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Pure Whey Protein™

Pure Whey Protein™
  • Europe’s best value Whey Protein
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Rich in Glutamine and BCAA
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS™ commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS™ always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS™ exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Pure Whey Protein™ is the best value Whey Protein Concentrate in the UK, if not Europe! It is a premium quality whey protein powder, purchased directly from Europe's most reputable dairy, using grass-fed cow’s milk, and contains a massive 82% Whey Protein. This protein shake powder has been instantised for easy mixing and is available in 16 delicious flavours, ranging from Chocolate Cookies to Lemon Meringue!

    With an unrivalled amino acid profile, including high levels of Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids, Pure Whey Protein™ is ideal for anyone looking to build muscle, as protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass. In addition, Pure Whey Protein™ is low in carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for delivery of high quality protein.

    At BULK POWDERS™ we're proud of the fact that since our launch in 2005, we've used the very same whey protein supplier - a leading Western European dairy - recognised throughout the sports nutrition industry as providing the highest quality Whey Protein available. This consistent supply chain enables us to guarantee a premium quality product all year round, whilst many of our competitors chop and change between suppliers of varying quality just to save money.

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ is now one of Europe's most popular protein powders, and there's very good reasons for this! Not only is our quality unrivalled by other companies, but our pricing is unbeatable too - you simply will not find Whey Protein cheaper anywhere else! In addition, the feedback on taste that our flavoured whey protein receives is second to none.

    The Manufacturing Process

    BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ is manufactured from sweet cheese whey using advanced cross-flow membrane filtration. It is then agglomerated and instantised, using a small amount of soy lecithin to ensure instant mixability.

    The above processes are carried out at low temperatures so that the resulting whey protein remains entirely undenatured; which is extremely important when choosing a whey protein. Undenatured whey protein preserves vital protein fractions, such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, resulting in a whey protein with the highest possible nutritional value.

    Flavoured or Unflavoured?

    The advantage of choosing unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is that you are guaranteed 82% protein per serving, whereas with flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ this percentage does reduce by approximately 3-5% depending on the flavour selected.

    On the other hand, the advantage of choosing flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is quite simply… taste! Whilst unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is certainly palatable (it’s often described by customers’ as tasting like “watered down milk”) our flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ receives amazing feedback when it comes to taste. For many, taste is extremely important, especially for a product that may be consumed multiple times per day.

    If cost is your primary objective, then you will have noticed that flavoured Pure Whey Protein™ is more expensive than our unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™. This is due to the higher manufacturing and ingredients costs involved in producing the flavoured variety – for example, the additional costs of flavouring and sweetener. In this instance, and if you are less concerned about taste, we would recommend choosing unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™.

    If you do opt for unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ and would like to improve its taste, then we would suggest using LiquiFlav – our highly popular, zero calorie liquid flavouring system, available in 8 delicious flavours!

    Whichever you choose, flavoured or unflavoured, you really can’t go wrong if you’re buying from BULK POWDERS™. With unflavoured from £9.35/kg and flavoured from £11.44/kg, you simply will not find a comparable quality product cheaper anywhere else.

    BULK POWDERS™ was launched with two key objectives in mind; to provide the highest quality supplements at the best possible value for money. We believe that our Pure Whey Protein™ reflects these objectives more than any other product in our range. It has been our ‘flagship’ product since our launch in 2005, highlighted by the fact that tens of thousands of people across Europe, just like you, have made it their daily protein of choice.


    • Lowest price whey protein in Europe
    • European sourced whey
    • Sourced from grass fed  cows
    • An unrivalled nutritional profile
    • Fantastic feedback in regard to taste – read the review for yourself!
    • Instantised for lump free mixing
    • Guaranteed quality through independent testing
    • In-house production
    • Certificate of Analysis available to show the exact product you’re purchasing
    • Available in 17 delicious flavours
    • Contributes to an increase in muscle mass
    • 24g protein per serving
    • Less than 1.5g Carbohydrate per serving
    • High in BCAA
    • High in Glutamine


    Pure Whey Protein™ is suitable for anyone looking to increase their dietary protein intake with a great tasting, easy mixing, quality guaranteed protein shake – all at Europe’s lowest price.

    Pure Whey Protein™ is of particular benefit to anyone trying to increase muscle as protein contributes to an increase in muscle mass.


    As with all Pure Series™ products, this product is sourced directly from a BULK POWDERS™ approved supplier. All our suppliers are rigorously audited to ensure that they meet our high standards and we routinely test products as part of our internal quality control procedures. We only work with a small number of select suppliers, the majority of whom we have partnered with since the launch of BULK POWDERS™ in 2005. In addition, all Pure Series™ products are packed in our very own, state of the art production facility, that is operated to standards above and beyond our competition. This all combines to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality products to you, but, as always, at the lowest prices in the UK.

    Pure Whey Protein™ Ingredients

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82%(Milk), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin, 0.4%).

    Flavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82% (Milk), Cocoa Powder (Chocolate & Chocolate Cookies), Natural Flavouring, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Natural Colouring (Banana - Beta Carotene; Strawberry - Beetroot Red), Sweetener (Sucralose), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin 0.4%).

    Pure Whey Protein™ Nutrition Information

    Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 518/122 1708/402
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre Nil Nil
    Protein 24.2g 80g
    Salt 0.114g 0.381g


    Flavoured Pure Whey Protein™


    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 23.2g 77.2g
    Salt 0.112g 0.375g


    Chocolate Varieties:

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 22.5g 75g
    Salt 0.105g 0.351g


    Other Flavoured Varieties

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 548/131 1824/436
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 22.9g 76.3g
    Salt 0.111g 0.371g

    Suitable For



    Milk & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).

    For allergens, please see ingredients in bold.

    Note: Chocolate Peanut Pure Whey Protein™ does not contain nuts.


    Mix 1 scoop (approximately 30g) Pure Whey Protein™ with 200ml water in a BULK POWDERS™ Shaker Bottle.

    Use between 1-5 servings daily depending on your protein intake requirements.

    It is recommended that active populations consume at least 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. So if you weigh 80kg, you need a minimum of 160g protein per day.

    Pure Whey Protein™ is very quick to absorb, so the optimal times to use it are immediately upon waking before breakfast, and immediately after exercise. After training, many athletes take a double serving (60g) as the body is able to process a larger amount of protein in its depleted state.

    Other common times to supplement with Pure Whey Protein™ are about 30-45 minutes prior to exercise, between meals to keep the body supplied with amino acids, and prior to bed. Mixing Pure Whey Protein™ with milk, as opposed to water, helps to slow down the absorption speed of whey, which is ideal before sleep.

    Related Products

    After exercise or training it is recommended that you combine Pure Whey Protein™ with a fast-acting carbohydrate source, such as Vitargo, Waxy Maize Starch, or Dextrose.

    In addition, Pure Whey Protein™ is so versatile that it can be used on conjunction with practically any type of supplement, from Vitamins to Test Boosters.

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    • perfect and amazing so coooool

      i think it's worth it.

      It'ss cheap and tastes good and it works.

      hewa kadir on 06/07/2015
    • Amazing - and tasty.

      Absolutely perfect - amazing price and top quality product. To top things off the Banana Fudge flavour is lovely. Top stuff.

      Rob Salaman on 24/06/2015
    • Best Value Quality Protein There Is!

      If you're working hard breaking down your muscles in the gym, then you need protein! There are no two ways about it! Protein repairs the muscle tissue you spend hours beating down with heavy weights. First thing in the morning and after intense training sessions, your body needs a fast acting protein to kick-start the repair process, whey protein is a super fast acting source of protein and also has an incredible amino acid profile, making it the optimal source of protein at this time.

      I buy it unflavoured and it is just that - it has no flavour, which is great when I'm mixing it with oats, dextrose or other amino acids! Fantastic product and great value!

      Ellis on 13/06/2015
    • More than worth the money

      In my Life time I have written less than 10 reviews so me taking the time out to write this is because I have found an exceptional product.

      I've been training since I was 18 and haven't consistently used any protein shakes because I hated the taste of almost all of them but the Chocolate Peanut flavour is exceptional. Great texture, taste and mixes extremely well.

      With time I'll try more and leave more reviews but I highly recommend this product.

      I_Train_Hard on 12/06/2015
    • I am so happy with my purchase :-)

      Hello, I just received my order of two 5kg bags of chocolate flavour whey protein and omg it tastes so good, the optimum nutrition is not only more expensive but only just now I realise it has a chemical aftertaste, your stuff is beautiful and tasty, really smooth out of my shaker bottle. I got a recommendation from a friend and I will be ordering again in the future. I bought the rocky road flavour on whey once and it was revolting, the taste and smell were horrible. Thanks again.

      Gordon on 12/06/2015
    • Chocolate peanut flavour

      First time taking this I added two scoops of protein to water wasn't a fan it was nice but I found it to sweet for my taste, after reducing it down to one scoop with enough water to fill a pint glass I really liked it and will definitely get it again.

      Best description of taste I could give would be liquified m&ms. I also found it to be a heavy protein shake after taking one I feel full as if I just ate which makes it a nice snack between meals but makes it harder to finish your food if took with a meal. All in all im very happy with it I've seen better gains at the gym while taking this shake than I had with my previous more expensive shakes. so 5 stars

      iDarran on 10/06/2015
    • Don't go anywhere else.

      Simply put, this is the nicest protein powder I've ever tasted, yes it might have a little more fat and sugar than others but really it's for post and pre workout it's negligible. As for price? You can't beat it, easily affordable, really fast delivery & I really like that they use as little packaging as possible, helps with the recycling! So all in all, I now don't go anywhere else for my supplements.

      KingEllis on 08/06/2015
    • So much love for Bulk Powders!!

      I have tried various flavours of this protein and have loved them all!! Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and recently the white chocolate! Soooo good! The white chocolate is very sweet but thats good for me :-) I have also tried the diet whey which is very good too and the prices are incredible! Cant recomend them enough!
      Thank you

      Charli on 05/06/2015
    • Best chocolate peanut taste ever

      I've tried all sorts of protein in the past, my favourite being chocolate peanut, bulkpowders version is by far the best I've ever had, it tastes like real peanuts have been used, so much so I actually checked the ingredients lol - also tried the banana which is really nice. So I guess I'll be getting all my protein from BP now :)

      Scott on 03/06/2015
    • Amazed

      I bought the Chocolate + Orange flavored one. It took about a week to be delivered to Limerick. When I opened it I was surprised with the size of the 16 serving bag. It was much bigger than I expected. The powder smelled exactly like a Terry's Chocolate orange! I had it with both water and milk and found that it tasted really really nice. If you like Terry's chocolate oranges, I recommend you try this one!

      Mike Ryan on 02/06/2015
    • Lemon Meringue is literally love in a powder

      Can't say anymore than that really. Best ever flavour i've tasted. Can actually enjoy drinking it.

      Taylor on 01/06/2015
    • Excellent product!

      Really good price and tastes great, I always go for the chocolate cookies flavour- it's one of the nicest proteins I've tried and the constant fast deliveries is an added bonus

      Dez on 30/05/2015
    • Excellent Product

      So thankfully found BulkPowders and swiftly ordered this Pure Whey as I couldn't believe the price!!! Opted for the 1kg bag for a test run and picked the strawberry flavour. Item arrived as promised today and got to use it straight away after my cardio. Been working towards a 5km which today was the day I finally broke that distance, aiming for 10km next. Took 2 scoops in 500ml of water and I can honestly say it is delicious. Mixes instantly with no gritty residue. The flavour is ever so slightly too sweet but that's more my taste rather than a complaint.

      Will be 100% definitely ordering again!

      Thank you BulkPowders!

      Raffo1892 on 29/05/2015
    • Chocolate Mint

      chocolate mint is one of the best flavors Bulk Powders do for pure whey protein!

      BEN on 23/05/2015
    • Fantastic Basic Whey

      I love it. The first real good quality Whey I ever purchased after realising that High Street stores are just daylight robbery. Value for money, this Whey is unparalleled, and combined with the zero calorie flavour bottles you can be unrestricted in taste! I bought a 5KG bag and it's lasted me a long time - going through double scoop phases and making porridge with it, too!

      jampottt on 22/05/2015
    • Great value

      Bought vanilla, ok with water, fantastic with milk. Mixes really well. Great to add to smoothies, oats etc. Standard delivery service is great. No complaints at all, better quality than others of this price range, great value for money. Trying Chocolate cookies next!

      S on 20/05/2015
    • Spot on

      Ordered a 2.5kg bag of chocolate orange flavour for a change of taste and its god damn good. Ordered on a Saturday and was delivered 1st thing Monday morning could not believe how quickly it arrived. I am mixing it up with 1-1 with ultra fine Scottish oats and some creatine too. It all mixes together really well and goes down good too. Will be staying away from the overpriced fancy label products on the market in the future and will be sticking with BULKPOWDERS. cheers guys

      RICK WITH A P on 18/05/2015
    • Unflavoured is great - extra protein!

      Bought a 500g bag to test and it's great, so got a 5kg bag a few days later. Tastes like watered down milk as they say, but after a while you get used to it and are happy that you've not lost valuable protein with a flavoured version!

      I've been using it for 2 months now, generally 3 servings every day with 2-3 weight workouts a week and a couple of 2 mile jogs. I'm really noticing the difference. Muscle growth is good!

      Would highly recommend!

      Leemond25 on 15/05/2015
    • Chocolate cookie is too sweet!!!

      My third time to order the stuff from Bulkpowders, I really like this website, reasonable price with good quality. Have tried unflavoured, white chocolate and chocolate cookie now, white chocolate is really tasty, chocolate cookie can be a bit too sweet and a bit fake, so I put 3/4 scoop unflavoured and 1/4 chocolate cookie to mix together, then tastes really good. Hopefully, you will have some small sample for customers to try so we can decided which flavour to go!!

      Michelle on 09/05/2015
    • Fantastic.

      I bought the chocolate peanut powder 5kg bag and it is the best thing i have ever tasted. I have never bought anything like this before now but with going to the gym becoming a habit i thought it about time. Mixes well, comes the day after ordering, delivered o a neighbour. Just brilliant all round. Got 10% off with the first timer code and got another 10% off my next order in the box! Well impressed!!!!

      Under The Thumb on 08/05/2015

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