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Pure Whey Isolate™ 90

Pure Whey Isolate™ 90
  • Massive 27g of protein per 30g serving
  • Cheapest whey isolate in Europe
  • Low in carbohydrates, fat and lactose
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS™ commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS™ always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS™ exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is the best value Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) in Europe – you won't find a WPI of comparable quality anywhere else at this low price. Essentially, Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is an extremely high quality whey protein isolate powder, providing a huge 27g of high quality whey protein per 30g serving (based on unflavoured). In addition, Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is derived from grass fed cow's milk, has been instantised for ease of mixing and is available in a great range of fantastic tasting flavours. See the reviews for yourself!

    If you're looking at strictly controlling calorie intake and want only the highest quality protein available, then Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is the product for you; it has less than 1g of fat and carbohydrate per serving – combined!

    For added reassurance, Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 has been randomly drug screened at a renowned anti-doping laboratory.

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is manufactured using an advanced combination of ultra and micro-filtration processes, ensuring no protein denaturing and maximum protein integrity. These processes produce a pure, quality whey protein, rich in glycomacropeptides (GMP) and bio-active peptides, whilst ensuring that fat, lactose and other unwanted ingredients are 'isolated' out.

    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is then sprayed with fine lecithin particles creating a water-resistant effect on the surface of the whey protein particles, meaning no clumping… just easy mixing! The isolation processes used to produce Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 involves only natural ingredients, providing a very high quality product with an excellent protein digestability rating of 99.7%!

    In addition, Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is derived from grass-fed cow’s milk which is free from hormones, antibiotics and genetic modification. Whey Protein derived from cow’s milk is said to yield a higher content of BCAA’s, boosting the overall nutritional content of the product.


    • Over 90% protein (27g of pure protein per 30g serving based on unflavoured!)
    • Lowest priced Whey Protein Isolate in Europe
    • Available either unflavoured or in our fantastic tasting flavours
    • Less than 1g of fat and carbohydrates per serving – combined
    • Instantised for easy mixing
    • Contributes to the growth in muscle mass
    • Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass
    • Produced by an advanced combination of cross-flow microfiltration AND ultrafiltration
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Halal certified
    • Sourced entirely from Western European milk!
    • Low in lactose
    • Derived from Grass-Fed Cow's Milk


    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is extremely useful for all who are active; particularly useful for those who are looking to increase muscle mass due to its high protein content. Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is also useful for those who are dieting due to its low carbohydrate and fat content.

    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Ingredients

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Isolate™ 90

    Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 90% (Milk), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin 0.4%).

    Flavoured Pure Whey Isolate™ 90

    Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 90% (Milk), Cocoa Powder (Chocolate & Chocolate Cookies), Natural Flavouring, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Natural Colouring (Banana - Beta Carotene; Strawberry - Beetroot Red), Sweetener (Sucralose), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin 0.4%).

    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Nutrition Information

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Isolate™ 90

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 477/111 1590/370
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre Nil Nil
    Protein 27g 90g
    Salt 0.15g 0.5g


    Flavoured Pure Whey Isolate™ 90

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 481/115 1598/382
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 26.12g 87g
    Salt 0.15g 0.5g

    Please note that chocolate varieties may be 3-5% lower in protein content

    Suitable For

    Vegetarians, Non-GM, Halal, Kosher, Gluten Free


    Milk & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).

    For allergens, please see ingredients in bold.


    Mix 1 scoop (approximately 30g) Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 with 200ml water in a BULK POWDERS™ Shaker Bottle.

    Use between 1-5 servings daily depending on your protein intake requirements.

    Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is very fast-absorbing, so the optimal times to use it are immediately upon waking before breakfast, and immediately after exercise. After training, many athletes take a double serving (60g) as the body is able to process a larger amount of protein in its depleted state.

    Related Products

    After exercise or training it is recommended that you combine Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 with a fast-acting carbohydrate source. Options include VitargoWaxy Maize Starch, or Dextrose.

    In addition, Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is extremely versatile, so it can be used in conjunction with practically any type of supplement, from Creatine to Fish Oils.

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    • Fantastic

      Thank you so much for this product.. other whey's give me huge issues with my stomach and skin and this has has no affect at all. Mixes really well and tastes great (chocolate cookies) Can't wait to try other flavours!

      Rachel on 24/06/2015
    • great value

      I must say that this protein shake is probably the best one I've had yet. I got strawberry flavour and mix it with skimmed milk. I only bought a 500 bag to try but I will definitely be buying a bigger bag in future.

      Topcat on 14/06/2015
    • Great

      Great taste, great results, great product. I have never took the time to leave a review on anything before. But this was worth the effort. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

      Dao on 26/05/2015
    • Awesome

      I bought choc peanut and choc cookies to try out before making a larger order to take with me on overseas travel.

      Both taste pretty nice with water. Choc Cookies edged it for me though.

      Then I tried Choc Peanut with Milk........ Best protein shake I've had taste wise. Tastes like a liquid snickers. Can't top that.

      The mixability is absolutely fine.

      My previous flashy looking, expensive powder tasted marginally better with water, but when you consider the major difference in price, and the fact that stuff wasn't even isolate..... This blows it out of the water.

      Thoroughly recommend. Will be buying here from now on.

      Bergzz on 23/05/2015
    • Get it or regret it

      I've tried ON, bulk powders and TPW protein, and overall bulk powders is the best. I add half a scoop to my oats every morning and have a shake post workout and feel it's helped with my protein consumption, post workout recovery and also with remaining lean! It's the cheapest isolate 90 I can find with nutrition this good! And their delivery is superb! Always got vanilla and chocolate cookies (chocolate cookies + warm milk - you're welcome) definite winners! Decided to try the strawberry (get very nervous trying new flavours in case they're horrible) and it was beautiful, like a kids strawberry milkshake, I wanted back for more! I've had a sample of peaches and cream and from what I can remember it also tasted very good! No artificial or chemical aftertaste and mixes easily! Definitely recommend, causes no bloating or gas with me either which is a plus, gotta keep those girl gains up somehow!

      Klal on 21/05/2015
    • Great post-workout

      I got this because it is faster digesting than the Complete Protein Blend. It tastes a little more watery (I got chocolate peanut flavour), but it has less fats and carbs. It is perfect post-workout because of the rate of digestion to feed my hungry muscles after training. It is more expensive than Pure Whey but it is filtered more so the cost of the production is higher and I would say that it is worth it. I've ordered a new 5kg bag of Chocolate Cookies flavour so I'm excited to try that.

      Sarah on 07/05/2015
    • Delicate but to the point

      Having tried the Pure Whey variant I decided to go with something with a little less fat and carb. Overal it's great, mixes extremely well, the powder is delicate so it doesn't need much milk or water to get a decent drew.

      However after having gotten used to the great vanilla taste in the Pure Whey variant, I find this product just a bit too sweet.

      Stephen on 26/04/2015
    • Great mixing, great tasting!

      I must say that this product has never let me down, it's easy to mix (approx 20/30 secs) in a shaker. I experience no bloating or gas from this and that's always a big plus! Overall it has helped me increase my weight gains and strength as a result, I simply can't recommend this highly enough. Go get it and check it out yourself!

      Berty Fox on 21/04/2015
    • Great protein with out the bloating of pure whey

      I got this as the pure whey protein makes me very bloated and this isolate doesn't.

      Always get the vanilla flavour because I can mix it with my overnight oats.

      Jason on 13/04/2015
    • Brilliant!! (Unflavoured)

      WOW! Love this powder!
      I've changed my training pattern considerably over the last few months and wanted to increase my protein intake drastically. I've tried several so called "unflavoured" powders, but they were all quite sweet - fine for fruit smoothies etc, but I wanted to add to green smoothies too.
      This is genuinely unflavoured, mixes well with water, yogurt, almond milk etc. and doesn't leave any aftertaste. Great protein content, very low carbs and fat. Fantastic product with excellent value for money, from a company providing great customer service!

      Kel on 07/04/2015
    • Vanilla Heaven

      Pure whey isolate vanilla has to be the best tasting vanilla product on the market, would have to take my hat off to the guys working at Bulk Powders to what is becoming one of my favourite brands in relation to supplements. I would have to say that the Pro series informed whey Vanilla bean however didn't hit the spot and left me feeling a little disappointed. Can't win them all though!

      @mattylewis11 on 02/04/2015
    • Great product

      My discovery of Bulk Powders has been an epiphany. I have been working out for about two years using a variety of retailers for my protein. As a result I've consumed a few different brands. This is the best yet by far. I discovered Bulk Powders while looking for some Creatine which was at a really good price. I've now taken receipt of some Chocolate flavoured whey and I couldn't be happier. It mixes well, tastes great and has a decent amount of protein per serving. All at a realistic price point. I will definately be using again.

      Mart on 19/03/2015
    • great product

      lovely product a bit sweet for me but still tastes great,what I will say is what a fantastic service next day delivery and bang on the time they said it would arrive,answered my emails with in ten mins brilliant can't fault it will def use again and tell everyone I know.


      Running mick on 12/03/2015
    • Fantastic

      I love this protein, had a few different flavours now but chocolate cookies is my favourite. Mixes really well and tastes great. It is great value for money and I have had some really good results since using this.

      Gopsycho on 24/02/2015
    • My Favourite Protein, Except Strawberry

      This is my go-to protein. Good value, tasty and quick delivery. My favourite flavours are chocolate, cookies and vanilla. I did buy some strawberry a while ago, but that didn't really do it for me as it's a bit tart. But other than that, I can wholeheartedly recommend this brand and these products.

      D.Coreburner on 26/01/2015

      I was using Pure Whey Protein for the past few months now I switched to Pure Whey Isolate 90. Higher amount of protein plus I no longer get gas or bloating.


      Ush on 23/01/2015
    • Good stuff - recommended!

      Have tried the Unflavoured and Chocolate Cookies. Unflavoured goes down OK with milk. The Chocolate cookies is the best tasting protein powder I've ever had though. Tastes like chocolate milk and there's no chemical aftertaste. I take it with warm/cold skimmed milk and it's yum. Sometimes I add powdered oats and it's still yum. Have tried a lot of different chocolate flavour proteins from a lot of different companies and I think I can end my search here!

      Yusuf on 16/01/2015
    • awesome

      I ordered the chocolate flavour which tastes great and is easy to drink unlike some protein. I will be buying more.

      daniel on 15/01/2015
    • Great protein powder - chocolate peanut a bit yuk tho!!

      I went over to this powder from maximuscle/maxinutrition. Firstly the powder is far better value for money.
      I use this with the creatine monohydrate powder and it gives such good value.
      The results are visible and it helps keep the fat off compared to some of the other powders.
      I have found the chocolate peanut flavour a bit too much but vanilla and chocolate were great. Just ordered the unflavoured.

      Alex on 04/11/2014
    • Impressed

      I really like this product!

      I have ordered this product again, and after trying so many different brands this one has finally caught my attention. it very easy on the stomach, cookies, strawberry and peanut chocolate are awesome, gonna try some of the other flavors. And great on price too! recommend !

      Parvezahmed on 24/10/2014

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