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Complete Lean Mass™

Complete Lean Mass™
  • Optimal 1:1 ratio of quality carbohydrate & protein
  • Whey, Milk & Egg White with added Glutamine
  • Premium, low Glycemic Index Scottish Oats
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS™ commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS™ always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS™ exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    What is Complete Lean Mass™?

    Complete Lean Mass™ is perfect for anyone who wants to add muscle and size, but at the same time avoid adding unnecessary body fat. Complete Lean Mass™ is packed with high quality protein and carbohydrate sources, avoiding sugar-based carbohydrates and unhealthy fats found in most weight gain supplements. All of this ensures that Complete Lean Mass™ promotes only quality weight and muscle gain  all in one convenient and great tasting formula.

    Complete Lean Mass™ contains 338Kcal, from 34g protein and 34g carbohydrate per serving and only 5g fat, which is naturally occurring in the oats and whey.

    Complete Lean Mass™ contains only the highest quality ingredients. Whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder provide a dual, fast and slow release protein blend. The carbohydrate comes from low GI ultra fine scottish oats, supplying sustained energy and a great source of fibre. There is zero maltodextrin or dextrose added to this product, unlike most weight gain supplements.

    Further Information

    Complete Lean Mass™ has been designed specifically for those trying to increase muscle and/or weight, but who don’t want to gain unnecessary fat, or those who prefer a slightly lower carbohydrate content than is typically seen in weight gainers. The calorie content of 338Kcal per 85g serving sits perfectly between a protein drink and the 500Kcal+ that is commonly seen in weight gainers. If you’re a real “hard gainer” looking for higher calories, then Complete Mass™ would be a more suitable choice for you.

    As Complete Lean Mass™ is a lean gain product, the inclusion of high GI carbohydrate sources such as maltodextrin and dextrose was unacceptable to us. High GI means that there is a pronounced increase in blood sugar levels, which typically results in the storage hormone insulin being released to bring blood sugar levels back down again. This isn’t ideal for optimising body composition.

    While it is true that protein and fat will lower the blood sugar response to high GI carbohydrate, such as maltodextrin (which increases blood sugar levels more than sugar!), this isn’t a concern if maltodextrin and/or dextrose are simply not included in the first place.

    The multiple protein sources of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder, deliver a variety of amino acids at a sustained rate. There are also additional glutamine peptides included in the formula, to complement the naturally occurring glutamic acid.

    The 1:1 ratio of slow release carbohydrate and fast and slow protein blend delivers quality nutrition whenever you require it. As it is purely a food product, it can also be used as frequently (or infrequently) as you desire!

    What is in Complete Lean Mass™?

    Looking at each ingredient individually:

    Slow and Fast Release Protein Blend

    A protein blend of 40% whey protein concentrate, 40% milk protein concentrate and 20% egg white powder, delivers a complete collection of amino acids at different speeds of absorption. All three protein sources are popular in their own right for strength athletes. And, unlike many other brands, we are happy to detail the percentage contribution of each protein source – we have nothing to hide and are proud of this fact!

    Glutamine Peptides

    Glutamine peptides (3.8g) are extremely popular; users primarily purchase glutamine peptides to aid recovery and prevent muscle loss.

    Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

    Oats provide a healthy source of carbohydrate that fuel the body with a sustained release of energy and provide added fibre.

    Performance Benefits

    If you’re looking to outperform yourself each and every time you go in the gym, then appropriate nutrition will be a fundamental part of your success. Complete Lean Mass™ provides a balance of quality carbohydrate and protein to give your body the fuel to perform as well as the protein you need to grow and repair.

    Complete Lean Mass™ Ingredients

    Ultra Fine Scottish Oats, Slow and Fast Release Protein Blend (Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Egg White Powder), Glutamine Peptides, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavours only), Natural Colour (Beetroot Red – Strawberry Flavour), Flavouring (Strawberry, Chocolate), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (Sucralose).

    Complete Lean Mass™ Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 85g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 1415/338 1665/398
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 4g 4.7g
    Protein 34.3g 40.3g
    Salt 0.59g 0.7g

    Suitable For



    Milk, Gluten, Egg & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).


    Mix 3 scoops (approximately 85g) Complete Lean Mass™ in 350ml water. Use 1-3 servings per day. Common times include: breakfast, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before bed. 


    Additional protein can be obtained via your diet and supplementing with Whey Protein. Other products to consider using Complete Lean Mass™ in conjunction with include Complete All in One™ for post-workout recovery and muscle growth, along with something like Complete T-Booster™.

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    • Love it!

      I've been taking Lean mass for about a year now and i love it. The chocolate flavour is great, it's not too sweet at all, and can genuinely say tastes as good as a nesquik.

      I was taking complete mass before but wanted something with a little less carbs to keep me lean and this has definitely worked wonders and helped me gain clean weight

      I actually enjoy taking this shake daily.

      Have been recommending this to all my pals.

      TAYLOR on 11/02/2015
    • Great

      Works well!

      adam on 23/11/2014
    • More Flavours please!

      When is bulkpowders going to add more flavours to this range? The Complete Mass already has banana, chocolate peanut and chocolate cookies. C'mon bulkpowders, get a move on! If anyone else want more flavours, voice your vote on here!

      David on 26/10/2014
    • Great Supplement

      This is a great tasting supplement in chocolate flavour. It's sweet, but you can just water it down a little more if you find it sickly. It ticks all of my boxes as far as macros go (recovery and growth), and it really is a great product for anyone who wants to add some size to their frame and stay away from the hardcore mass gainers. Highly recommended!

      Hugh on 13/10/2014
    • Good but flavours

      I do like this product...and it is very filling. However, I am not a fan of chocolate and I found the strawberry a bit sickening....that is just my preference though. I just wish there was mare flavour variety....or even just an unflavored option.

      Aisha on 11/08/2014
    • Good

      Just finished 5kg of strawberry, mixes very poorly even in my blender(wouldn't mix at all in my vortex shaker ) it is a very gritty texture when drunk & tastes like crap. Just letting you know my honest opinion , I will be ordering the chocolate one to try hope that is better. I also ordered 1kg of peanut butter that on the other hand was amazing !

      Ant C on 08/06/2014
    • Almost 5 star

      This is a great product except that at the end of drinking the shake, there is always a mouthful of gritty oats that isn't fine! Otherwise I would have awarded it five stars.

      David on 29/05/2014
    • a***** Product

      This has got to be the best protein powder out there! I thought with it having carbs, I would put on weight, I WAS WRONG!!! If you work out regularly you cut fat and build muscle plus you recover alot quicker so better workouts all round.

      Rees-MMA on 22/05/2014
    • Good stuff

      I really like this product. It's a little sweet (Chocolate flavour) compared to other protein I've used, but you get used to it. It tastes like a more like a milkshake than a protein shake.

      I use it post workout, for the price you won't find better.

      John on 27/03/2014
    • Brilliant

      Been using this for over a month now, mixes fine, the chocolate is good in taste but could be a little less sweeter. Since using this product I've felt an improvement in my training and it has reduced my weight and gained muscle. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle...

      Steven on 10/03/2014
    • Clean, lean bulking

      Having put on a little too much too quickly with the standard mass gainer, I opted for this. It tastes as good as and has a much tighter carb:protein ratio.

      Good steady gains which hopefully won't require too much of cut when ready.

      Only problem it that it tastes so good, drinking oats too quickly can lead to indigestion. Great stuff!

      Peter on 29/01/2014
    • First shake down... GREAT TASTE!

      First shake down... GREAT TASTE AND REALLY FILLING! Chocolate flavour definitely is the way forward. However if it was just 1% or 2% less sweet I'd be happy.

      Great shake, great customer service, now all that's left is to see how it helps my progress in the gym!

      O.R.P on 24/12/2013
    • Good

      I've done 2.5 kg in one month after workouts. Weight has remained exactly same but definition of muscles more visible. I did a lot of cardio sessions but still look like fat down muscles up. Can not complain.

      Artur on 16/11/2013
    • Chocolate flavour

      I took a punt and bought 5kg of this stuff. My current goals are fat loss and muscle gain.

      Just had it for the first time now for breakfast. Absolutely delicious! Nice consistency. Love it! Surprised how filling it was actually.

      My rating is based purely on taste, after one shake obviously I can't comment on results. But other reviews should give an indication of that.

      Gavin on 01/09/2013
    • Solid product

      I've started using this as part of a weight loss / muscle gain program I have been following. The product mixes well, tastes decent, and if you are lucky get a slight chewy bit of oat sometimes to liven the shake up ! Much prefer chocolate to strawberry personally. Easy to drink, and has had the desired effect for me, bodyfat is reducing (with hard work) and I have a much firmer, toned physique. No side effects, and doing the job! 5 stars for me.

      Daniel on 09/08/2013
    • Very Convenient

      Very convenient product for getting carbohydrates and protein, tastes ok.

      Cormac on 08/06/2013
    • Complete Lean Mass

      Personally I love this stuff... chocolate is nice with skimmed milk and totally does the trick. Thanks guys!!

      Great formula.

      D on 30/05/2013
    • Solid Product

      I bought a 5kg pouch of this back in late November to help me add some protein & clean carbs to my diet without spending huge amounts on food. I have just finished the pouch 2 days ago, having 3 shakes a day on training days, 1-2 on non-training days -meaning it has lasted me nearly 4 months! Superb value for money, great taste and quality ingredient profile - really helps if taken pre and post workout and all my lifts have increased in strength since adopting this protocol with CLM. Will definitely be purchasing again in the near future :)

      Jake on 21/03/2013
    • Avoid Strawberry

      First impressions are that this product is nutritionally very good. Only been using for a week so can't comment on results yet.
      Would suggest choosing chocolate as I chose strawberry and don't find the taste great.

      Alex on 27/01/2013
    • Great taste and mixing

      I bought the 5kg Chocolate Cookie flavour.

      And oh my god, it's just delicious, it mixes perfectly with water, it tastes perfectly good, and It gives great recovery.

      It's a great product, the only issue I had was with the packaging (5kg), it had a small hole in it making the product falling on my floor. Fortunately I fixed it up with duct tape.

      Anyway, 5 stars deserved, I'll buy again.

      Jordan on 16/11/2012
    • Odd pricing

      When you compare this to the Mass gainer its technically identical but the dosage is smaller, yet the price is an extra £5, can you explain please?
      good product, complex carbs but a little strange pricing. You could just buy the mass gainer and have smaller scoops.

      Note from BulkPowders: Thanks for the review Pete. Complete Mass contains 29.9g protein and 49.1g carbohydrate per 100g. Complete Lean Mass on the other hand contains 40.3g protein and 40.2g carbohydrate per 100g - making Complete Lean Mass higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. This is where the additional cost comes from and explains why it is more suited to someone looking to add lean mass.

      Pete on 24/08/2012
    • Too sweet

      I purchased the strawberry mass gainer and I was disappointed with the taste. The taste was way too sweet and artificial for my liking. I have tried mixing with milk as well as water. Due to the sweetness I have been forced to purchase unflavoured whey to mix it with.

      Note from BulkPowders: Thanks for your review! We feel that a 1 star rating based purely on taste is a little harsh, but we will take your comments oregarding the sweetness on board also!

      C Smith on 12/08/2012
    • Taste ok but better mixed with bit of Peanut Butter

      Excellent Delivery.

      Choc Lean Shake

      Taste ok but better mixed with bit of Peanut Butter.

      I have made some gains thanks Lean Protein shake :)

      I will try Strawberry flavour next time :)

      Graham on 29/06/2012
    • We'll see:)

      The first thing, extremely quick delivery!
      Taste is great (I ordered strawberry) and it's mixing very well.
      How it's works, I`ll see in a few weeks:)

      Arvydas on 23/05/2012
    • buy now!!

      it works! piled on 2 stone using this powder. awesome with home made protein bars too.

      dean on 27/04/2012
    • Choc cookie

      Mixes well, tastes very nice just the right hint of sweetness. And has good macros.

      darren bray on 11/04/2012
    • Fantastic Product

      Great product. Has just the right ratio of good quality carbs and mix of all types of protein to gain lean mass. Had previously been mixing oats with whey protein seperately but no need to now this product is on the market. Comparable with Sci-MX Lean Grow or USN Muscle Fuel but much better value. Strawberry flavour tastes great also!

      Richard Williams on 11/04/2012

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