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Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid Egg Whites
  • Massive 192 Egg Whites
  • An Almost Pure Protein Source – 90% kcal from protein
  • Consume Raw or Use for Cooking
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS™ commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS™ always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS™ exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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5 46

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    Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites are manufactured exclusively for BULK POWDERS™ – you won't find these anywhere else.

    Each 6kg pack of Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites contains a huge 192 egg whites. Each pack consists of 6 bottles, containing 32 egg whites each, all pre-separated for you – meaning no mess, no fuss, no hassle, no waste and time saved! What's more, they can even be stored at room temperature for up to 5 months* when unopened, so as to avoid taking up valuable refrigerator space. Egg Whites found in supermarkets do not have this benefit and need to be stored in the fridge at all times.

    Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites provide a convenient alternative to the laborious task of separating egg whites, whilst also offering exceptional value for money – starting from just over £0.10 per egg white! If you're looking for a pure protein food source then look no further... Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites contain only 1% carbohydrate and 0.5% fat - meaning they are virtually pure protein goodness!


    • 192 egg whites per pack
    • 32 egg whites per bottle
    • Gold standard of protein
    • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • 100% bio-available
    • Ultra convenient
    • Free range & barn farmed option
    • Store at room temperature*
    • Consume raw or cooked
    • Only 1% carbohydrate content
    • 0.5% fat content
    • No preservatives or additives
    • Up to 5 months shelf-life


    The great thing about Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites from BULK POWDERS™ is that they have undergone a unique pasteurisation process, which means that they can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 months!* This is in total contrast to most Liquid Egg White products from other companies (and at supermarkets), which need to be stored in the fridge and have short best before dates of only 2-4 weeks. Besides the pasteurisation process that our Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites undergo, there are no other additives or preservatives in this product. Quite simply, these are fresh egg whites, which can be used for cooking, or even consumed raw, ‘Rocky style’, straight from the bottle! Nutritionally speaking, Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites consist almost entirely of pure, high quality protein; containing only 1% carbohydrate and 0.5% fat! Egg white protein itself is viewed as the ‘gold standard’ of protein sources, primarily due to its 100% bioavailability - meaning that all its protein goodness is utilised by the body.


    Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites are perfect for anyone who wants to increase their protein consumption to help the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Anyone who cooks and bakes should also have a stash of these in their kitchen cupboard.

    Liquid Egg Whites Ingredients

    100% Pasteurised Liquid Egg Whites.

    Liquid Egg Whites Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 100ml
    Energy kJ/Kcal 209/50
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0g
    Protein 25.1g
    Salt 0.4g


    Suitable For

    Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free.

    Allergen Information

    For allergens, please see ingredients in bold


    30ml of Liquid Egg White is equivalent to 1 medium egg white. Each 500g bottle contains the equivalent of 16 medium egg whites and each 1kg bottle contains the equivalent of 32 medium egg whites.

    Use in accordance with your dietary requirements. This product can be consume raw or cooked.

    • Raw, or ‘Rocky style’ — this is perfectly safe with our Liquid Egg Whites due to the unique pasteurisation process they undergo
    • For making high protein, low carbohydrate omelettes or scrambled eggs
    • As an addition to protein shakes and smoothies to further increase protein content
    • For use in making desserts such as soufflés, icing, meringues, pancakes, biscuits and cakes

    *When unopened and dependent on best before date. Room temperature is defined as between 0°C - 25°C. Liquid Egg Whites are not suitable for storage above this temperature


    BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites can be stored at room temperature* for up to 5 months depending on best before date. Once a bottle is opened, refrigerate immediately (ensuring that the cap is securely tightened) and consume within 48 hours. Unopened bottles can be frozen for up to 12 months. To defrost place in the refrigerator for approximately 10-12 hours and do not consume until the product is completely defrosted.

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    Add Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites to Oats and Creatine Monohydrate for a DIY mass gainer. Or try using them with our Pure Whey Protein™ and a little bit of our legendary Peanut Butter on top for some badass protein pancakes. If you are looking for other high protein foods, then our High Protein Flapjacks and High Protein Biltong are worth consideration.

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    • Great Value and Quality

      These are very high quality liquid egg whites and are great value for money, i love the fact that they can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months meaning i no longer have to buy the carton egg-whites and put them in the freezer.

      They have a neutral taste and can be consumed raw which i have done by adding to whey protein, they are also great for making quick omelettes and save you having to separate the yolks which makes them super convenient.

      5/5 The best quality liquid egg whites i have ever used and the gold standard of protein, these are a great addition for developing lean muscle mass and losing body fat.

      John on 21/04/2015
    • Nice product

      I purchased a 500g bottle of this stuff in my last order and I was impressed with the shelf-life of the product as I hate waste. I'm on day 2 of it open in the fridge and it is still fine to use. My friend purchased some and hers have lasted a week without going off so the 48hr time frame is a cautious one! I have used it in pancakes and made an omelette with it yesterday and it tasted fabulous and it gave my pancakes a nice fluffy texture. The quality is great although, I would have liked to have the option to purchase the 500g bottle in free range but there never seems to be any in stock.

      Maryam on 13/03/2015
    • Brilliant

      I didn't know you could buy egg whites so have wasted many eggs in pursuit of the perfect meringue - these deliver right on the nose. In fact I have some meringues made from this company's egg whites in the oven cooling down as we speak! the egg whites had been frozen so I just let them defrost. Because the bottle comes in 1kg size (I did note 500g but it was obviously out of stock or something as I couldn't click on it) it is a little big for me to use all at once as it says it only lasts 48 hrs. once opened. So, I froze them in my ice cube trays and it worked just fine. The ice cube trays are only 15g so I needed two for one egg. It worked brilliantly. Smaller quantities would be great.

      Susan on 09/03/2015
    • Best egg whites anywhere!

      I always order these from Bulks, they are so convenient and last ages unopened. I've never found a better egg whites supplier and in free range which makes all the difference.

      Olive on 04/02/2015
    • Awesome product

      Love buying these. The shelf life is a big selling point. When I'm struggling to think of something to fill in the calorie gap I always reach for them/ Easy to drink. Literally no taste to them. Overcome your misconception and get them down ya neck!

      strongmanvinny on 26/01/2015
    • Much better than egg white powder!

      These work out about 20% more expensive per calorie than powdered egg whites (depending on size of purchase) but they are worth it! So much easier than mixing sticky powder and MUCH better results in protein-powder baking, Only the same price per white as the very cheapest supermarket eggs, and a lot less messy to use! I find they do not go off for at least a fortnight after opening if kept in the fridge, whatever the label says.

      Victoria on 14/01/2015
    • All round great product and service

      Great tasting product! Delivered the next day!

      Charlie on 04/01/2015
    • Don't eat them raw

      This looks like a great product -- I just wanted to say that one shouldn't eat them raw. Not because they're unsafe, but because you're absorbing much less protein that way. A relevant study:

      So cook this great product!

      Marius on 21/11/2014
    • Perfect!

      Tasty, easy to use and reasonable price. I use them for baking with protein powder and the result is amazing. You wouldn't guess that it is a protein muffin.

      Super fast next day delivery. Use them on a regular basis now. Highly recommended.

      Radka on 21/11/2014
    • Best for bulking

      Could never eat eggs cause skin too sensitive but for whatever reason these don't affect my skin. Looking for the missing ingredient to getting big, these eggs are it.

      leeo on 21/11/2014
    • Great


      Super convenient! I have eggs for breakfast and this cuts a decent time off my morning routine.
      Cooks well & tastes great!


      My only dislike is that the bottles expire after 48 hours from opening. I have about 8 eggs a day so each bottle covers 4 days. As a result I decant half a bottle into a 500ml bottle and freeze on opening the 1ltr bottle.


      Package into 12 x 500ml bottles

      This problem is easily fixed on my side and does not effect the product in anyway. So it's 5 stars from me!

      James on 21/11/2014
    • Great way to get in extra quality protein

      Thanks for this BP and it's cheaper than buying in shops.

      Terry on 21/11/2014
    • Easy to drink!

      Been bulking nicely on these egg whites, eating an entire bottle or half is quite doable and a lovely clean source of protein.

      These egg whites are watery and really easy to down, I love them. Keep these in stock BP!

      Jahiem on 21/11/2014
    • Good but large!!

      Good product, made nice scrambled eggs this morning, however bottles are large and need to be used up in 48 hours. Couldn't you folks offer a half size as well maybe? Would be far more sustainable for a single user like myself.

      Good product, does what it says in the tin, or in this case bottle though. Love the allergy advice, may contain eggs!!!!

      Note from BULK POWDERS™: Glad you are enjoying the product, Jonathan! In regard to the size, if you don't think you can get through a bottle in 48 hours (once opened) then some of our customers will pour half the bottle (adjust to suit) into an empty bottle/container and freeze that. This means you only have a half a bottle to use in the period and the other half can be defrosted at your leisure!

      Jonathan Fear on 21/11/2014
    • Perfect

      Convenient and cheap! It's just perfect!

      Maria on 21/11/2014
    • Love it

      Absolutely love these, add oats and whey, which makes it a perfect shake for me.

      Will buy again, many times.

      Alex on 21/11/2014
    • extra

      We want this product in Serbia pls :-)

      At the moment, I must order to adress in Germany and than transport via frends going home, to Serbia :-)

      Excellent product!

      hattala on 21/11/2014
    • Amazingly easy to drink raw

      The easiest way to get loads of protein by drinking neat, and make fabulous egg white omelettes easily. I got carried away and drank a whole bottle in one day however, and produced enough gas to explode a small village.

      Josh on 21/11/2014
    • Best investment. Good value

      I am saving a lot of money plus I don't need to waste the yolks because they are already taken out.

      Katerine on 21/11/2014
    • Top Product

      These by far have saved me money!

      Gone are the days of buying mountains of eggs to only throw the yolks away.

      Easy way to get a hit of protein at any time of day.

      I normally have 125ml egg whites and one whole egg in the mornings.

      James on 21/11/2014
    • Best source of natural protein

      Is the best product on the market and the cheapest too. Means I can drink it straight mixed with oats for a quick breakfast. I also like to add some toffee flavouring to 100ml for a nice 10 gram protein shot.

      Richard on 21/11/2014
    • Ordered to Switzerland

      Hey Guys,

      I ordered the egg whites to Switzerland and use it everyday.

      I'm very satisfied, thanks a lot!!

      Stefan on 21/11/2014
    • Egg Whites

      Very satisfied!

      Wawater on 21/11/2014
    • Great

      Great product. So easy to get your protein fix first thing in the morning.

      Nelly on 21/11/2014
    • PRICE

      There are 32 free range egg whites per bottle at £29.99 per bottle. Asda, for example, sell free range eggs at 16.5p per egg. Work it out: 32 free range eggs x 16.5p = £5.28 compared to £29.99 per bottle just because the yokes have already been removed for you!

      Note from BulkPowders: Thanks for your review, but unfortunately you seem to have miscalculated. This product consists of 6 bottles (192 egg whites) equating to only 15.6p per egg white. This makes our product cheaper than the ASDA free range eggs you mention and the yolks have been separated for you, removing the effort of doing so yourself. Hope this clears things up for you!

      NotRocketScience on 21/11/2014
    • AWESOME.....

      This product is tremendous... Not only do I now order everything from bulk powders, I now stock pile these egg whites as until there opened they last a long time in the cupboard. Not that they stay there for long. 12 ltrs lasts aprox 24 weeks depending how much you consume. I eat 500g for breakfast and not every day so it's a good product.

      Garry on 21/11/2014
    • Liquid Egg Whites Review

      On a review point I freeze mine in equal portions using small tubs & just take one out the freezer every morning after using the defrosted one. I roughly freeze it in the equivalent of 5 egg white portions.

      Hamish on 21/11/2014
    • the best

      It's amazing. 112 g protein in only 1 litre!

      Vytautas jv on 21/11/2014
    • Brilliant Product

      This product is a great protein source though it can leave a pungent gaseous output!

      Jack Ham on 21/11/2014
    • Great Product

      First of all the delivery was quick and I received updates as to when it'd be delivered which M*******n doesn't do. They give you a choice to deliver to your neighbour too which is a fantastic service.

      Great product, I'd even re-use the bottles they provided for shakes/water at the gym etc.

      Bulkpowders could probably save money by changing the cap from a 'flip cap and pour' to just a regular 'twisty cap' as it really doesn't make much difference.

      Nothing bad to say about this, it's the cheapest I managed to find, great with baking protein cakes/bars/pancakes etc.

      Eser on 21/11/2014
    • Great convenience

      Got 6 bottles today to try.

      Sometimes it can be hard to find a good protein source that is convenient but theese are amazing.

      Cooked 1/3 of a bottle with some onions bean sprouts and chicken made a great meal high in protein.

      One bottle split in 1/3's is perfect for the 48 hours to use by.

      Great tasting & easy to use. Going on my regular shopping list.

      lee on 21/11/2014
    • best of the best

      Tried lots of other makes but a friend referred me to these. 100% addicted, by far the best egg whites on the planet! Keep it up guys!

      hurricanehearn on 21/11/2014
    • Straight down - like water !

      Never a problem with these whites - easy enough to literally open the cap, pull back the seal, close the cap and drink - because just the whites and they are a little less viscous (not vicious!) then ordinary whites you can easily drink half a bottle in one go - there's minimal taste too.

      Fitness Base on 21/11/2014
    • Best Review

      What a great product! In the past I've bought these from M*******n, but with the better price and better availability, bulkpowders is now my number one choice. The addition of the purest of all protein sources so easily to shakes, bakes or just scrambled servings, this is a must in anyone's monthly supplement list.

      Tom Bradshaw on 21/11/2014
    • Best for lean muscle!

      Egg whites are the best protein available on the market. Period.

      Not only are they 100% Bioavailable, they are delicious alone scrambled, or mixed with veggies and spices and baked as a frittata! They are just two ideas, egg whites are phenomenally diverse, mixed into shakes, oatmeal, whey cookies.... the list goes on! Bulkpowders are the cheapest I have ever seen too, and in this case you certainly do not get what you pay for.... you get a lot more!!!! Delivery is prompt and the resealable bottles are great, especially as they are pasteurised so there is none of that 'bad guts' that you risk when you take the egg from the shell!

      Absolutely brilliant product, great tasting, diverse, inexpensive, easy and the best source of protein available! You need these in your diet!

      Jack Lawrence on 21/11/2014
    • Egg whites (liquid)

      This stuff is the dogs b******s!

      Wullie on 21/11/2014
    • Just drink it?

      Can you just drink it from the bottle? Or do you have pre-cook it? :)


      Note from BulkPowders: Hi Pete, this product is safe to consume raw, so you can drink it straight from the bottle if you wish. The majority of our customers, however, use it for omelettes etc and it certainly tastes better when cooked!

      Pete on 21/11/2014
    • Raw is best

      Love this product. I have 250g raw in the morning and just add a little cordial to it. It goes down a treat. Only 1 bad point.... theres never any in stock lol

      The Shorey on 21/11/2014
    • whiter than white...

      Quite happy with these...

      The product: seems pretty good. A bit overly runny compared with the eggs I usually buy, but otherwise fine - I haven't researched the subject thoroughly, but I think this might be due to the 'unique pasteurisation process'. Any feedback from BP is welcome. Also, there is no odour, which is good.

      Using it in 48 hours:
      7:00hrs one third of a bottle (in reality this is around 300ml, not 330ml as one might expect),
      7:00hrs the following day (24hours) one third of a bottle,
      7:00hrs the day after (48hours) finish the bottle - three days, three breakfasts...

      Dunsk on 21/11/2014
    • Great product

      Great product. I have left a bottle open in the fridge for 5-6 days with out problems. Usually use a bottle every 3 days!

      John on 21/11/2014
    • Meg

      Jay cutler in comp mode used to eat 140 eggs a day!

      Gaz on 21/11/2014
    • 15 egg whites a day? !

      "Once a bottle is opened, refrigerate immediately (ensuring that the cap is securely tightened) and consume within 48 hours."

      Really???!!! You expect a person to eat 15 eggs a day?

      Note from BulkPowders: Alan, thank you for your feedback and your point is certainly not an uncommon one! As this product is also suitable for freezing, we suggest pouring perhaps half a bottle into a spare bottle or container and freezing it. This way you only need to consume 16 liquid egg whites in 48 hours. This is what many of our customers do, although there are also many who do consume 15+ egg whites daily also!

      alan on 21/11/2014
    • Great

      Not much to say is there? Quick, easy and cheap! Thanks.

      Haroon Awan on 21/11/2014
    • Rocky Style

      Great item, currently using it to add more protein in my shakes, only problem is once opening a bottle it needs to be refridgerated and consumed within 24 hours....... But it's not a problem if you consume 16 eggs per day ;)

      Mr G on 21/11/2014
    • Superb Product!

      On my 3rd lot of these now and couldn't be without them. BP are right - no fuss, no mess and cheaper than supermarket eggs too. If you want the cheapest, best quality liquid egg whites then these are the ones.

      egg chaser on 21/11/2014
    • Impressed

      Thought id give these a try and glad i did as they tasted very good!

      Convenient good source of high quality protein.

      Anonymous on 21/11/2014

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