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Pure Whey Protein™

Pure Whey Protein™
  • Europe’s best value Whey Protein
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Rich in Glutamine and BCAA
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS™ commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS™ always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS™ exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    What is Pure Whey Protein™?

    Pure Whey Protein™ is the best value Whey Protein Concentrate in the UK, if not Europe! It is a premium quality whey protein powder, purchased directly from Europe's most reputable dairy, using grass-fed cow’s milk, and contains a massive 82% Whey Protein. This protein shake powder has been instantised for easy mixing and is available in 16 delicious flavours, ranging from Chocolate Cookies to Lemon Meringue!

    With an unrivalled amino acid profile, including high levels of Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids, Pure Whey Protein™ is ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and improve recovery. In addition, Pure Whey Protein™ is low in carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for delivery of high quality protein.

    At BULK POWDERS™ we're proud of the fact that since our launch in 2005, we've used the very same whey protein supplier - a leading Western European dairy - recognised throughout the sports nutrition industry as providing the highest quality Whey Protein available. This consistent supply chain enables us to guarantee a premium quality product all year round, whilst many of our competitors chop and change between suppliers of varying quality just to save money.

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ is now one of Europe's most popular protein powders, and there's very good reasons for this! Not only is our quality unrivalled by other companies, but our pricing is unbeatable too - you simply will not find Whey Protein cheaper anywhere else! In addition, the feedback on taste that our flavoured whey protein receives is second to none.

    The Manufacturing Process

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ is manufactured from sweet cheese whey using advanced cross-flow membrane filtration. It is then agglomerated and instantised, using a small amount of soy lecithin to ensure instant mixability.

    The above processes are carried out at low temperatures so that the resulting whey protein remains entirely undenatured; which is extremely important when choosing a whey protein. Undenatured whey protein preserves vital protein fractions, such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, resulting in a whey protein with the highest possible nutritional value.

    Flavoured or Unflavoured?

    The advantage of choosing unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is that you are guaranteed 82% protein per serving, whereas with flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ this percentage does reduce by approximately 3-5% depending on the flavour selected.

    On the other hand, the advantage of choosing flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is quite simply… taste! Whilst unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is certainly palatable (it’s often described by customers’ as tasting like “watered down milk”) our flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ receives amazing feedback when it comes to taste. For many, taste is extremely important, especially for a product that may be consumed multiple times per day.

    If cost is your primary objective, then you will have noticed that flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is more expensive than our unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™. This is due to the higher manufacturing and ingredients costs involved in producing the flavoured variety – for example, the additional costs of flavouring and sweetener. In this instance, and if you are less concerned about taste, we would recommend choosing unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™.

    If you do opt for unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ and would like to improve its taste, then we would suggest using LiquiFlav – our highly popular, zero calorie liquid flavouring system, available in 8 delicious flavours!

    Whichever you choose, flavoured or unflavoured, you really can’t go wrong if you’re buying from BULK POWDERS™. With unflavoured from £9.35/kg and flavoured from £11.44/kg, you simply will not find a comparable quality product cheaper anywhere else!

    Pure Whey Protein™ Benefits


    If you exercise or workout regularly, whether it is for enjoyment, competition, to improve your physique, or for any other reason, then you need lots of protein! Without protein your muscles will struggle to repair and grow, meaning that most of your hard work is going to waste.

    To put it simply: If you want to repair, maintain and build muscle, then you need quality protein and lots of it!

    Meat, fish and dairy products are high in protein, but in today’s modern world most of us are short on time, so preparing regular high protein meals is near impossible and extremely costly. From only £0.28 per serving, this makes Pure Whey Protein™ an obvious choice for increasing your protein intake via a convenient yet cost-effective method.

    After a tough workout you should also be looking to refuel muscles with protein as soon as possible; with its ultra-fast absorption, Pure Whey Protein™ is again the obvious choice – delivering protein to the muscles far quicker than foods such as meat and fish are able to do so.

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™:

    • Provides a massive 82% of quality whey protein per serving*, scientifically proven to help repair, build and maintain muscle.
    • Contains the all-important amino acid l-glutamine, which has been shown to increase growth (GH) levels, reduce muscle wastage and rapidly improve recovery from exercise.
    • Is packed with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), the amino acids that are vital to building muscle, preventing muscle loss and supporting fat loss.


    Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a couch potato, anyone can benefit from using a high quality whey protein supplement.

    For general use, whey protein is a great way of providing your body with healthy nutrition. It is low in fat, carbohydrates, lactose and cholesterol and helps to keep you fuller for longer, reducing cravings for sugary foods!

    Pure Whey Protein™ can also improve immune system function. The amino acids Glutamine and Cysteine, both found in our Whey Protein, have been shown to increase levels of Glutathione. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals and boost our immune systems. Furthermore, Pure Whey Protein™ contains high levels of Immunoglobulin and Lactoferrin, both of which also support immune function.

    Pure Whey Protein™ is high in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and Glutamine, both of which are regularly used in hospitals to prevent catabolism (muscle wastage). Anyone who is incapacitated or bed-ridden, will undoubtedly suffer from muscle wastage, which can make performing simple tasks extremely difficult.

    The underlying message here is that you do not have to be a professional bodybuilder to use a whey protein supplement. Any individual who lacks protein in their diet, or who simply wants a convenient low-carbohydrate and/or low-fat meal replacement, can benefit from this fantastic dietary supplement.

    If you are lactose intolerant then you will be pleased to know that BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ is low in lactose. Nevertheless we do offer two alternative types of whey protein; Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 and Pure Whey Isolate™ 97 – the latter of which of completely lactose free!

    Why Use Pure Whey Protein™?

    BULK POWDERS™ was launched with two key objectives in mind; to provide the highest quality supplements at the best possible value for money. We believe that our Pure Whey Protein™ reflects these objectives more than any other product in our range. It has been our ‘flagship’ product since our launch in 2005, highlighted by the fact that tens of thousands of people across Europe, just like you, have made it their daily protein of choice.


    It goes without saying that all BULK POWDERS™ products are of the absolute highest quality. Our Pure Whey Protein™ is certainly no exception. In the past bulk whey protein supplements have had a stigma of being low quality, so when BULK POWDERS™ launched we wanted to ensure that there could never be any stigma or doubts in regard to our quality.

    First, we needed to source the highest quality whey protein available. We tested and sampled whey protein from suppliers all over the world, from Europe to New Zealand. One day we sampled some whey protein from a leading Western European dairy that not only had the most outstanding nutritional profile we had seen, but tasted good, mixed instantly and was derived from grass-fed cow’s milk. Of course, we also conducted our own independent quality tests to verify the quality of the product. To this day we have not yet found a whey protein that we feel comes close to matching Pure Whey Protein™ in terms of its quality and profile.

    Why not check out the Certificate of Analysis further up the page (beneath the product image)? This is updated whenever we produce a new ‘batch’ of Pure Whey Protein™ and thus reflects the exact product you are purchasing. We are proud of our quality and would like you to see it with your own eyes rather than just taking our word for it.

    Pure Whey Protein™ also holds the benefit of being derived from grass-fed cow’s milk which is free from hormones, antibiotics and genetic modification. Whey Protein derived from cow’s milk is said to yield a higher content of BCAA’s, boosting the overall nutritional content of the product.

    Ok, so you know that when the protein reaches us, it is top quality. Well, we can guarantee 100% that it reaches you in the same condition. How? We repack our unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ protein in-house, in our state of the art clean room facility. Furthermore, we manufacture flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ in-house too, in our impressive manufacturing facility – there are very few companies who can claim to do this. We also use an advanced batch traceability procedure, which allows us to track the movements of each and every gram of protein, from the dairy to your door.


    You only have to compare the price of our Pure Whey Protein™ with that of other companies, and the value for money is clearly apparent. From just £9.36/kg for unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ and £11.44/kg for flavoured Pure Whey Protein™, we are sure that this is the lowest priced whey protein in Europe. Now also consider:  

    • Pure Whey Protein™ has an unrivalled nutritional profile
    • Pure Whey Protein™ receives fantastic feedback in regard to taste
    • Pure Whey Protein™ is instantised for lump free mixing
    • Quality is guaranteed through independent testing and in-house production
    • A Certificate of Analysis is available (at the top of this page) to show you the exact product you are purchasing! We’ve nothing to hide!

    Pure Whey Protein™ Ingredients

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82%, Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin).

    Flavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82%, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cookies & Chocolate Orange), Flavouring, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Natural Colouring (Banana & Vanilla - Beta Carotene; Strawberry & Raspberry - Beetroot Red), Sweetener (Sucralose), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin).

    Pure Whey Protein™ Nutrition Information

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 518/122 1708/402
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre Nil Nil
    Protein 24.2g 80g
    Salt 0.114g 0.381g

    Flavoured Pure Whey Protein™


    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 23.2g 77.2g
    Salt 0.112g 0.375g

    Chocolate Varieties:

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 22.5g 75g
    Salt 0.105g 0.351g

    Other Flavoured Varieties

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 22.9g 76.3g
    Salt 0.111g 0.371g

    Suitable For



    Milk & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).

    Note: Chocolate Peanut Pure Whey Protein™ does not contain nuts.


    Mix 1 scoop (approximately 30g) Pure Whey Protein™ with 200ml water.

    Use between 1-5 servings daily depending on your protein intake requirements.

    For muscle growth you should look to consume at least 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. So if you weigh 80kg then you need a minimum of 160g protein per day for optimal muscle growth.

    Pure Whey Protein™ is very quick to absorb, so the optimal times to use it are immediately upon waking before breakfast, and immediately after exercise. After training, many athletes take a double serving (60g) as the body is able to process a larger amount of protein in its depleted state.

    Other common times to supplement with Pure Whey Protein™ are about 30-45 minutes prior to exercise, between meals to keep the body supplied with amino acids, and prior to bed. Mixing Pure Whey Protein™ with milk, as opposed to water, helps to slow down the absorption speed of whey, which before sleep has obvious benefits.


    After exercise or training it is recommended that you combine Pure Whey Protein™ with a fast-acting carbohydrate source, such as Vitargo, Waxy Maize Starch, or Dextrose. These carbohydrates create an 'insulin spike' which ensures that the protein is transported to the muscle cells in record speed. The sooner muscle cells receive this protein, the sooner they can begin to repair and grow.

    In addition, Pure Whey Protein™ is so versatile that it can be used on conjunction with practically any type of supplement, from Vitamins to Test Boosters.

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    • Great Value Whey and Great Flavors

      I have been using this whey protein now on a regular basis for the last 2 years. It mixes flawlessly in only 200ml water or milk and tastes great in chocolate peanut and chocolate orange, it is great post workout to help rebuild muscle.

      I have been able to bulk and cut with this product so it is very versatile.

      Overall i give this product 5/5 because it provides a quality protein source for unbeatable value and is an essential staple supplement for anyone requiring to gain lean muscle.

      John on 21/04/2015
    • Good product but some flavours aren't too good

      Ordered this a good few times now, tried a lot of flavours, strawberry is very nice but recently ordered raspberry and wouldn't reccomend, doesn't taste as good as the other flavours, flavour isn't that strong either. Good source of protein and does the job.

      Lew G on 20/04/2015
    • Awesome Product!!

      This is my first time using Bulk Powders and it won't be the last!! Awesome product and service guys!!

      I was using a more expensive brand before discovering Bulk Powders, I doubt I will be going back. The vanilla protein tastes great with water and with porridge. Mixes well with no grainy bits as you down your shake.

      Looking forward to trying other flavours soon!!

      Highly recommended.

      Ian on 12/04/2015
    • awesome

      Great product. Unflavoured is great. A touch of squash helps if you cant handle the natural flavour...

      chris on 11/04/2015
    • White choc and unflavoured are both delicious!!

      Wasn't bold enough to buy the 5kg ones since I haven't tried the whey powder of this brand. I bought two different ones, white chocolate is really tasty but it can be a bit too sweet for me, still delicious​. The unflavoured one tastes good, just has no flavour but kinda like milk, which is natural and good. will definitely come back and purchase again.

      Michelle on 11/04/2015
    • White choc

      Great taste and mix. White choc

      Miles on 07/04/2015
    • Great Mix-ability Quality and Flavor, an essential staple supplement.

      I have been using this as my primary source of protein post workout for the last year and have had great results in developing lean muscle mass.

      The Taste of Choc Peanut is awesome like a blended reece's cup, it beats other rivals choc peanut flavors, choc cookies is also very nice.

      This the best value highest quality whey protein product that i have used and have made the switch from ON gold standard to this because this is the better tasting product and is much more affordable.

      5/5 Great Service, Quality and Products. Keep up the great work BP and keep releasing new informed products because they are awesome.

      John on 07/04/2015
    • I would recommend to anyone!

      I am pretty new to training and nutrition and I've always been nervous about trying new things. However, I can honestly say that this product is amazing! I have bought the chocolate flavour and it tastes amazing even when mixed with water. I use either 1 and a half scoops or 2 and it mixes so well and the consistency is perfectly smooth! Everything I wanted out of the product and more.

      Natalie on 30/03/2015
    • Absolutely amazing

      I'm writing this whilst enjoying my second helping of porridge with the white chocolate flavour protein... WOW! I cannot believe how good this whey is.

      I've tried various brands of protein before which are double the price and they've been thrown out since trying this brand. Even though they're much cheaper than other brands, the quality is phenomenal in comparison. So far I've had berries and cream flavour, chocolate cookie and white chocolate and they are all incredible. Mix so well, aren't gritty and are true to taste. Doesn't even taste like I'm eating protein. I'm going to buy raspberry next so I can mix it with the white chocolate!

      Katie on 30/03/2015
    • Best on the Market by far!!

      Started using this protein a few months back and will honestly never go back to those other more expensive brands.

      Not only is this super cheap, but I've gotten my best results yet from it and the Mint Choc flavor tastes amazing! :)

      Ev on 30/03/2015
    • Great stuff

      I have never ordered anything different because I found a protein I like. The flavours are great too. No complaints!

      Dolly on 26/03/2015
    • Wouldn't know it was a protein shake!

      I recently bought a 500g bag of the banana fudge flavour. All i can say is WOW! It tastes like a liquid fudge milkshake, with authentic banana flavouring. You seriously wouldn't know it was a protein shake, it has a nice thick consistency and reminds me of the Frijj milkshakes. The only possible downfall for some people i would say is the sweetness - it is VERY sweet, but i have a crazy sweet tooth and totally love it, so if you aren't keen on really sweet stuff, you'd probably be better with a different flavour. Will be trying the chocolate cookies flavour next. An amazing product, amazing value for money. Can't wait to try chocolate cookies!

      Indie on 18/03/2015
    • Loving the banana flavour! Strawberry too sweet!

      I'm not a fan of sweet things and my partner bought the strawberry whey. For me this is too sweet and I wasn't keen on it. He seems to like it.

      I decided next time to get a smaller pack of banana flavour. This is amazing! I love it! Not sweet at all.

      I normally drink mine with water. I tried the strawberry flavour with milk to see if it tasted any better and it was slightly better than with water.

      Going to try some other flavours next time.

      JadeyB on 17/03/2015
    • Brilliant Product, adore the Lemon Meringue!

      The good thing about this company and product is everything is clearly labelled so you see exactly what is in the product you are getting. This Protein is fab, it helps me recover quicker and kept me full so I didn't nibble after dinners. I have white chocolate and lemon meringue and they are so tasty!

      They mix very easily and when I put them in my smoothie maker it comes out like a beautiful frothy milkshake. Will continue to buy!

      Steph on 17/03/2015
    • the best

      Best in taste like readymade milkshakes. Cheap in price. Overall rate 5 out of 5.

      rozer on 15/03/2015
    • first buy no regrets

      This is my first time to consume supplements and I cannot compare yet with other products. I will in the coming months post another review. Shipping is fast and reliable, big savings compared to other brands. Taste of the whey protein is fine with me.

      khyn on 13/03/2015
    • Great product, tastes amazing and excellent value for money!

      I really can't fault this product, I've used products 3 times the price and have found this product performs just as well, I'd recommend it to anyone over the other products not only for the quality of the product and the price, but also for the range of flavours (lemon meringue and chocolate cookie are so damn delicious!) and also the great service I've received from BP. Highly recommend BP and in particular this protein! Will definitely be back for more!

      Rhiannon on 13/03/2015
    • Chocolate cookies

      first time ordering from the website so didn't really know what to go for. But I'm really satisfied the taste is unreal, doesn't taste watery or anything. Good buy, highly recommended

      Lorrainer on 11/03/2015
    • Lemon Meringue is to die for

      It tastes better than real lemon meringue. Absolutely delish! Mixes super well with water! Love it! :-)

      Vicki on 11/03/2015
    • Fantastic Product

      I started using Bulk Powders Whey a long time ago, and haven't looked back since!

      It's thicker than other comapnies, but not too thick and you can add a tonne of water and it still tastes great! The flavours are awesome, and both my girlfriend and I will continue to use it.

      Flavours tried;

      Mint Choc
      Choc Cookies (Taste like Bourbons)
      White Choc (Heaven in porridge!)
      Banana Fudge

      Flavours recommended;

      All of the above

      Peter on 09/03/2015
    • Smooth as silk

      Ordered chocolate and it's gorgeous. Mixes and taste like a dream. Definitely be buying again.

      Ricky on 03/03/2015
    • Pure whey chocolate cookies

      Awesome product... Taste 5* easily mixable and best value for money. Will continue to encourage friends to this site for sure

      Josh on 02/03/2015
    • unflavoured

      I've tried different protein products but bulkpowders is by far the best and mixes really well no lumps. I mixed mine with strawberry milkshake Mix crusha, love it.

      john on 02/03/2015

      I ordered unflavoured and it tastes great with water or normal/almond milk and mixes really well. I have been using many different protein brands and flavours over the years but can't stand overly sweet taste in my drink so unflavoured option works best for me. Also, even when the flavour is awesome, it soon becomes boring when using it every single day. Really recommend the unflavoured version to everyone as it's got a nice mild taste to it that is very easy to drink. I am sure people who enjoy simple taste with no additives will like this protein.

      Anna on 19/02/2015
    • Great Product

      Excellent quality, taste and value for money!
      Definetly recommend it !

      Aivaras on 13/02/2015
    • Quality Whey Concentrate

      Love it!! no need for fancy Packaging like other garbage companies BULK POWDERS is the way forward guys believe!!!!!

      MICHAEL on 11/02/2015
    • Best tasting Protein for an unbeatable price..

      I stumbled across Bulk Powders on the internet and decided I wanted to try it after doing some research. I was amazed to see that it has just about the same nutritional values as some of the worlds leading brands out there today for half the price. Iv purchased White Chocolate, Chocolate Mint & Chocolate Peanut and the flavour for me is 10/10 !! Great service, results and fast delivery !! I would highly recommend..

      Niall on 04/02/2015
    • Great Price, great taste, great service

      Came across Bulk powders recently and having done a bit of research I went and put an order in. I couldn't believe the value for money from this product. The 5Kg bag is nearly the same price as other 2.25Kg brands elsewhere. Having been with the same brand for a long time I was weary of the taste but the chocolate is better than what I've been using. It mixes quickly and no lumps in a few shakes.

      Tadhg on 02/02/2015
    • Unflavoured whey protein a pleasant surprise.

      I use whey protein concentrate to help me supplement my protein needs for bodyweight exercises. Previously I had flavoured whey protein concentrate from Bulkpowders and I can certainly recommend the white chocolate and vanilla flavour too. I decided to try the unflavoured version of Bulkpowders whey protein concentrate, but was apprehensive of the taste when I read other opnions of what unflavoured whey protein might taste like. After tasting Bulkpowders unflavoured whey protein I can safely say that anyone who is not averse to a milky flavour, should at least find the product palatable, if not enjoyable. Whey protein is derived from milk anyway.

      Arthur on 31/01/2015
    • BEST

      Best quality and price.

      Donatas on 30/01/2015

      I've now had chocolate cookies, chocolate mint, banana fudge and chocolate orange of this.

      I'd absolutely advise you get a few different flavours if you have this a lot, or as a meal replacement.

      ChocCookie tastes like cookies and cream ice cream.

      Banana fudge tastes like those 2p banana sweets they used to do.

      ChocOrange tastes like, well, chocolate orange.

      Choc Mint currently tastes awful to me, but thats just flavour fatigue, is nice when I first had it, especialy chilled.

      Dominic on 28/01/2015
    • Great product - would definitely recommend!

      Love this product - wouldn't buy any other powder now! I've had it with water and almond milk and they always taste really good either way (white chocolate is amazing), mix really well too.

      It's effective and I would recommend to anyone!

      PaigeyW on 27/01/2015
    • Awesome

      Best taste and mixes!

      Oscar on 27/01/2015
    • Great product - amazing value

      I'm really impressed with this powder - it genuinely tastes good unlike a lot of products (I love the Chocolate Orange flavour) and mixes brilliantly. Amazing value for what you get and as a woman looking for quick recovery from the product, I've certainly noticed a difference!

      Sophie on 26/01/2015
    • its choc...but not as we know it.

      Mixes very well and quickly using the mixers bought via bulk powders. take is "ok" its not exactly cadburys' but is a pleasant choc taste.
      well pleased.

      Note 2.5kg is a lot of powder.... just make sure you have enough storage space.

      ash on 21/01/2015
    • Boss

      Best protein flavour and powder I have ever taken. Previous to this powder I have often bought supermarket branded Whey and the taste quality often was poor aswell as the fact that you couldnt mix it properly. This protein powder mixes easy and I find it very easy to drink. The benefits and changes are noticeable along side a clean high protein diet

      Ben on 20/01/2015
    • Not bad!

      1) Price is pretty good tbf!

      2) Doesnt destroy your guts compared to others I have tried

      3) Taste is pretty nice (toffee popcorn)

      Overall, not bad at all, a solid 7/10.

      Ted on 17/01/2015
    • Well worth it

      So far tried the choc cookie, banana and unflavoured. Prefer the banana but the unflavoured was surprisingly good and easy to drink. Banana goes well with water, milk, in oats and with yogurt. All taste great and mixes well in any type of shaker. Always seem to get a lot out of the packets and delivered quickly every time!

      Jake on 16/01/2015
    • Awesome stuff!!

      I chose unflavoured as you get slightly more protein and a tad cheaper. Tastes great with milk but not great with water.

      Better with milk anyway (more protein).

      Mixes perfectly with a few shakes and no lumps :)

      Tom on 15/01/2015
    • What a product!

      I was told about BP by a mate of mine because I wanted to get back into shape and start training again in the new year.

      What a product and great taste. I now have the confidence in a product that will get me the results I want.

      Darbs on 11/01/2015
    • A** Outstanding Product !

      I have been body building for over 10 years and ever since this become available and never looked back ! Best value whey on the market.

      Luke on 09/01/2015
    • Perfect product!

      Excellent quality, taste and value for money!

      MARCSWIFT1 on 08/01/2015
    • still the best,,

      normally I use the chocolate flavour but found it a bit sweet, so now I'm trying the unflavoured whey and it's great with skimmed milk,, it's not sweet at all and as usual it's a great product to use so if your thinking of using a new whey protein this is the stuff to use,,,10/10

      steven on 06/01/2015
    • Delicious

      The vanilla flavour is delicious! I take 30g with a scoop of Complete Fruits and 200ml water. Tasty, easy to mix, will definitely order again.

      Tim on 03/01/2015
    • Toffee Popcorn

      I work my way through the flavours, This one tastes like sweetener and tastes like you sucking on lolly pop sticks seriously. Had to mix it with other flavours to get it down.

      Sean on 30/12/2014
    • great stuff

      purchased strawberry flavour , great tasting with really good mix ability , first few servings and already seeing changes , really good stuff , werent expecting it to taste good as its water mix but i was surprised , definitely buy again , good price also

      sean.s. on 23/12/2014

      The chocolate mint,I love it love it and love it!

      Thank you BULK POWDERS!!!

      JJ on 13/12/2014
    • Impressed

      Great - tasting - mix-ability - consistency! I'm totally loving Vanilla & white chocolate! Hmmmmm scrumptious!

      For once there's a company which grantee's quality products with 'Zero' exploitation of the fitness industry. We all know whey is a bio product which means is 'cheap' Any way enough of my semi rant.

      Congratulations to the 'bulk powders' team.

      Souza on 10/12/2014

      Really great product. I've been using it for over a month with a post-workout shake and I must tell it works !! Definetly recommend it !

      Ana on 04/12/2014
    • abs-solutely amazing

      like oh my god. i was big before. but when i started taking this, lord above. i was making #gainz after my first shake. i went from a young ryan gosling to a mature adult sized hulk hogan. with ryan goslings looks still. women want to be me, and men want me.

      Joe on 02/12/2014
    • It's the Whey to go ;D

      Great stuff, it's helped me make some pretty good gains over the past few months. went from being 67kg to 77kg.

      I've tried the Strawberry and Chocolate flavours and so far I'm preferring chocolate. Strawberry is nice but it's a bit sickeningly sweet and often makes me feel ill after drinking it. Chocolate wasn't so sweet but when in a hurry don't chug these things. You'll feel like you're gonna boak through training. Also these may cause some excessive flatulence later in the day when mixed with milk. Yogurt helps curb your rampant protein farts.

      But this is a pretty good product. You're getting a better deal compared to other brands and it does actually work so long as you combine it with a balanced diet depending on your goals.

      Lewis on 02/12/2014

      I've honestly tried just about every whey protein out there and can HONESTLY say I've found the best quality (whey protein concentrate) on the market with Bulk Powders. Bulk Powders are the total package! Value for money, quality, trustworthy, on time delivery, customer service are a few to say the least. The product arrived the next day after order with a tracked on time delivery company. The product mixes great, it tastes absolutely amazing (banana fudge), and really does mix with ease. I practically put it in everything. This is really not just another review, I'm a serious gym addict and weekend fitness warrior just like you are (reading this now) and from one guy to another, I can honestly say you won't regret your purchase.

      Robert on 01/12/2014
    • Great

      Really fantastic product - you definitely get what you pay for!

      Fantastic taste (Vanilla) especially with Milk but still good with water. Really want to try more flavours

      Product really works, I've made significant gains in my gym work and lost a lot of body fat at the same time.

      Delivery - outstanding

      Tim on 29/11/2014
    • The Best!

      I've tried protein from USN, ON, Maximuscle although I have to say, Bulk Powders is by far a better product when it comes to taste. It mixes fantastic. I bought a 5kg bag and also got 2 free samples, 1 which was mint chocolate and I'll definitely be going for this flavour next.

      In summary, i'll be stick with Bulk Powders from now on. Thanks for an honest quality product!

      Liam (LIAMMORDEW) on 26/11/2014
    • Superb

      Excellent product, excellent price, excellent taste and awesome results.

      Look forward to when I get to drink a shake of this (especially Chocolate peanut and cookies).

      Highly recommend

      Michael on 26/11/2014
    • Works!

      Does the job nicely. Mixes well, good taste (I get the unflavoured) and goes down easily. Well worth it! Excellent delivery too, considering large bag of the stuff.

      Louise on 23/11/2014
    • Amaze-balls

      I have tried most of the flavors on offer. I honestly love the chocolate flavor, it mixes amazingly, I can put it in yogurt, porridge, flapjacks and just as a shake. Makes hitting macros more interesting as well. It suppresses that sweet tooth. If you don't like chocolate quite as much as I do, I would also recommend both toffee popcorn and banana fudge. These are both also amazing and full of flavor.

      john on 03/11/2014
    • Good quality and great taste

      This is a great staple product. It mixes really well, and I like that all ingredients and their sources are published on the website.

      I buy the flavoured versions, which taste great, they are the best tasting whey products I've tried, far better than a lot of big name brands.

      My favourites are Banana, and Chocolate cookies. I found some of the more extravagant flavours like the toffee popcorn a little bit too sweet, but not a bad taste.

      Ventzi on 03/11/2014
    • Raspberry!

      I've tried so far:

      Banana 8/10
      Vanilla 8/10

      But after i read the review from Reece below, he gave raspberry a 9.5/10 so i thought i'd try it. Ordered 1kg yesterday, arrived today and he is VERY right.

      Raspberry is my new favourite! Deffo 9.5/10!

      Ahmed on 30/10/2014
    • Simply Amazing!

      I don't usually leave reviews but had to say how please I am with this product. I will never look anywhere else again. It mixes amazingly well and the Lemon Meringue tastes incredible.

      PaulHR on 30/10/2014
    • Great taste

      I really liked the strawberry and bananna flavours. But found the chocolate peanut too sickly.

      Lauren on 26/10/2014
    • mmmmm chocolate mint

      The chocolate mint is brilliant if you put it in the fridge, its like mint vienetta.

      Dominic on 26/10/2014
    • Chocolate Orange

      Like all BP whey proteins, the Chocolate Orange mixes perfectly and the taste, oh, boy, the taste is just great. At first there is a chocolate taste with smell of oranges, the aftertaste feels like "Intense Orange EXCELLENCE Bar" from Lindt. I don't know how BP managed to get this good combo, but they surely nailed it!

      Andrey on 24/10/2014
    • Amazing product from a quality company

      I have tried a number of flavours, and all of them have far exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and taste, and the price is awesome. All my future supplements will be bought from here.

      Reece on 09/10/2014
    • My Ranking of Flavours

      Have sampled all the flavours so far:

      Apple Crumble and Custard: 8/10
      Raspberry: 9.5/10
      Peaches and Cream: 8.5/10
      Banana: 9/10
      Banana Fudge: 9/10
      White Chocolate: 8.5/10
      Chocolate Mint: 8/10
      Chocolate: 8.5/10
      Lemon Merengue: 8.5/10
      Vanilla: 9/10
      Chocolate Orange: 7.5/10
      Berries and Cream: 9.5/10
      Toffee Popcorn: 7.5/10
      Chocolate Peanut: 7/10
      Cookies and Cream: 8.5/10

      Darren on 02/10/2014
    • Best tasting / mixing

      Tried a few now and by far the easiest mixing and best tasting.

      Ben on 30/09/2014
    • Absolutely banging product

      I have been through a few different protein powders now and nothing tastes as good as this one. So far I have tried:
      Chocolate mint: tastes like a light after eight.
      Chocolate peanut: tastes like chocolate M&M's
      Chocolate cookie: nice and buttery, just like cookies should be - but without the exces calories.

      I haven't been able to find a whey protein with as great value as this either, which I must say makes BULK POWDERS Pure Whey a sure winner in my opinion!

      Looking forward to my next order of white chocolate, chocolate orange and banana fudge - POW!

      Søren on 26/09/2014
    • Easy mixing and tastes good.

      I've only ever bought as-cheap-as-possible protein before. This was a noticable step up in quality for a couple of extra quid, well worth it. Much, much easier to mix. Tastes better, too.

      I got banana fudge. Nearing the end of my 2.5kg and I'm starting to get tired of the taste (as you do) so I'll be switching it up on next order.

      Adam on 23/09/2014
    • Good Price & Excellent Protein

      Great protein! Mixes easy, tastes fantastic and fast delivery!

      Had ordered Strawberry flavour and its absolutely delicious, tastes well with water, juice or milk. Will definitely buy again!

      Ash on 16/09/2014
    • Unflavoured Whey - not that bad

      Not that bad, to me just tastes like creamy milk. I bought as goes a longer way than the flavoured stuff. I will get again.

      Aaron on 13/09/2014
    • Pure Whey Protein™ and Beef Protein Isolate 97 (HydroBEEF™)

      I bought Pure Whey Protein and Beef Protein Isolate 97, which were both unflavoured, the delivery took 2 days, which is quite nice and fast. The unflavoured Pure Whey Protein is quite nice in taste, especially if you mix it with alphro vanilla milk, or just normal cow milk, and it does not give loads of foam once shaken. On the other hand, Beef Protein Isolate 97 is disgusting in taste if u buy it unflavoured, and once shaken it gives loads of foam due to high protein content, and therefore it sucks. However, I am not sure if the same story is with the flavoured ones. Therefore, next time I will only go with the unflavoured Pure Whey Protein. Overall, the Pure Whey Protein is a very good product and it is worth buying it.

      Eugenijus on 12/09/2014
    • Good

      I have been using this source of protein in the last 2 years and I have seen a drastic change. Only bad thing about it is, it gives me spots on the back but it could be just an allergic reaction.

      Simion on 08/09/2014
    • great product

      awesome product ...btw you should make a rating option over the taste ... thank you BP

      daniel on 04/09/2014
    • Unflavoured Whey

      Wanting to omit artificial sweeteners from my diet, Unflavoured whey was the perfect solution for me. It does indeed taste like watered down milk on its own but it can be naturally flavoured by blending in dried fruit. This makes the Unflavoured option a more creative option, eg using dried Figs, Goji berries,...,etc.

      Great product!

      The service was from Bulk Powders was superb too with good comms and fast delivery.

      David on 01/09/2014
    • All round good product(unflavoured)!!

      Firstly I cannot fault the price, at £26 for 2.5kg it is excellent ! And it is not just "You get what you pay for" , the quality of the product is truly great! It mixes really well. Unlike the other whey protein I bought it is not lumpy, it has a smooth consistency and is easy to drink! One little thing that let's it down and I mean little as it's such a good product, the taste of unflavoured is very strange, sort of like watered down milk! So for price I would give it 5/5 for mixing 5/5 for texture 5/5 and for taste 3/5! Overall a really good product and I'm sure I will be buying this again!!!!!!!! :D

      Robert on 29/08/2014

      I am really happy with the quality of this product. The delivery was really fast. I will definatelly buy from this company again! I recommend this for everyone.

      Donatas on 15/08/2014
    • good product - good service

      Bought Orange chocolate, take it with milk, it tasted very good. Another good product from BULK POWDERS.

      Dan on 14/08/2014
    • Chocolate Peanut

      Brilliant flavour, doesn't get too sickly either and mixes very well with a good consistency.

      Abs on 11/08/2014
    • Great product

      Great product, cheap and tasty.

      Good company to deal with just a shame they use DPD.

      John on 05/08/2014
    • Great

      I'm really happy with this product. Fast delivery. I got the vanilla flavour. Mixes well, easy on the stomach, easy to drink and tastes great, no after taste and easy on the wallet.

      Would recommend to anyone.

      Clodagh on 01/08/2014
    • Good Product, Good Value

      Decent cheap why protein! Simple as that!

      Unflavoured comes up a bit watery but is good for mixing with other flavourings and an absolute bargain!

      Toffee Popcorn is INCREDIBLE!!! Actually found myself eating this dry out of the bag with a spoon, its that tastey!

      Apple Crumble was a bit disappointing. Tasted a bit artificial and more 'cream' flavour than apple. But still better than some of the other brands I've tried.

      Alex on 28/07/2014
    • Great taste / Price / FAST

      Bulkpowders are hands down the fastest dispatch and delivery supplement store in the UK HANDS DOWN......

      This protein (Chocolate) mixes easily tastes good with water and fantastic with milk. i prefer to use 2 scoops at a time with 200mls of water or milk and tastes perfect.

      4 scoops a day gives me a good 488 Cals and 96 grams of protein.

      Aaron Radford on 25/07/2014
    • Fanastic quality and taste

      I have had around 3 years of experience with using different types of protein powder and different flavours. The most recent, and fairly comparible in price has been gonutrition which I felt was decent at the time however, the flavours seemed to degrade with age and felt too fake and over-sweet.

      My friend's brother has been using bulk powders for years and has been successful in meeting his fitness goals and as a recent user, my friend also seemed impressed and referred me. From the start I was impressed by the selection of products on offer. This item (pure whey) is of fantastic quality and easy to digest (even when having a small, light snack an hour before working out I can get very painful heartburn when exercising which totally destroys how hard I work). I have this about half an hour before and I am sufficiently fueled. I've tried chocolate peanut which is quite delicious but my favourite is banana it tastes exactly like banana milkshake and adding 200ml of skimmed milk to it for slow release energy is a luxury! No cheapy, artificial sweetener, over-sweet taste!

      I am also starting to see signs of muscle building and definition which is great!

      Delivery is very quick and they use DPD as a courier which are fantastic. They text to update what time slot to expect delivery and you can even track the delivery van to see where they are and what place you are in the delivery queue.

      Bulk powders are honestly the best around!

      Maryliftsam on 25/07/2014
    • Excellent

      I use Pure Whey Protein™ 5 times a day. Mixes well, taste is very good. Excellent way to top up your protein needs. 5 star :)

      Andy on 23/07/2014
    • Great Product!

      Cant fault the price and how well the protein mixes. I 1st brought the chocolate cookie one and the flavour was very good. though not as intense as the protein i used to have. I used to mix 30g with 400ml of water but now its 200ml but this does stop you from feeling so bloated.

      Would defo recommend!

      Phill on 23/07/2014
    • love it!

      Strawberry flavour tastes delicious! Next time I will try chocolate cookies as so many people have said it tastes great! Such good value and fast delivery! Can't fault it!

      kdddd on 21/07/2014
    • Great stuff

      I know it's a big statement but i genuinely prefer this to ON gold standard, mixes just as well, better flavour and no horrible after taste. Will order (strawberry) again.

      BigB on 20/07/2014
    • Can't fault it!

      Mix's well and seems to be giving good results however will order flavoured next time.

      Lloyd on 16/07/2014
    • The Best I've ever tried.

      I ordered for the first time, at around 4 pm in the afternoon and my first whey protein shake was in my stomach by 1 pm the very next day. FAST DELIVERY, thank you for that. Major trust points earned from me.

      I picked unflavoured and, I am glad I did, it tastes surprisingly NICE! Double wow. I've tasted others unflavoured and this is superior.

      The price is amazing. I will be back again and again and again and again and... Just Brilliant.

      Jonathan on 13/07/2014
    • Good product but flavourings are hit and miss.

      Good product but the Chocolate flavour is awful! It's far too sweet, dreading having to finish off 1KG of it, much prefer to stick to the unflavoured and add in any flavouring I like (Cadbury Options hot chocolate pouches are much better!)

      irDINOSAUR on 10/07/2014
    • Extremely good value whey

      Cheap, tastes fantastic, great delivery.

      Will definitely restock this product from bulkpowders again.

      J Lee on 08/07/2014
    • Mmmm Nam Nam

      My first flavour experience was with the Berries &Cream which was nice but the creamy taste gets kinda blah after about 1kg. This time around I got the Chocolate Cookies and not being a big fan of Chocolate I was hesitant but decided to get it from its many good reviews and I must say WOW very yummy! Can't wait to try others. Great Protein & Unbeatable Price!

      Maltese Falcon on 07/07/2014
    • Fantastic Product

      I recently bought the chocolate cookies flavour. Having used various protein supplements I can say this is the best I've come across. An affordable, tasty and fine on the stomach protein product.

      Fast delivery as well :)

      Will definitely use again!

      Jamie on 30/06/2014
    • Brilliant

      Love it!

      Always mixes easy, good value and the Berries & cream and Banana Flavours score 5/5, while the Chocolate is probably a 4/5

      NCP on 24/06/2014
    • Great all round whey

      Best mixing protein I've found, flavours are bang on aswell, my favourite is the chocolate cookies.

      Love the unflavoured aswell when pennies are tight. Just tastes like milk, sorta...

      Baylisskid on 23/06/2014
    • Happy 5*

      Mixes perfect 5/5
      White chocolate 4/5 taste
      Banana 5/5 taste
      Vanilla 5/5

      Price and delivery 5/5 :)

      Jon on 20/06/2014
    • Bought the Vanilla flavour

      Fell in love with the protein the moment it hit my lips. With Skimmed milk, the protein tastes just like melted ice cream.

      I haven't tried it with water because generally I hate the taste of any protein with water. Saying that though, the solubility of the powder is incredible. I didn't have to shake that vigorously (hehe) for it to mix.

      I bought the Vanilla along side some fine scottish oats (by bulk powders) and the best way I can describe that combination is like drinking the milk after cereal when you have all the little bits of cereal left and a hefty bit of milk! Tastes good, goes down easy, but you will probably have to clean your teeth and gums with your tongue to get rid of the oats!

      All in all, 5/5.

      Sam on 17/06/2014
    • Great Raspberry!!

      Raspberry tasted amazing, as does chocolate peanut.. but steer clear of toffee popcorn!! Horrible texture and aftertaste..

      Rob on 15/06/2014
    • Tastes really really good

      Tried the chocolate but didn't really like it but the strawberry best I've tried yet.

      Margaret on 13/06/2014
    • Excellent value

      Bought the Chocolate Cookies flavour after using MusclePharm Combat Cookies and Cream.

      Taste is great, although slightly artificial but not enough to put you off; I enjoy my shakes in the morning.

      I was a bit skeptical about the mix-ability due to a poor experience with another budget brand but much to my surprise it was as good as the MusclePharm; no lumps even after a quick shake. Consistency is just right with 3/4 semi-skimmed milk, 1/4 water.

      The only reason I have not given this 5/5 is that I much prefer my protein to be in tubs rather than bags. They never seem to seal properly after opening. Hence I have re-used my old MusclePharm tub which is perfect.

      Would definitely recommend for the price, I don't think it can be beaten.

      Tom on 11/06/2014
    • Great

      Just got this product and as it stated they delivered it within 2 days and it tastes lovely as well as the product itself. Definitely will be buying more soon.

      Evrim on 10/06/2014
    • OM NOM

      I have tried both the flavoured and unflavoured.

      The flavoured tastes pretty amazing. I got raspberry and it was gorgeous.

      The unflavoured as you would expect is not a taste sensation, that being said, you get a little more protein per scoop at a lower price, and if you are on a budget that is hard to argue with.

      When I started on the unflavoured my reaction was BLEHH so i threw all kinds of stuff into it, honey working best for mixing with both water and milk, however by the time i finished the bag I had acquired a taste for it 'au natural' .

      James on 05/06/2014
    • Excellent product

      Love this product! Mixes very well and can be used for homemade protein bars as well as shakes! Deffo recommend!

      Nikki on 02/06/2014
    • Fantastic, high quality protein.

      I thought I'd give this a try see as I had a referral code from a friend. Thought it would be mediocre based on the price. How wrong I was!! An incredible protein to price ratio! I got the unflavoured which, when mixed with milk doesn't taste the best but I found mixing half a teaspoon of instant coffee with it makes it taste just like an iced latte. Will be buying again when this massive 2.5kg has gone!

      Joe on 01/06/2014
    • Great product, Great price

      I ordered the unflavoured one and absolutely satisfied with it. I used to work in a factory where we produced dietary supplements and this is definitely good quality protein. Price was low as well but next time it's gonna be even lower because of the reference code I gave to others. Massively great deal.

      Alagros on 01/06/2014
    • The best protein on the market

      Have tried a few flavours now and my personal favourite is the peaches & cream. They're all great though.

      They all mix really well too. Combine this with great pricing and rapid delivery and you're onto a winner. I'll be back here every time.

      George on 29/05/2014
    • Been there and loved it.

      All the flavours taste as they should. I had all the flavours now and only change as I've got such a great choice.

      The whey mixes well, tastes great and is nice and cheap. Having been into fitness for over 10 years this protein is above the leading market holders. Once you've tried it you'll love it.

      Jim on 28/05/2014
    • Very nice

      Love the taste. Lush.

      Billy on 27/05/2014

      I love it, great product with nice taste and good nutrition.

      Hristo on 22/05/2014
    • Diet staple

      I've been using BP's whey for a couple of years now. The flavoured versions are good, albeit a tad sweet. The unflavoured version mixes amazingly well with cinnamon or cocoa. I've never had any digestion issues with it and have even suggested BP's whey to friends that have had issues with other brands. Brilliant stuff!

      Gary on 20/05/2014
    • Great whey

      The unflavoured whey mixes well in water, but not so well in milk. It tastes great anyway, and is good for making protein bars and cooking with. The bags that the whey comes in are rubbish however. I have bought this product several times, and I have never had a bag where the seal hasn't broken before I've finished the product.

      Louis on 16/05/2014
    • Great protein at an even better price

      This is my third order now from bulk powders and they have delivered yet again. Managed to get 2.5kgs at £25, you can't argue with that. It mixes well although it can be a little frothy but thats not a problem! Great taste too, especially at such a low price!

      Sean on 16/05/2014
    • Perfect product

      The complete product and it's cheap!

      Liam on 15/05/2014
    • Amazing Quality

      Got chocolate cookies and must say the taste is amazing ! Great product that mixes easily with no lumps ! Cannot wait to try other flavours.

      Robert on 14/05/2014
    • Brilliant

      Bought the chocolate. Best tasting whey protein and cheapest. There is no lumps & mixes well.

      Stephen on 14/05/2014
    • This stuff is great

      Tried loads of different Whey shakes but this is by far the best tasting (strawberry).

      Mixes well and tastes great with with milk, water or juice.

      I bought 5KG bag which was a great price, I'm going to keep coming back here for same product.

      Rich H on 13/05/2014
    • Brilliant whey

      Having tried a few other whey powders from other companies I would say this is one of the best. Easily mixes with milk and leaves no lumps. Chocolate cookies tastes great , a mixture between oreos and maryland cookies. Chocolate peanut is a must for anyone who enjoys peanut butter. Protein content is high as well. All round great whey protein for an unbeatable price!

      Faizal on 12/05/2014
    • Super happy customer!

      I got 1kg of chocolate cookie and it was so delicious! Such a good price and it's of a good quality too! I'm slowly working my way through the different flavours!

      Yasmin on 12/05/2014
    • Unflavored Whey!

      I ordered the Unflavoured whey 5KGS, took 6 days to deliver to Italy (DPD Classic). 70ml (weighs around 25gm per serving) measuring spoon is provided inside the bag. I have tried with both milk and water. Cold milk and a pinch of sugar/coffee tastes great. with water it tastes like diluted milk which is also good. Will update about the performance ina months time. If you're searching for a high quality protein in budget go for this. Highly drinkable......Will do more purchases for sure

      Balaji on 07/05/2014
    • Great

      Cheap, tastes great, full of gains, what more could you ask for?

      Andrew on 03/05/2014
    • Really tasty chocolate cookie

      First time using protein powders, wanted to boost my calorie intake with an easy tasty way. The chocolate cookie whey is wonderful, mixes well and so tasty, looking forward to trying other flavours.

      Tom on 03/05/2014
    • Very good all round

      I got the chocolate cookies flavour and although it provided great post-workout results it generally tasted a bit drab using water. This was easily solved by using milk or half water half milk as an alternative and the taste was amazing after this. Unbelievable price as well!

      Will on 03/05/2014
    • Strawberry Taste is wonderful

      I won a free 5kg bag of strawberry flavoured whey on a facebook draw. I am happy with the product, great taste and mixes very well. I'm glad I wasn't disappointed with the quality, thanks to that I will be buying Pre-workout and BCAA's from you guys in few days time :)

      Thank you very much for the 5kg bag. My gym partner and I greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

      Konrad on 01/05/2014
    • My new favourite - mint chocolate

      I have been using protein supplements for a few years and in recent times was spending big money on brands like ON, every time I purchase the price increases. This product mixes perfectly and tastes amazing. I won't be looking any further!!

      Farreller on 01/05/2014
    • Pure Whey

      Don't really write reviews, not going to lie I just never can be bothered but thought I would for this whey.

      I usually go with optimum gold standard whey when I have the money, but if not I usually go with my My******n. I came across bulk powders and thought I'd give them a try instead!

      The quality of this whey is rather good! Mixes well, tastes nice (strawberry and tried chocolate mint sample) no bloating, do sometimes get gas from it due to it's lactose but it's nothing nasty.

      Overall it's a good whey protein, especially for the price!

      JayRobz on 01/05/2014
    • Excellent

      I got recommended bulk powders by a friend. I thought I'd give the unflavoured version of Whey protein a go as I am a bit tight of cash.

      I'm glad I saved the extra couple of quid as the unflavoured version is very palatable. It mixes really well and is great post workout with other supplements added too it. I will definitely be ordering again soon

      Chris on 01/05/2014
    • Excellent product

      The best whey protein you can buy. Great tasting (I had chocolate), mixes in seconds, no bits. Low price but High quality.

      Chris on 28/04/2014
    • It tastes great.

      I have never been moved to actually write a review but Pure Whey Protein have given me the motivation.

      It tastes great and mixes really really easily. We all know what's in them so taste and mixing probably the most important!

      Now just working through Mark Laurens "you are your own gym" book. It's brilliant. I'm a rower and have changed my land based training to this and stronger and faster after only 10 days. Joyful.

      Matthew on 26/04/2014
    • no1

      Great taste, great price!

      Daniel on 25/04/2014
    • GREAT




      Ismail on 25/04/2014
    • Taste is indescribable

      Bought the chocolate cookie flavour (I have previous orders of other bulk powders) and I have never tasted such an amazing protein shake, definitely the best tasting on the website. Protein content is on point, perfect when combined with complete mass (although this doesn't taste so good).

      Samuel on 22/04/2014
    • Great!

      Mixes well, tastes good, good quality and great value product, would definitely recommend!

      Alex on 19/04/2014
    • Brilliant!

      Never been a big fan of protein powders at all - let's be honest, a lot of them taste like dog food - but after hearing great reviews about bulk powders I decided to give it a go - after all, it wasn't like I was blowing a lot of money on it!

      I've since tried four separate flavours and while all are delicious, white chocolate is my absolute favourite! Very, very happy with the product. Great taste & great price!

      Emily on 18/04/2014
    • Great

      Got the berries and cream flavour and found it great, really tasty.

      Graham on 16/04/2014
    • Great Product, Great Taste

      Very impressive product. Was slightly sceptical after reading other reviews, which all seemed to suggest the flavours were "amazing" etc. But trust what you read - they really are damn tasty.

      I have the Chocolate Cookies flavour, which blows MyProtein's Chocolate flavour out of the water. However, one thing worth noting is that I find the Cookie flavour has a hint of coconut in it. I don't mind this, but after letting a friend taste it (who hates coconut), they were disgusted.

      McK on 11/04/2014

      So far I have tried chocolate cookies, peaches & cream, apple crumble & custard, unflavoured, chocolate peanut & white chocolate. they are all great flavours in their own ways BUT BERRIES & CREAM tops the list. Amazing flavour and great product. glad I started off with BULK POWDERS before anyone else & I promise I won't be going anywhere else if products stay the same. a loyal customer for the rest of my training days :)

      Samria on 08/04/2014
    • Whey protein apple crumble and custard

      Excellent product! Very good taste and really good price. My first order was 1 kg . I am sure I am going to buy more of this super product.

      Beata on 07/04/2014
    • Chocolate cookies is the choice for chocolate lovers

      I mix the chocolate cookies whey protein with milk and the taste is like a glass of milk and Oreos inside it :)

      I am very happy I found it!

      Andrey on 06/04/2014
    • Whey Protein Banana

      I love the Banana taste. I ordered 500g at first but I must say that I'm gonna buy more of this delicious stuff! Really good taste and easy to mix with both water and milk.

      I prefer milk with the Banana taste, because it tastes like a milkshake

      Mikkel on 04/04/2014
    • wow

      just got my first order of strawberry pure whey today got to say it is one of the nicest proteins I've tasted. Excellent protein very cheap price too. I will be ordering from bulk powders more often.

      Alan on 03/04/2014
    • Amazing taste & price.

      I had the strawberry flavour protein and have to say its hands down the best tasting shake I've come across. It mixes really well with water and tastes really creamy, much nicer than the more expensive brands I've been buying. I'm looking forward to trying some other flavours next time.

      Jeff on 03/04/2014
    • Fab product

      Definitely the best whey protein we have had. Tried the raspberry (really good mixed with coconut milk) and vanilla flavours and really enjoyed both. The powder mixes really well (only needs a few shakes) and produces a tasty creamy shake. Also great for baking and cooking with. A bargain price too :)

      Ian on 30/03/2014
    • Cant go wrong with this

      I've used this for months now, it's defo low in lactose and it taste and mixes great. I have strawberry every time, just got the free popcorn and the flavour isn't for me, it's weird. But may be better with milk, I used water. Based on the choc peanut I had with the beef protein i'll try that next, it's lovely.

      lee photo-flex on 26/03/2014
    • Great Product A+

      I got the 5kg Strawberry flavour. It mixes really well and tastes great. Its good protein and great value for money would definitely recommend it.

      David on 24/03/2014
    • Top

      Top product for price, quality and taste - recommend chocolate cookies.

      Ethan on 13/03/2014
    • all round good

      strawberry - 9/10 amazing taste and consistency
      choc cookies - 7/10 nice flavour but very sweet
      vanilla - 7/10 okay flavour nice light vanilla taste
      choc orange - 7/10 good flavour but tastes quite watery when mixed with water

      walrus willy on 12/03/2014
    • choc cookie is the bomb!!!

      amazing mixability and amazing flavour!!

      teh faking bozz on 06/03/2014
    • Great taste

      Just ordered the chocolate peanut flavour and it is amazing. Good work.

      peter on 05/03/2014
    • Good price

      Excellent customer service, after my bag arrived damaged another was sent straight out. They even let me keep the damaged one. Great protein but i do feel the Isolate 90 packs in so much more with better results also.

      Sean on 04/03/2014
    • Banana Amazing*****

      This is the first time I bought anything from this site. The quality is amazing. Banana flavour is amazing . I can even eat it without mixing it. Truly great quality stuff at the low price. I Recommend Bulk Powders to any body....

      Adeel on 03/03/2014
    • Brilliant! Banana :D

      After being recommended by my brother in law to buy my next protein powder from bulkpowders I decided first to test how it tastes and mixes. so I used his for 1 serving. I liked that it was easily mixed and tastes good but also was shocked with the price. For a 5kg bag it is well worth it. He has the banana flavour and I've always liked and purchased banana so I also went and got the same.

      I am a slim individual who always has had protein shakes with milk because I love the taste better as I have tried water before but it was nasty, almost like medicine. I gave this a go with water and I must say it is actually drinkable and nice with water as well as milk. So I'm happy I can have it with water also.

      The delivery updates via e-mail and text were brilliant and accurate with the delivery drivers name and time of delivery given. I was expected next day delivery from 10:00 - 11:00 and received mine at exactly 10:00. There is also a option to text back:
      1= Deliver to neighbour

      So delivery and packaging for me is 10/10 next day and on time with alternative options to suit your personal preference.

      There is no cup/spoon supplied to pour the protein but that was no issue for me as I used my old previous one. Also the bag is re-sealable. I poured as much as I could into my old empty tub, sealed up the bag and put it away. Nice and simple.

      I would recommend to my friends, family and to those who are reading this review! Cheap but quality protein. Will be ordering my next bag once this one finishes :)

      Imz on 02/03/2014
    • Best Flavour! Rivals Myofusion EASY

      Was shopping around & came across bulkpowders. Thought it was reasonably priced so bought & have been a returning customer since! Would recommend to anyone! I've been on Gaspari Myofusion because of flavour but I've found a new favourite by far! Leaps & bounds ahead in taste! Can't say enough really, just love it!

      les on 01/03/2014
    • Chocolate Mint

      Mixes better than any powder I've tried to date and tastes lovely! Not to mention it cost about half the price of other big name brands! Delighted.

      Ev on 27/02/2014
    • Amazing

      Great mixability, good taste. Best value whey protein around!

      Heads up though: One scoop is ONLY 22g of powder, so make sure you double scoop!

      Daniel on 27/02/2014
    • Awesome

      Been using your products for a while especially the unflavoured whey as I can add to almost everything from porridge to pancakes!!! It's low in lactose which is a bonus and 24 grams per serving!! Made a mistake of buying 'performance protein' from Bodybuilding Warehouse!!!! 8.6 grams of sugar, and to say the least I made one too many trips to the toilet, and very windy indeed!!! Back where I belong now. Cheap protein but amazing quality!! Keep up the good work.

      Samuel on 26/02/2014
    • Chocolate Cookies :)

      I always buy expensive whey from other sites but I'm trying to save as much money so First I purchased from MyProtein since it was cheap, I had the worst delivery and customer care response and the whey was disgusting taste was cheap and chemically. So I needed a new cheap decent whey again and some one had told me about BULK POWDERS hmm.. So I check the site it looks professional and trust worthy. Leading on from this I straight away purchased 2.5kg of Choc Cookies. I have a slight sweet tooth and compared to MyProtein this stuff tastes 10x better, quality and cheap. I have only had one shake so far so not sure on how it will effect me with my gym results but all in all TASTE: 4.5/5 (slightly sweet), Mix-ability: 5/5, Looking forward to my next order. Last not but not least the Delivery was fast and on point! Thank you Bulk Powders!

      Sham on 21/02/2014

      I rate bulkpowders as a whole and are my number 1 place for my nutrition needs but I just wanted to comment on the apple crumble custard whey. it tastes ok but has a weird taste near the end. I still appreciate the fact this company gives you some new flavours compared to the competition while still keep prices low for good quality products :)

      samria on 18/02/2014
    • Whey better than any other!

      This is such good whey! The unflavoured type lets you flavour it how you want, it's awesome. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

      Elliot on 12/02/2014
    • Choco cookie

      Quickly delivered.

      Mixes very easy compared to most others.

      Choco cookie tastes nice. No after taste or chemical tang to it. Seems less bloating too.

      JP on 12/02/2014

      Tastes good, doesn't separate like other proteins if left to stand for a bit and MIXES SO WELL vs other "famous" brands. EXCELLENT PRODUCT.

      Sam on 11/02/2014
    • Banana- YES

      Great product and great service. The delivery was very fast and prompt. The powder mixes really well and very easily.

      I LOVE the Banana flavour. It tastes exactly like Nesquik banana milkshake. I more recently bought 1kg of Chocolate Peanut and am massively regretting it. Smell and taste are both very overpowering and not very pleasant to me. Won't be going for that again!

      All in all, I highly recommend the product, but would also say buy the 500g when you're trying a new flavour just in case you don't like it!

      Katy on 06/02/2014
    • Quality & Value

      At less than £10.00 per kilo when you buy a 5kg bag (unflavoured), this has to be the best quality whey on the market. I now honestly love the taste and like the fact that there's no nasty added sweeteners. If Bulk Powders keep the price right and don't change the recipe (like my previous brand did), I have no reason to buy anywhere else.

      James on 03/02/2014
    • Outstanding.

      I usually don't bother giving reviews, in fact I don't think I ever have but I have felt compelled to write one over this product even though I'm sure it will be a drop in the ocean.

      This protein is honestly the best I've tried, I've been round the market quite a bit and tried a lot of different protein powders including the big brands (PHD, Maximuscle etc.) but this is by far the best I have ever tried and I'm 110% that I will not change.

      Firstly the delivery has been rapid every time I have bought from here and free which always starts you off on the right foot.

      Secondly I was feeling and seeing results within 2 weeks, I was getting a bigger pump, putting on size and going up it my weights and I had hit a plateau with my strength which I smashed through with ease.

      It is SOOOO cheap compared to other brands and the quality is unmatchable.

      It mixes well and tastes amazing. (Banana is a favourite of mine, although I have an unopened chocolate cookie waiting for me at home which I ordered yesterday).

      I honestly can't say enough good things about this protein, I'm recommending to my mates and I'm sure if you've tried it I'm preaching to the choir as you'll know how good it is!

      Mark on 30/01/2014
    • Good Stuff for the price

      Just got mine through the post today. Rapid delivery, tried a shake before the gym.

      I ordered chocolate and it tastes good, reminds me of an actual chocolate milk you get in the shops. It mixes great as well!

      Having previously used USN Hardcore whey GH, I would say that they are similar in protein quality, taste and mixability. USN has the extra stacks and Creatine but for the price, you'll not find anything better!

      Good stuff :)

      Ben on 21/01/2014
    • Brilliant Value

      Mixes well & value for money is unrivalled. Would recommend!

      Richard on 15/01/2014
    • excellent

      So far have always bought my whey from a competitor and was happy with it - mixability was ok as i bought unflavoured the taste was ok for a start then got to the stage after 6 months i was retching whilst taking it. As i made a recent purchase from bulk powders which I was very happy with i decided to buy some whey as part of a larger order. Well as usual the delivery was excellent - and free- but the whey is startling. I dont know if the actual quality is any better than mp but the mixability is far superior! it's as smooth as a 60's pimp and the chocolate flavour I bought is amazing, never again will I buy unflavoured as this stuff tastes like a top quality belgian chocolate milkshake! and I only used water - can't wait to try it with milk.

      Brendan on 07/01/2014
    • Excellent

      So far have always bought my whey from a competitor and was happy with it - mixability was ok as i bought unflavoured the taste was ok for a start then got to the stage after 6 months i was retching whilst taking it. As i made a recent purchase from bulk powders which I was very happy with i decided to buy some whey as part of a larger order. Well as usual the delivery was excellent - and free- but the whey is startling. I dont know if the actual quality is any better than mp but the mixability is far superior! it's as smooth as a 60's pimp and the chocolate flavour I bought is amazing, never again will I buy unflavoures as this stuff tastes like a top quality belgian chocolate milkshake! and I only used water - can't wait to try it with milk.

      Brendan on 07/01/2014
    • Top quality

      Just received my order of strawberry shake and love it. Also got a sample of choc orange and choc peanut both also very nice. Shakes are good with water and also milk will definitely be ordering from BP again!

      Jordan on 03/01/2014
    • Best chocolate mint

      This is the third chocolate mint I've tried and by far the best one! It doesn't leave me with a sick milky icky flavour afterwards !

      Anna on 01/01/2014
    • Amazing taste!!

      Good mixing, good taste!!! I've tried raspberry, vanilla, chocolate cookies and chocolate orange. My favourite is deffo a raspberry!! It's like a treat after your workout :) And most importantly... It works and does job well! Impressed!

      A on 27/12/2013
    • Great value and flavours

      This is the whey protein with the best price and price/quality ratio.

      I recently made my fifth order and I will continue ordering, of course.

      Ordered Flavours:

      Unflavoured for post-workouts.
      White chocolate: Good but can be better.
      Chocolate and cookies: Amazing!!

      I will make protein cupcackes with those two flavours :-9

      Pablo on 18/12/2013
    • Great value

      This is an excellent value for money Protein. Been using it over 1 year and will carry on.

      Miguel on 18/12/2013
    • Mince Pie

      This is absolutely amazing. Love love love - going to be gutted when this stops being sold, keep it forever!!! Had my yummiest ever porridge this morning with it in :)

      Heather on 09/12/2013
    • White Choc = Ace

      Just tried it. Wasn't sure after first mouthful but halfway through my shake it all began to click. Love it! Will be ordering 2.5kg tomorrow :)

      Protein Monster on 04/12/2013
    • White Chocolate

      I was really looking forward to trying the white chocolate flavor how ever i can officially say it doesn't taste anything like white chocolate (at least anything like a milky bar or anything similar) it's not actually a bad flavor just don't expect to get a protein shake that tastes like a liquid milky bar, i would imagine white chocolate is a hard flavor to create for a protein shake i would say this tastes more like a proper vanilla ice cream, there is room for improvement on this one, i still received the same great service from bulk powders though!

      Arron on 03/12/2013
    • Choc cookies

      Excellent, was sceptical at first but stuff is the best I've tasted, will use again.

      Terry on 27/11/2013
    • Chocolate Peanut

      Ok Im not much for reviews but I felt I had to write a taste review on this...

      Oh my god it tastes like M&M's :D I LOVE IT... BP have some really good flavors and I cant wait to try White Chocolate next time :)

      Good price and easy mixing also..

      5/5 easy win

      Andreas Piledahl on 21/11/2013
    • Great value and taste, decent results

      I wanted to spend a bit less than your usual £40-60 on a supplement, previously I had tried some of the lower end ones such as Nutrisport 90+, which had decent results but just tasted dreadful. Now taste shouldn't be priority but it is good incentive when your having at least one a day, therefore I tried Bulk Powders chocolate whey just based on reviews and the nutrition, and I found it to be great, it mixed well with milk and water and tasted good with both. And the results have been good. The only downside is no scoop, but who doesn't have an old scoop or a table spoon?! Also I'd like to mention this was my first Bulk Powders product therefore I got the 2.5kg chocolate whey for £26 with free delivery! Top stuff.

      TP on 20/11/2013
    • Chocolate Cookies = Very Tasty

      So to be honest this is the first time I've bought whey protein and I expected it to be one of those things I'd have to force down me.

      However, it actually tastes amazing. I've tried it with both milk and water and both are very nice, however with milk it actually tastes like a sugary milkshake that I'd have loved when I was a chubby 14 year old. I can't believe it only has around 3 grams of sugar in it.

      I might experiment with other flavours next time just because, but chocolate cookies is a sure bet for me now, it's so nice.

      Steven on 15/11/2013
    • Good product

      Just started the choc cookie flavour and to be honest I really don't like the flavour. Will need to buy another flavour to use throughout the day. Great value and great nutritional values! Can't complain!

      Jordan on 13/11/2013
    • Very good only 1 minor thing

      This shake is excellent especially the unflavoured as it has no sugar and good protein. It also tastes pretty good and creamy. the only thing can be the mixing im not saying its a hard mixer but at times there can be slight plumps....But not a big deal im ordering again :)

      Adam on 07/11/2013
    • Great taste and Value

      Ordered 1kg of both lemon meringue and chocolate peanut and they both taste great. Got two samples of banana and toffee popcorn and these are both great as well. I will definitely be ordering again and all the sample flavours to try. Great service from BP now my go to place for my protein needs.

      Richard on 07/11/2013
    • Just 1 word... Great!

      Good taste, good nutritional values and superb price! 5 stars for this product BP! Highly recommended.

      Juan Cardona on 06/11/2013
    • Absolutely brilliant

      I wanted to try a variety of flavours so I ordered a few sample packs. Mixability of them all was great. Vanilla tastes like melted ice cream, chocolate peanut like a peanut butter chocolate bar. These were my favourite two and the ones I ended up ordering 5kg of. Strawberry was very nice as was chocolate. Toffee popcorn is pretty revolting, does not taste anything like Toffee or popcorn. Unflavoured the texture was far too runny, I use water so it may have been OK with milk. For me though the slight extra protein and cheaper price is not worth going unflavoured.

      Before I tried Bulk Powders I was on ON Gold Standard for years. To be honest the only reason I shopped around was the price got too high. Well I'm glad I did, I can happily report this protein is better than Gold Standard.

      Martin on 01/11/2013
    • THE BEST

      Tastes and mixes better then most high end proteins!!

      joshua on 31/10/2013

      Just received my first ever Protein powder supplement (5 kg) and some complementing paraphernalia from BulkPowders.

      I must say that I am immensely pleased with speed of delivery and, more importantly, the Protein Whey product itself; extremely competitively priced vis-a-vis other online retailers.

      This product will certainly inform my performance and I will soon order the T-shirts adorned with the company logo; got to look the part in the gym !!!!!

      NAV SINGH on 29/10/2013
    • Great Taste @ a Great Price

      This product is, as like the rest say, quite amazing.

      Ordered from BP for a number of reasons:

      It's dirt cheap as it's sold in bulk packaging.

      It gives you more % of protein than many other brands that I had been looking at.

      It mixed extremely easily with no bits.

      Great tasting. I bought 2.5kg of Strawberry and got a free 'tester' of Chocolate Orange, both excellent flavours.

      Does what it says on the tin! ermm packaging :-)

      Andy on 15/10/2013
    • Can't fault

      Can't fault this protein. It's no frills protein that works for even the most seasoned athlete. Far better than the blends of protein that are out there.

      Great for quick protein fix between meals, post workout and pre bed.

      All round a great product and one of my staples!

      James on 14/10/2013
    • My favorite supplier by far

      The peaches & cream flavour of this product is delicious.

      I had a funny feeling that the flavorings of the original bulk powders flavors had been modified i posted it on a thread on MT too and i was right! after reading this month "the supplement" bulk powders revealed that the old flavors have been modified and i can tell you it's for the better - the chocolate cookies flavor has improved nicely, i have always told my friends although bulk powders don't have an as big of selection of flavors in comparison to competitors the ones they do have taste amazing as if more time has been put in to the development, i love bulk powders and I'm going to continue using them.

      No i am not a sponsored or being pay to write this review i am just a genuine bulk powders customer that it very happy with the products & service provided

      Big thanks to BP keep up the awesome work

      P:S if there are future plans for the production of more flavors i think a white chocolate flavor would be awesome & unique, something that other bulk suppliers haven't done yet and also an apricot yogurt flavor!

      Arron on 10/10/2013
    • Great for recovery

      It's brilliant whey protein. Me and my girlfriend are doing insanity and it's giving us both great help on recovering fast for the next day's workouts, so thanks Bulk Powders, brilliant product. Will probably buy flavoured next time as if you don't get the drops right it doesn't taste so great lol

      Daniel on 10/10/2013
    • I'll break it down piece by piece

      Taste and texture:

      It tastes like what it says it'll taste like and with the wheys I've been buying prior to Bulk Powders that's the highest of compliments. It doesn't leave an aftertaste and doesn't feel powdery when you glug it down even when you give it the minimal amount of shaking.

      The taste is very enduring for lack of a better word and it's tasted the same no matter how diluted I've made it.


      As mentioned earlier it requires the minimum of shaking and has mixed perfectly with very low quantities of liquid. The only time it didn't mix well is when I chucked some in my tea and even then a lot more of it mixed in than I could ever have expected.

      What my guts think:

      I used to suffer from flatulence after consuming any significant amount of my old whey but that's not the case with Bulk Powders Whey.

      I'll be trying all their flavours and buying way more Whey!

      Bongani on 09/10/2013
    • Peanut M&M's

      Got this today and opened it immediately (with my new small 400ml shaker bottle). I thought it would taste like Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter cups but it didn't - it tastes of Peanut M&M's! Makes a change from single flavoured or unflavoured whey protein! Sweet enough to hold off cravings, great flavour and no problem for my sensitive stomach. Definitely going to try out the other flavours and more of your products.

      Natasha on 04/10/2013
    • Great overall product

      I have ordered 2.5kg of Chocolate flavoured Pure Whey Protein and since it was my first time I also chose Chocolate Peanut and Vanilla samples. The delivery was good. Next Day Delivery and couple of texts with updates of when the product will arrive.

      Mixability: it mixes pretty well, for some reason the vanilla and chocolate seem to mix better than the chocolate peanut one, but not a problem on any of them.

      Taste: As far as protein shakes are concerned, it is my favourite. I have tried many other brands and this one has the nicest taste in my opinion.

      Consistency: For the same amount of water/milk combination, it is thicker than the main competitors.

      Will definitely buy again! Watch out for the scoop: you need to buy this as an extra.

      Malteser on 04/10/2013
    • Chocolate chip Cookie

      The protein itself is amazing. Very cheap and the best around. I'm not into the heavy bulking etc but I find this protein to be great for my needs.

      Only issue is taste. Too much can get sickening after a while. Which is my own fault for buying a lot of the same flavour. I don't think I'd get this problem with the unflavoured as apparently it mixes really well.

      Gary on 30/09/2013
    • toffee popcorn

      Once again I have tried so many flavours of whey protein from Bulk Powders.

      I can't give 1 bad review for any of these products.

      Keep up the good work guys...

      Ian careless on 26/09/2013
    • 5 Stars all round and back again*****

      The service from this company is top, It felt like Christmas when I opened my box of goodies. Protein taste is better than I expected. I'm waiting for results on my Creatine and Arginine but from the reviews on this company I have nothing to worry about. I love the deals you guys offer! Please keep it up!! Christmas comes sooner than expected.*****

      Darren on 26/09/2013
    • Great product, good price and fast delivery!

      Best protein i've ever had - Chocolate Orange is fantastic!

      Mixes well and I would recommend to anyone.

      Daddsy on 25/09/2013
    • Sample review

      Was kindly sent a couple of samples of the toffee popcorn flavour and the choc cookie. Taste for the cookie is excellent, very good. Toffee popcorn I wondered how it would go... Thumbs up from me! The toffee hits first with the buttery popcorn following on, really good. Mixability is great and the value is top notch. Thanks BP

      Phil J on 24/09/2013
    • Good value

      Good product, mixes easily with just a few shakes of my shaker, unflavoured stuff tastes lovely. Will definitely buy more.

      rabbitstew on 21/09/2013
    • Great Protein, Fast delivery

      This is by far one of the best protein powders i have had in a long time. The quality is amazing, its mixes really well with water, the taste is brilliant although i have only had with water so i can imagine it will taste even better with milk. I have the chocolate cookies flavour, i would highly recommend, not been able to see mass gains but thats due to me dieting for a bodybuilding show. Buy this protein, you will not be disappointed. Same price as it is on m*******n but with a higher protein content :)

      Jonny on 20/09/2013
    • Great product, though disappointed

      Great product and fantastic delivery turn around, the only disappointing thing though was that the whey protein I ordered did not come with a scoop, very annoying as i bought the 5kg bag and ended up having to sift through the entirety to no avail.

      Lee on 17/09/2013
    • Great price, decent taste

      I bought Pure Whey Protein, unflavoured. The price is unbeatable. I can't say the taste was bad, but it wasn't great either. However, I can generally gulp down liquid food with a poker face so it isn't a problem for me. Next time I order, I am thinking of choosing vanilla. Overall great product.

      Joseph on 12/09/2013
    • Pure Whey Protein - Unflavoured

      Was really unsure of what 'unflavoured' would taste like but due to money constraints I went ahead and got it anyway. Can't say much about the results (but at such a high protein level who can complain?) but the taste is fine. Not great on its own - I drink it with water and it basically just tastes of nothing. I add a splash of vanilla essence and cinnamon and maybe some peanut butter and I've got myself a great high protein shake at an incredible price.

      Sean on 10/09/2013
    • Great product. Excellent taste

      Very easy to mix. great taste. It's a "must have" in my list. The chocolate and chocolate cookies are both great flavor choices for chocolate fans such as myself. I often mix it with orange juice and it does work great for me. I've combined it with Complete Lean Mass for a few weeks now and it's giving me great results - both visual and in performance.

      Nick on 07/09/2013
    • Tastes alright

      I just bought the toffee popcorn to try it out. When I opened the bag I noticed it stunk! I decided to have a little taster and I must say it does taste like toffee popcorn however it didn't go down as well as I thought it would. I'll continue to use it, I may just need to get used to it!

      Ben S on 01/09/2013
    • Simply the best

      Nothing beats this. Taste never gets old, the nutrition is one of the best protein powders, and the variety of different kinds of taste is so awesome.

      Morten M on 28/08/2013
    • Good Prices!!

      I have tried the Unflavoured, Toffee Popcorn and Chocolate Orange. So far I had unflavoured and it is very versatile. Fine mixed up with water/milk etc. Toffee Popcorn is bizarre!! The flavour is good and mixes well. As for Chocolate Orange I am a little disappointed the flavour as it is not what I expected. Apart from these minor things, a brilliant all round product at a fabulous price! :)

      Kitty on 26/08/2013
    • Great Product, However..

      I just started using the banana flavored whey protein.. Great solubility and taste! However, I think it is a little too sweet. If you are buying this to add in your smoothies, buy the flavorless instead!

      Emre on 24/08/2013
    • This stuff is GREAT!

      I recieved my free Toffee Popcorn today. I'm from Denmark, so I've never really tasted a Toffee Popcorn before, so I was very excited about this. It tastes delicious! Its like Toffee, but the taste of toffee is just wicked. Not too harsh, not too tasteless. Although I think the sweetness would be too much, if dextrose is added. I don't know if this stuff gets to nasty after 5kg ;D But right now, it's great.

      Also tried Strawberry. Great stuff too. Not synthetic like a lot of other wheys out there.

      Daniel on 21/08/2013
    • OMG - Toffee Popcorn actually tastes like.....Toffee Popcorn!

      Like the previous reviewer, I received this as a freebie. On receipt I opened the packet and took a sniff - not very exciting, I must admit. But by God, when you mix this up (and I mix my whey in water due to a milk allergy) it tastes completely heavenly! More popcorn than toffee, it's not overly sweet but just right, and completely drinkable without getting that sickly 'icky' taste that you sometimes get with flavoured whey.

      I think we have a new contender to take on Chocolate Cookies as my favourite!

      BP - please could we have this in Complete Protein Blend format too??

      Dia on 21/08/2013

      I got a pouch of the new toffee popcorn flavor today as a freebie and what can I say, it's one of the nicest flavors I've tried period. Would highly recommend. I've also tried Raspberry which is good, chocolate orange which was a little disappointing and unflavoured which is fine. But all have mixed well and been very drinkable so if you are looking for a cheap and quality source of whey buy from here!

      Tom on 20/08/2013
    • Good!!!! natural flavour

      Got one bag, natural flavour tastes like whole milk when you mix it with water, perfect choice if you don't like sweeteners.
      Cheap and good!!!!

      McMaGik on 14/08/2013
    • Wow Chocolate Cookies.

      Just got my chocolate cookies whey.

      I'm so happy it tastes exactly the same as the PhD stuff.

      Was getting so tired of the unflavoured stuff.

      5* for taste .

      Gaz on 13/08/2013
    • Brilliant and a quality price

      Bought a 5kg pouch 2 months ago and still have loads left. I take between 3-4 shakes a day and a scoop in my 100g rolled oats breakfast. For the price and the nutrition values it is by far the best valued protein I have ever bought. Fed up of other brands using marketing and advertising to rip people off. For those serious about nutrition and value Bulk Powders will definitely be the brand for you!

      Morgan on 05/08/2013
    • Great!

      Got both the vanilla and chocolate. They taste great!

      chris on 03/08/2013
    • Amazing

      Got recommended to buy this product and glad I did, taste is amazing which makes it very easy to take (highly recommend strawberry flavour).

      Spencer on 31/07/2013
    • Good stuff!

      This is one of the easier to drink protein powders I've bought.

      After trying a couple of samples I went for the vanilla as the taste is quite subtle.

      I've tried loads of different brands over the years and find this to be one of the better tasting. Also good value for money.

      Dan on 29/07/2013
    • Happy Whey

      Bought the sample of choc cookie and then bought the big 5kg bag of it.

      Love the flavour and macros.

      Be warned that this does not need a lot of water as too much will dilute the flavour, so a little trial and error to get your preferred taste and thickness,

      Ceris M on 19/07/2013
    • No cravings

      very tasteful...even when I need to eat something "chocolate", I use this protein powder and believe me it helps feeding my cravings....there is also a small strawberry taste that I adore....

      Christina on 14/07/2013
    • Couldn't be happier!

      Ordered this product (5kg Vanilla) and it was delivered promptly the very next day! Amazing service, amazing product that tastes great! Will use again!

      Michael on 06/07/2013
    • Great quality at a Great price!

      Cheapest whey on the market! Really easy to digest, mixes instantly.

      I bought the Unflavoured version, which was tasting like milk. Next order is Chocolate Cookies and I can't wait to taste it!

      Yann on 04/07/2013
    • Pure whey protein - Banana

      I wish I could agree with the other reviewers about how great this product is. The banana flavour tastes pretty good, but its texture when mixed with milk or water (or a mixture of the two) is persistently lumpy - even after several minutes of constant shaking in a protein shake bottle with one of those metal blender balls. The only way to solve the problem is to leave the shake alone for about half an hour before drinking it, by which it has started to get warm.

      CGN on 02/07/2013
    • Excellent choice!

      This product is like the rest say, quite amazing.

      It's dirt cheap +1
      It gives you more protein that many other brands +1
      It dissolve extremely easily +1

      You can't go wrong with this!
      The unflavoured version will at first taste strange/bad to you. But I've grown accustomed to it over time, and now I kinda like the taste! and it's even cheaper :D

      Mikkel Kirketerp on 02/07/2013

      Absolutely excellent stuff, I got the unflavoured and when mixed with milk it tastes just fine. Amazing price, mixes well, arrived bang on time as the tracker said, the best packaging I've ever seen and definitely helps me recover after a workout.

      10/10 for Bulk Powders, definitely better than MyProtein.

      James on 01/07/2013
    • Impressive

      Bit cautious when buying this product as I know little about the company but thought I'd give it a go after a friend recommended it. Read the ingredients and amount you get per serving. Wow. I received my whey protein 82% this morning. opened it up and it smells really good. Mixes well. Tastes even better. You get more protein per serving than a lot of other brands and it's still cheap. I'm very happy so far so lets see when I'm done if I'm still this happy.

      Danny on 17/06/2013
    • Great price, great taste

      I can't review results as there are so many factors involved in building muscle much more important than which brand of protein to use.

      Flavour-wise, I love BP. The choc orange and banana are much more subtle than some of the other suppliers, which I've found to be overly sweet (even metallic tasting!). Mixes fine and the next day DPD delivery service is brilliant.

      Matt on 16/06/2013
    • Just can't get enough

      Absolutely love the chocolate cookie flavour. Have a scoop in the mornings with oats and a pinch of sea salt and cinnamon as well as a scoop post workout. I've been using this whey for nearly a year now, and along with a dedicated training programme I've seen amazing results. For a great quality, easily-digestible, and incredibly tasty whey look no further!

      KS on 14/06/2013
    • Excellent

      This is the second time I have purchased protein from BULK POWDERS and it is EXCELLENT! The Banana flavour is superb tasting .

      I have tried the a couple of different Flavours from Myp****** and they are not a patch on BULK POWDERS.

      So, as Arnie said "I'll Be Back!!"

      Paul on 11/06/2013
    • Best flavoured protein ever

      I got the unflavoured stuff and it tastes amazing! Better than any other whey I've had (flavoured ones that is), I would say it tastes like skimmed skimmed milk lol. Mixes insanely well! Stacks with other stuff great too! The kicker; it's not full of s**t, no sweeteners, no flavourings, nothing but pure muscle building goodness!

      Fionn McCarthy on 09/06/2013
    • Great Stuff

      I've used this protein for years and will continue to do so... great value and does its job!

      Tyrone Jones on 06/06/2013
    • Great Taste

      Fantastic taste. Would recommend to all to get it but...... the only negative review; the stock for protein flavours are limited. Was going to order another batch but did not have flavours and size I wanted.

      Ian Careless on 03/06/2013
    • Top Quality!

      Got the choc cookie protein! Highly recommended, tastes great and good macros! Perfect for protein sludge.

      Ben on 31/05/2013

      What a great product! Mixes extraordinarily well, great taste (chocolate cookies) and is also very well digested. No bloating, gas or stuff like that.

      Don't forget to mention that the price is great! BULK POWDERS all the way! I'm a devoted customer.

      George on 28/05/2013
    • Top Stuff

      Great price, great taste & great content. Nuff said!

      Craig on 28/05/2013
    • Best Of The Best

      The best and cheapest product on the market today. I've been a fan of Dymatize until now, but now I can say I'm excited about this. Taste is awesome, dissolves easily.Thanks for the exceptional services BULK POWDERS. I will remain a loyal customer.

      Marius on 24/05/2013
    • Great Product

      Mixes well, tastes great (vanilla - very nice!); although note the drop in protein content in flavoured compared to unflavoured - in my opinion the flavoured protein powders should be labelled differently to reflect the lower protein content to that of the unflavoured protein - currently quite misleading unless you read all product information on the product page.

      Still, saying that - compared to other products of the same price, you cant go wrong with this product.

      Adrian on 23/05/2013
    • 5kg!

      I've just had my first sample of the Vanilla flavoured Pure Whey Protein™.

      It seems to mix well and tastes ok, but a little too sweet if anything. I've got 5kg's of the stuff to consume, so I guess I should get used to it!

      The actual protein content of this (Vanilla) is 77%, NOT 82%. It does stipulate that flavourings affect the content, but there ought to be a breakdown of this, because I would have happily chosen another flavour for less of a protein deficit.

      Another comment on this, is that there isn't a breakdown of the BCAA and their quantity included (on either labelling or on the nutrition tab of the product on the site).

      Note from BULK POWDERS™: Thanks for your review, Kev. We do state that the flavoured version contains less protein than the unflavoured version, but it's difficult to state this for every flavour. In general flavouring reduces protein content by 3-7%. Regarding the BCAA breakdown, we will look to include this on the website very shortly.

      Kev on 22/05/2013
    • Incredible Taste

      Got back with the review... the strawberry taste is absolutely delicious. Highly recommended... the banana taste in my opinion is not that good... for me this is a 10 star product...

      Dallyde on 18/05/2013
    • F*** the rest this is by far the best...

      Taste: A+
      Mixing: A++

      You can't go wrong with BULK POWDERS!

      KingKong on 16/05/2013
    • Good Job

      Great product... I got strawberry taste and I got a pleasant surprise that it really is a good taste. Very similar to ON... Nice job!

      Dallyde on 14/05/2013
    • Can't get better value!

      I get through about 4kg/ month so don't want to be spending loads on my supplements. This the best quality for the best price and I've tried loads! Mixes easy, tastes fine and provides all the additional protein I need. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

      CAINO on 14/05/2013

      Great tasting and mixes really well. By far the best whey protein I've tried.

      Emma on 13/05/2013
    • Awesome

      Just received the choc cookie flavour 82% whey. Upon opening the bag I was met with an absolutely amazing smell from inside. It mixes very well and is super smooth. I'm actually used to lumps with the another high street diet whey I use courtesy of my gym.

      The taste is just delicious. I've actually gone on to make two, that's how nice it is! It's chocolatey, but not sugary. I could instantly tell its not packed with rubbish as I was drinking it.

      Definitely different from the 5kg unflavoured BULK POWDERS™ whey I've used for the last year. Because taste matters sometimes!

      Taz on 10/05/2013
    • Great Protein!

      Recently ordered 5kg of this stuff, and I accidentally ordered the unflavoured. Initially I was disappointed, but when it arrived I was not. The unflavoured tastes pretty good and mixes very easily with water and goes down just as easily. I'll definitely be getting some again when I run out.

      Nick on 02/05/2013
    • Superb

      Mix 200g Greek yogurt (2% fat), 30g whey protein banana flavour, 75g vitargo and you have the most complete, delicious and powerful baby cream meal. Superb!!!

      The only whey protein which doesn't make me want to vomit at the banana flavour!

      Tasos on 29/04/2013
    • Amazing

      Great taste and mixes really well, couldn't be more pleased with this whey protein!

      Elliot Francis on 27/04/2013
    • Great

      Tastes great.. and Worked pretty fast for me...

      Really Awesome product....

      John on 20/04/2013
    • Awesome

      Try a scoop mixed with less water so the drink is thicker or stir it into a cup of hot coffee for a stunning frothy coffee.

      Excellent first thing in morning to give you a kick start and also great as a pre-gym meal with a slice of bread and peanut butter.

      seth on 18/04/2013
    • Perfect

      Ordered my first bag of chocolate flavour, tastes great with milk or with water, mixes easily, great quality. No complaints.

      WPC Review on 13/04/2013
    • amazing!

      Such an incredible price! I got the vanilla flavour and it tastes great and is easy to mix. Also great to use in my home-made protein balls. As a vegetarian who is very interested in fitness and eating well I'm so impressed by the high protein in this product and the lack of nasties, as the protein powder I used before had so many ingredients unlike this one! You now have a regular customer!

      Rosa on 10/04/2013
    • Fantastic Stuff

      Brilliant product. Taste and mixability are top notch, on the same level as ON gold whey but @ 2/3 of the price.

      I am sure to see gains as I'll be looking forward to taking this supplement, can't see me skipping one!

      I went for the Chocolate Cookies flavour and when mixed with milk tastes like a McDonalds shake.

      I will definitely get another bag once I get this 5 kilos out of the way.

      Only one gripe is the packaging, comes in a massive bag with a resealable top, I just think a bucket would be much more easy to store especially since the 5kg bag is pretty big.

      Liam on 03/04/2013
    • Tastes amazing, mixes easy, and very affordable. Perfect !!

      Taste - OMG this stuff is amazing. I have the chocolate cookies and with water it tastes good, but with milk it just gets better. I actually cannot believe this is a protein shake it tastes sooo good!

      Mixability - mixes perfectly in a shaker with milk or water.

      Delivery - fantastic, got a text confirmation and my items whereabouts.

      Price - very affordable and great value for money.

      Cannot rate this product enough. 5 star for everything. Thank you so much!

      Jordan on 30/03/2013
    • No problems!

      Great product, it hasn't a bad taste, you can drink it without fatigue.

      Nac on 27/03/2013
    • protein

      really good but makes you fart

      Alexandru on 26/03/2013
    • Great product

      I am doing a protein software right now, and the base for "cheap and quality" whey I use is the Bulk Powders one.

      All I can say is, Bulk Powders is the best deal in EU for the research I have done!

      Great product, great price, great taste, only good feedback, perfect quality (soon I'll test it to be sure, but I know the results will be the same as they claim).

      I still don't know why Bulk Powders don't have physical shops in the whole of Europe.

      They're the future for scam-free supplements.

      I hope my kids will drink their protein.

      Ognyan Vasilev on 23/03/2013
    • Whey 82%

      I usually use ON Whey (chocolate) because it tastes so nice. However my brother recommended my to try Bulk Powders as I was thinking about using M*******N. I tried some of my bro's Bulk Powders weight gain, again for the taste as I didn't want the weight gain, and thought a cheaper product wouldn't be as good. Immediately after tasting the shake, I was straight on here and bought 5kg of the whey 82%, chocolate flavour. I love it, tastes good, really good ingredients (I read up before purchasing). Compared to ON this beats it hands down. Price wise, this was £45 cheaper (5kg) compared to ON's 4.5kg bag of whey. I'll be purchasing more that's for sure!

      Damo on 17/03/2013
    • Great Product that does what is says it should

      I find this product so easy to use and the cost, along with all BP products makes them a winner.

      I have noticed a change in my training routine and muscle mass and definition using BP supplements. Real gains and in a short space of time. Great as a mid meal snack as low in carbs, but allows some protein stacking. Therefore feeling fuller longer, so no cheating!

      The product blends so easily and the taste is great, even with H2O!

      Definitely the best supplements I have bought and used so far!

      Waynio on 14/03/2013
    • Chocolate Orange

      Recieved a sample of this and tried it today.

      Taste: Great taste with milk, I added some water as well to save calories and its basically like a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

      Mixability: Mixed together very well, just the same as any M*******n whey.

      Texture: Well, it went down perfectly - can't really say anything bad about it.

      Overall: I'd recommend this flavour to anyone who likes chocolate/chocolate orange tastes.

      Eser on 13/03/2013
    • Love the stuff!

      Seeing the comments about scoops not in bags...remember you need to order SEPARATELY! They do state this.

      I use the unflavored as I blend with other ingredients. Makes it more versatile plus weeks of one flavour is tiresome.

      This stuff is so so bloody good. Nutritionally, taste, mixability and value.

      Daniel on 28/02/2013
    • Chocolate Cookies

      Got chocolate cookies flavour, tastes ok but not one I would buy again. I'll just about get through the 2.5kg bag. Mixes find but tends to be quite frothy I find. Unable to comment on effectiveness yet but the nutritional values look good!

      James on 25/02/2013
    • Great taste, dissolves properly

      I had choco cookies and strawberry each twice, both taste really good, and always dissolve properly.
      I didn't recieve a scoop with my last 5 kg package, but never mind, I still have the old one.
      I can higly recommend this powder, besides at that nice price.

      Maxim on 25/02/2013
    • Chocolate Flavour

      Chocolate flavour

      Taste : 5/10

      Tastes weird.. a little sickly and funny wile drinking. After taste is when the chocolate flavour shows best (best is strawberry).

      Mixability... All bulkpowders whey mixes like a dream! No need for special bottles .. i use a jar

      overall... I love bulkpowders proteins Strawberry is my personal top.

      sean on 20/02/2013
    • Great taste

      Chocolate cookies flavour tastes amazing. Mixes very well. Great product.

      Rashid on 15/02/2013
    • Chocolate orange is a GO

      Chocolate orange flavour is very good, the ingredients is very good, the mixture is good, what else could you want from a protein powder?
      A little bummer though, was that i didn't recieve any scoop in my package :/...
      I was also a bit let down, by the fact that you say the flavoured proteins has 117 kcal, which isn't the case with me.. The chocolate orange has 131 kcal per scoop.. But all in all, this things doesn't matter so much in the long run, and everything else holds up. Taste= 8/10 (i've tried ALOT), mixability in water = 10/10, money wise = 10/10, ingredients = 9/10. Go for it.

      Morten Mai on 14/02/2013
    • Tastes great

      I can't comment on results yet, but in terms of taste and mixability, it's right up there. Especially done in a blender with a banana and a wee sprinkle of cocoa powder...

      Toecutter on 06/02/2013
    • protein

      Great tasting protein, mixes so well in a shaker, better than any other protein I've ever used (I've used many!). So cheap as well, can't go wrong.

      Bought some for my gyal as well and she loves it!

      Well done bulk powders!

      Shyottah on 29/01/2013
    • Very sweet

      I did use a natural whey in a black tub with a shiny label until I switched to BP instantised. I cannot understand some of the comments below about mixing problems, just put in the water or milk in the mixmaster add the whey and shake. It really is that simple mixes well and the chocolate cookie really does taste like a real high calorie milk shake even when mixed with water. If you like chocolate you will love it, but a little sweet for my taste. I guess everybody will have their favourite. Just get the flavours you like and concentrate on your training your protein supplement is sorted.

      Steve on 26/01/2013
    • Excellent product!

      8/10! amazing product.

      Mass monster EU on 25/01/2013
    • Competitive value & results

      Really impressed with this product. I have been using a close competitor's products for some time & the service from BP far surpassed my expectations.

      The Banana flavour tastes great. I ordered 2.5kg along with 1kg of creatine mono yesterday & the bundle arrived today which I am very impressed with.

      My only critisism is that I would love to have figures on the BCAA & Glutamine content so i know whether to further supplement alongside this powder or not. But other than that this product & the service from BP on my first order cannot be beaten.

      Tom on 23/01/2013
    • Better than other brand

      I have been a customer of another bulk powder company with similar packaging for a very long time, until their customer service got really bad, and have always bough unflavoured whey and have been happy with it. However, this whey from Bulk Powders is much better, it actually tastes like milk when you add water to it. To me it makes the other stuff taste inferior. I know where I'll be buying my products from now.

      Nigel on 23/01/2013
    • Whey protein

      I can definitely recommend this protein powder. I bought the chocolate cookie and the taste is alright, its not as good tasting as D******e Elite or B** S***** *, but it is definitely not bad! But to this price it is great! The delivery was very quick even though I live in Denmark! And I bought for over 100 £ so the the delivery was free!

      Casper on 17/01/2013
    • Quality product

      Just got a huge bundle of stuff and the protein I bought was one vanilla and one chocolate cookies. Not opened the vanilla yet but the chocolate cookies tastes great. I'm guessing its actually got some ground up cookies in there as it smells great.

      Ordered at 3:30 pm, received my order at 11:30 the following morning, fantastic service Bulk powders, thank you.

      Danny boy on 16/01/2013
    • Great value

      I've used the unflavoured whey protein for several months now and have reccomended Bulk Powders to lots of people. All of them agree that BP provide great service and great products at great value.

      Jon on 15/01/2013
    • Whey Protein

      Epic Stuff!!! Love you guys, such great taste and results. Great product, great service, overall great; if it wasn't I wouldn't have been back =). Recommend Chocolate cookie.

      Jaime-Leigh on 14/01/2013
    • Top notch whey. No fake icing

      This Is the best product on this website as far as price and quality. I purchased the chocolate orange and it was amazing. Especially as I have Creatine Ethyl Esther in my post workout shake, it tends to add a twang to the taste but with the chocolate orange it eliminates that. Also have seen major muscle gains using this supplement

      James Clare on 14/01/2013
    • Great stuff

      I have used Bulk Powders sports nutrition, in some years now.

      Value price, Great products. Super service and delivery

      One suggestion from my side, Have you considered one pistachio protein taste or other?

      Note from BulkPowders: Hi Lenni, thank you for your review and suggestion! We'll certainly look into a pistachio based flavour, particularly as we are planning on expanding our range of flavours throughout 2013!

      Lenni on 14/01/2013
    • Great taste and quality

      I first tried BP's WPC 80 as a sample and I must admit I was quite surprised at how good it was both in terms of taste and quality. I had always (wrongly) assumed that the likes of bulk powders who offer no-frills, bulk supplies would be of lower quality than branded protein. I am happy to admit, however that I was very wrong. Taste-wise, this is genuinely up there with as one of the best protein powders I have tasted and is certainly miles better than the majority of more expensive brands on the market. I have tried the choc cookie, choc mint (personal favourite), choc orange and raspberry all of which were amazing. In particular the chocolate flavours are great mixed in with porridge and the raspberry is delicious with dextrose PWO. All flavours I've tried also mixed effortlessly with a normal shaker. In summary, I'd rate BP's WPC as the best value whey on the market that I've come across.

      Tom on 09/01/2013
    • Quality at an amazing price

      Having been a long time user of a rival company i decided to switch to BP after hearing great reviews from the guys over at UK Muscle and i'm so glad i did.

      I only ever use unflavoured and found this whey to mix perfectly, great consistency and fine to drink without flavour drops (although i have used the BP ones and also highly recommend them).

      This whey is a staple in my diet whether im bulking or cutting and after receiving a great end to end experience with BP will be putting all my future orders through them.

      Great work guys!

      Vicky on 09/01/2013
    • Great taste and quality

      The first time I tried BP's WPC was a sample sachet and I must admit I was quite surprised at how good it was. I'd always wrongly assumed that the likes of bulk powders, selling bulk, no-frills protein would be of poorer quality or at least of poorer taste. However, I'm happy to admit I was very wrong - I have tried the choc cookie, choc mint (personal favourite), choc orange and raspberry flavours all of which are up there with the best protein shakes I've tasted - certainly a lot better than most of the big name (expensive) brands on the market. Mixing-wise there are no issues- all flavours mixed effortlessly in a normal shaker. In summary, probably the best value whey protein on the market that I've seen.

      Tom on 08/01/2013
    • Top Protein Powder

      I ordered all the flavours as samples from BP to ensure I liked the taste and obviously its a matter of opinion when you give feedback but I liked all of them, Banana being my absolute favourite and only second behind Myofusion Strawberry Cream.

      This is however a hell of a lot cheaper and perfect for myself who has daily shakes and isn't particularly after weight gain.

      The powder mixes without any lumps and is even good enough to add double scoops with the same amount of milk, this just gives a thicker stronger tasting shake without lumps .

      I have added BP Dextrose on occasion for post workout shakes and the sweetness doesnt ruin the banana flavour, it also mixes very will with the finely ground Scottish oats.

      The bags transport easier than a massive tub and it's hard to fault this whey powder, great product!

      Methodman78 on 08/01/2013
    • Good Product


      Matthew on 07/01/2013
    • whey protein review

      Got the mint chocolate and it tastes lovely. Mixes great too.

      polarax on 03/01/2013
    • Excellent for an unflavoured product

      Just Whey Protein Concentrate. Amazing quality. It kind of tastes like milk when mixed with water. When mixed with milk, it's even better! I even add a tea spoon of pure chocolate powder just to give it a little plus for my post-workout shake.
      One of the best things, there's no need to add BCAAs and Glutamine because it already contains a good amount of each.
      Also, no clumping at all! It really mixes well.

      This is without a doubt the best product for a beginner who isn't quite sure about supplementation. Not saying it is just for beginners, it's AWESOME for EVERYBODY.

      Dani on 01/01/2013
    • amazing

      Great product for an absolutely neat price. Doesn't get lumpy. Neutral flavor isn't bad or hard to chug down. For me it's worth saving money by not having a flavor.

      Rasmus Bech on 29/12/2012
    • Nice

      I've just tried the raspberry and choc orange flavours, both very nice, fav is choc orange, its not too overpowering with flavour.

      Both mix really well, no foam or powder left over.

      Chris on 27/12/2012
    • protein reviews

      Chocolate orange tastes very nice and mixes lovely. Raspberry is ok, but out of the 2 I prefer choc orange.

      constantbulk on 27/12/2012
    • Chocolate Orange WPC review

      Cheers guys, got mine today. Just sippin' on the choc orange now and its going down very nicely! Mixes well and doesn't seem to leave you as bloated as some of the others I have tried.

      J H on 27/12/2012
    • Whey Protein Review

      Got mine yesterday! Choc Orange was nice even just with water! Raspberry was my breakfast this morning so treated myself to some milk with it and it was wicked as well!

      Jon Kent on 27/12/2012
    • WPC review

      Tried chocolate orange and raspberry yesterday. All my shakes are with water and fair bit of oats. Both were good but raspberry was one of the nicest shakes I have had and will be ordering some after Xmas.

      Kingdale on 27/12/2012
    • whey protein review

      Just tried the chocolate & orange one with some milk. Mixes great and easily, tastes quite nice, however personally it's not a flavour I can have much of so its not one I'll be buying in bulk (unless they have an amazing deal on it which the price beats the taste). Shame as I do like it, looking forward to trying raspberry tomorrow.

      Anon on 27/12/2012
    • Chocolate Orange whey protein review

      Tasted just like chocolate orange! It was a nice smooth texture which didn't take long to mix with the milk .... no lumpy horrible bits which sometimes you get if you don't shake properly... I recommend it to everyone! 10/10

      Ollie on 27/12/2012
    • Raspberry whey protein review

      A different flavour altogether, I really liked it at first, I thought this can't be nice then I downed the protein shake and wish I drank it slower... Flavour was spot on!10/10

      Ollie on 27/12/2012
    • Mixability!

      I've tried a lot of protein powders... some from a competitors website that also sells in bulk etc.

      This protein is by far the best I've found!

      The mixability of it beats anything I've tried before. I can just leave powder in my mixer bottle and add water on top of it and it still mixes smooth with nothing stuck at the bottom of the mixer.

      The taste is amazing! I have Chocolate cookies currently and felt guilty when I first took the stuff because it tastes so nice!

      Just ordered the chocolate next, lets see what its like

      Adam on 26/12/2012
    • Unflavoured Powder

      I have only used the unflavoured powder so I can't comment on the others. If mixed in the Bulk Powders mixer bottle using the springy thing supplied it mixes very well.

      I started mixing it with the usual skimmed milk or water but have discovered that it tastes amazing if you use about 300ml of Lychee juice to one 75ml scoop. It also works well with Mango but needs a lot of shaking or pineapple and coconut juice but the lychee is the best and apparently Lychee is also used in Chinese medicine so it must be doing me good too.

      Go for the unflavoured and experiment with fruit juices until you find one that's right for you and there's no nasty sweeteners or chemical flavours to worry about either.

      Brad on 11/12/2012
    • Tastes really good

      This tastes great, I got the strawberry flavour. I came from complete protein blend (choc cookies) and that was probably the BEST tasting drink (of any type) ive had yet. This comes in at a close second, but you can tell its a protein shake by the little tingey protein taste, but this does not take anything away from the flavour.

      Literally tastes like strawberry milk.

      In terms of gains the complete protein blend 2.5kg gave me very very noticeable gains over a relatively short period of time, so I'm hoping this high protein-low carb 82% will work just as well.

      Cheers bulkpowders, will definitely continue to buy from you in the future!

      Mike on 29/11/2012
    • great stuff

      I used whey 82% all through my contest prep, great stuff.

      tom on 29/11/2012
    • Winning product

      This stuff is awsome always tastes good (strawberry always best in all whey in my own opinion)

      Price is a bargain.
      the 90% does have its advantages
      mainly 90% fat content is extremely low! im considering mixing half 82% with the 90%

      Current shake recipe
      Whey 82% strawberry 30g
      Ultra fine Oats 45g
      Creatine 5g
      BCAA powder 5g
      L-Glutamine 5g
      Water (aprox half of a 500g pasta sauce jar)

      Tastes great very minimal bitters from the creatine ect. adds a nice kick if anything.
      The oats blend very nicely and suspend pretty well though out the mixture
      (40g of oats makes the mixture quite a bit tinner and stronger tasting)

      Buy this you wont be let down
      No branded rubbish for me x

      Sean on 28/11/2012
    • Is this stuff for real?!?

      BP is now my 'go to' shop for quality, cheap foods. I use a number of there products.

      This whey protein...For the price and quality is FFRRRIIIGGGGIIINNN UNBELIEVABLE!! With milk/water it is the best I have ever tasted. (I have raspberry)

      I used to use ON whey protein whch is top quality but this is just as good and so much better value for money.

      Well done guys!

      Daniel on 21/11/2012
    • Wonderful value

      Fast delivery, EXTREMELY cheap. I bought 1kg of the chocolate mint and I mix it with water as I'm on a cut. I don't like the taste, (It tastes like watery chocolate). However I'm sure if I mix it with milk it will taste nice.

      Overall a great product, will definitely buy it again.

      Adam on 09/11/2012
    • Perfectly fine

      Banana flavor tastes great and easily mixes with milk or water. Great protein for its value. Will buy again after I finish my 5kg bag.

      Shaky on 09/11/2012
    • Cheap and Tastey

      I don't normally review things but I thought this was worth the time. If you buy your protein from anywhere else.. stop! this is the cheapest you can get and the strawberry flavour just tastes like milkshake, it's amazing! for the price that it is you just can't find anything better! BP does it again! Love these guys.

      Sam on 08/11/2012
    • Cheap and cheerful

      First time using the powder, tried many other high percentage flavored proteins and have to say this is one of the best. Ordered the Chocolate Cookies.

      Doesn't mix brilliantly well and in order to make it taste better have to mix it thick (I use a small sports bottle for about a 40-50g scoop or it becomes to watery and tastes awful).

      Adam on 08/11/2012
    • Great Value

      Let's face it - when reviewing a whey powder supplier, there are only really a couple of things worth commenting on. People who talk about 'dem gainzzz' the product gave them are naive, stupid or just trolling. You might as well say Asda chicken breasts give you more gains than Tesco ones. We are talking about skimmed liquid cheese that has been dehydrated and instantised - nothing magic, so all that is worth mentioning is:

      1) Mixability
      2) Taste
      3) Delivery/Customer service
      4) Cost

      Mixability - This product mixes easily either by using a spoon in a cup or by using a shaker. To be honest, most powders are easy enough to mix if you use the right amount of water.

      Taste - I tried bags of Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate Mint. All taste great with water and are basically comparable with most other brands. The flavour is always going to be natural whey, sweetener and some flavouring compound. There isn't any rocket science there - you can buy boiled sweets for pennies with great flavour.

      Delivery - This was my first order but it went entirely according to plan. Products were dispatched on time and arrived with no fuss.

      Cost - This is the main issue. This seems to be the cheapest whey you can find judging the cost purely by £/g protein and that is about all you need to know. I have previously bought big brands like ON Gold Standard and so forth (mainly because I got them cheap due to pricing glitches and so forth) and there is next to no difference with this product. Don't be fooled by fancy claims branded whey powders make - once again, we are talking about flavoured skimmed cheese. They taste the same, mix the same and for all intents and purposes /are/ the same.

      Some people opt to go for more expensive whey on the basis that it is isolates and is more pure protein. My response is - do the math... in terms of the extra yield you get, the isolation process really isn't worth it. You pay £s extra for a couple of extra grams of protein.

      So, to round up: This product represents the best value on the market and is pretty much equivalent to every other whey powder out there. Don't get caught out paying tens of pounds extra for fancy packaging and rampant advertising and sponsorships. Be smart and realise that as long as the composition of the product is identical - you might as well go for the cheapest.

      J on 04/11/2012
    • the most for your buck

      I was forced to do a little research on price/quality/quantity on food and supplements since I can barely squeeze trough the month. 5kg pack of whey is about 18% cheaper (per pound of pure protein) of the cheapest one I can get locally, shipping cost included. The taste is comparable to more expensive brands, some will like it better, some less, but the main thing is it works just as well. I'm training a lot, I'm recovering fine and still getting stronger. Even for the pros the difference between concentrate and isolate will hardly make a difference, better to invest the money in some other needed supplement.

      Jernej on 23/10/2012
    • This is the Protein to buy!!

      Great stuff. I always get this one, I buy the 5kg of unflavoured 82% whey. I mix it just with water, and it just takes like vanilla milk shake, sort of. I like the taste of it. The flavoured whey is more expensive and has a little more sugar and a little less protein, why would you buy that????

      On my calculations the 90% whey has 10% more protein but is 56% more expensive that the 82% (based on 5kg), it's a no brainer!!!

      The 82% has a little more fat and sugar than the 90%, but it's marginal, perhaps thats why the unflavoured tastes ok!

      I've had a good look around the web, and this one is probably the best value.

      Go and buy a 5kg bag of the unflavoured 82% whey, buy the blender bottle with the ball in it, get some down your neck, and get down the gym. Bosh!!!!!!!!!!

      Robert on 23/10/2012
    • Nice Product

      Brilliant value for the money i normally use bulk powders 90% whey isolate but i could only afford this at the time when it arrived i could not even notice the difference between this whey protein concentrate 82% & the whey protein isolate 90% the taste & consistency & mix ability is identical.

      Message to bulk powders: it would be awesome if we could see the amino acid profile of this product along with the whey isolate 90% product on both of there pages :)

      Note from BulkPowders: Hi Arron - thanks for your great review. We'll have amino acid profiles for these products available to view online within the next few weeks. Thanks again!

      Arron on 20/10/2012
    • unflavoured, BEST for VALUE

      I been taking unflavoured whey for the last 3 months, some say it doesn't taste good, but it just taste like Soya milk and in milk it taste like butter.

      I have taken many protein supplements, from the most expensive to the cheapest and I must say this is one of the best ones I have taken and also great value for money.

      Mixes very well, no solid lumps, taste even better in milk, not thick at all even though it contains BCAA and L Glutamine.

      Muscle recovery is quick and I have increased in muscle and lesser fat; this is the only supplement I have been consuming.

      Nearly finished, Will deferentially buy again.

      AK on 18/10/2012
    • chocolate mint

      Received my order this afternoon, everything was present and accounted for. Tried the chocolate mint first, (banana tomorrow) 30g/75ml scoop with 350ml skimmed milk for extra protein. Mixed very well after a few shakes in the bp blender shaker and tasted as good as any milkshake youd buy in a carton from your local shop. consistency was just right, not too thick, not too thin and filling enough to fill the gap between lunch and dinner. so, taste and mixability are good so far, i'll post again at the end of the month with physical results.

      Craig on 16/10/2012
    • Good product.

      got the 2x 5kg unflavored whey.
      delivery to Belgium was 3 days, so not that long.
      Product is good, mixes very well with water, juice and milk. Not clumpy at all, unless you forget to shake, but that's with all whey products.
      when mixed with milk it has no flavour at all. So you can easily make your own flavour with it, without being stuck with a nasty flavour for a month.
      Bags are easy to close.
      Unlike the jars there is no measuring cup included.
      i ordered in October 2012, and the product expires in April 2013. This is not an issue for me, but beware if you order large quantities.

      ordering again once i'm out of whey.

      Nick on 06/10/2012
    • Best protein EVER!!!!

      I've tried all sorts of protein powders from branded to basic, and this is THE best whey on the market