/2013 Simona said...

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