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7 Item(s)
  1. TRI-PRO™


    • 33:33:33 ratio of Whey Isolate, Milk Isolate & Egg White
    • Leucine & Glutamine Peptides with guaranteed 80% protein
    • Banned substance tested under Informed Sport programme

      Based on 4 reviews

      From £37.99
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    • Complete Protein Blend™

      Complete Protein Blend™

      • Premium fast & slow release multi-protein blend
      • Whey, Milk & Egg Protein with added Glutamine
      • Delicious tasting & easy mixing

        Based on 95 reviews

        From £11.99
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      • Complete Bedtime™

        Complete Bedtime™

        • Perfect bedtime protein shake
        • Added Leucine, HMB, Theanine & Lysine
        • 500mg of Tryptophan per serving

          Based on 5 reviews

          From £11.99
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        • Milk Protein Concentrate 85

          Milk Protein Concentrate 85

          • Optimal 80/20 Casein to Whey ratio
          • Fantastic source of Glutamine
          • Instantised for easy mixing

            Based on 24 reviews

            From £9.99
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          • Micellar Casein

            Micellar Casein

            • Contributes to an increase in muscle mass
            • 85% Protein Content
            • Excellent Nutritional Value

              Based on 17 reviews

              From £9.75
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            • Complete Diet Protein™ ADVANCED

              Complete Diet Protein™ ADVANCED

              • New & improved low-fat formula with sustained release protein
              • Contains Glucomannan, which contributes to weight loss
              • Tonalin® CLA, Glucomannan, L-Carnitine & Green Tea

                Based on 15 reviews

                From £11.99
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              • Complete Protein Dessert™

                Complete Protein Dessert™

                • Delicious high protein dessert with 30g protein
                • Low in fat, sugar & carbohydrates
                • Contains Whey, Milk & Egg Protein

                  Based on 22 reviews

                  From £11.99
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                7 Item(s)

                Slow Release Protein

                Slow Release Protein sources (also referred to as Sustained Release Protein, Night Time Protein or Bedtime Protein) such as Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein are an often neglected area of protein supplementation. Whilst fast-absorbing protein powders and shakes such as Whey Protein Isolate are perfect after a tough workout, it is ideal to use a Slow Release Protein at night or before bed.

                Think about it. You eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day, but sleep for circa 8 hours, without food. This leaves your body craving protein. The best solution is to supplement with a Slow Release Protein shake or drink before going to bed, which steadily releases muscle-preserving amino acids whilst you sleep!

                Whatever your choice of Slow Release Protein, you can be sure that BULK POWDERS™ has them all, and, as always, at the lowest prices in the UK – guaranteed!

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